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 posted in Wanderland on Apr 10, 15 9:32 AM
Hi you all.

I have to say that I agree with you ALL about this game and about Big Fish Games.

I really think that they should be ashamed in many of the "free to play games" that they offer, Have they ever responded to your suggestions or critique???

This game and many other "free to play games" are only designed to rip you off!

This is annoying and very sad because many of the games are very good and fun to play.

Here Is My Rip off list, for now.

Rip off one: When in a hidden object sceen and you "win energy" it doesn`t add to your energy "bar" at all?

Rip off two: Why do you get so small amout of stars/ experience points to take you to the next level when clearing a HOS?

Rip off three: Why does almost Everything cost in rupees?

Rip off four: The game "steals" your energy when mooving around with you horse.

I´m also a "older" person who likes to play hidden object games and rpg.s and I have come to to this conclution.

This way, like for example Big fish games are "offering "free to play" games" is ONLY designed to rip younger people/gamers off, cash cash cash is all they want, and in a hard and brutal way. This is my oppinion.

Yes I know, it´s a free to play game, but then you should at least have the chance to play the game for at least 2-3 hours before you have or are "forced" to pick up your credit card.

Well thats about it for this time, i dont know if i bother to write again, im so dissapointed about free to play games and big fish games.

the best to you all
 posted in A Princess' Tale on Feb 20, 14 6:07 AM
Thank you I´ll check the students advices.
 posted in A Princess' Tale on Feb 19, 14 9:39 AM
hi everyone.
I Have the sientist lab coat on. cant enter the lab door to the airship.
what bulps to push, red or green to get access to the airship? Advice? Thanks everyone.
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