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I'm playing on an iPad. I got into room 12 at the hotel, and when I looked behind the clock, the game froze; the screen went dark and I could not back out of the room. I had to shut down the app and then restart it to continue.

Now I'm at the lighthouse with the 2 lighthouses in my inventory. I've tried putting the lighthouses on the door to start the puzzle but it won't let me. It keeps telling me that there is a piece missing. I can't continue the game now. This is the second day in a row that I've had an issue with the Big Fish games.
 posted in Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor on Feb 16, 14 11:13 AM
I'm trying to play the bonus round on my iPad. I am unable to click on the mouse in the bottom left corner of the HOS scene in Dr Berk's office (i.e. the closet in girl's room). I looked at the walkthrough and this is one of the mice that I'm supposed to be able to click on, but it just doesn't work. Help please, as I'd like to finish the game.8
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