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 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Nov 13, 14 5:32 PM
I also got Veronica's blue one piece bathing suit for free.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Nov 11, 14 5:46 PM
kittencat222, I think the cost depends on which platform you are using. For the pc version the mansion is $450K, and probably a different amount for the iphone, android or ipad versions.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Nov 7, 14 7:30 PM
Hi Hellsfury! I dont know if they will have a thanksgiving update but maybe a Winter update! they can use some of what they had last year (when I started I think it was march and they still had snow everywhere with a Valentines theme going on.

Glad you like the crypt!
 posted in Agency 33 on Nov 4, 14 7:24 PM
Hi lilonelost, do you have any other quests to do? Sometimes it takes more other quests to finish the quest you are trying to finish. What I try to do when I have been stumped is to hit the hint button and just do what ever it takes me to.
I'm sorry I can remember the exact sequence here.

see if this thread helps you
 posted in Wanderland on Nov 4, 14 2:17 PM
ty Rumbitothecore for the information, I am updating now just to see the what the daily bonus is and to see if the price of the temple key that went up as soon as finally got the gold, went back down.

OK No the temple key is still very much out of my reach, and I know as soon as I get the coins it will go up again before I buy it.

All my items that I paid for upgrade are being help for ransom until I pay again.

My energy usage for merely walking is still outrageous.

I will also see if there is any improvement in the next update. Because of these problems It is just not fun enough for me to play.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Nov 4, 14 10:51 AM
please be sure to reply to the email confirmation they sent you. just say I am still waiting for a refund.
It is important to reply to each and every email they send you or they think the problem has been resolved. I hope that if money/sodas are lost you made the initial email to CS Accounting, not tech issues. I always get a very fast response from accounting.

hope this helps.

 posted in Wanderland on Nov 4, 14 10:23 AM
Hi Ned and Hellsfury! I am only going into the game to collect the gold, the item hut and the other thing in the other land. Today the item tent is holding my items ransom until I pay I am not paying. There needs to be an easy free way to get the rubies needed, just like all the other games have. I will be looking for the update to see if this improves!
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Oct 31, 14 1:18 PM
aw Stacey I'm sorry. but one more thing you can try is 'restore previous version"

you do the same steps as saving file
start/computer/C/users/username/AppData, Roaming, Gogii games, then right click Archie Riverdale Rescue, but this time choose restore to previous version.

not meaning to help you procrastinate on fixing the pc!!!!

Also if those steps do not work I hope you contact CS Accounting and get any money back for a non-working game.

ps in the meantime, there is a really cute&fun online game I am enjoying called Dreamfields, all the data is saved in the browser or somewhere other than your pc. On my computer it needs to be played on firefox instead of chrome. But you can rearrange your land, do quests, plant, build, stuff like that. There is no forum though and I really miss that part of the game but you are able to talk to your neighbors via the gifting which I found helpful when I was confused LOL which is often!

 posted in Wanderland on Oct 30, 14 11:34 PM
I understand Hellsfury just how you feel. I am just going to wait and periodically look here to see if they made an update with some needed changes. If they do it might be ok to restart from the beginning.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Oct 30, 14 11:11 PM
YW Stacey I love to help if I am able!

first of all here is how to save your game files:
Click :
start, computer, C, Users, your user name, AppData, Roaming, Gogii games, then right click and copy Archie Riverdale Rescue, and save it to your desk top.

Stacey you might need tech support or you can try this to fix the game manager(I have to do this often because another game keeps getting the game manager all sticky by not closing properly.) or you can just download a new game manager.

Instructions are for pc win 7 I hope it will work for you

start task manager (ctrl+alt+delete)
In applications and then also in processes look for any big fish games manager or anything big fish,
also look for any game that might still be running in the back ground because it hasn't closed properly. click on them one at a time and choose end task.

Then see if you can open the big fish game manager normally from C: or however you usually open it.

If all this seems too complicated I think just restarting your computer will refresh everything and properly close anything that hasn't closed normally.

Good luck!
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Oct 30, 14 10:22 AM
buckingham reply to that email and say you are still waiting.
to get refunded promptly send it to accounting. always reply to all emails, it just seems to go faster. good luck.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Oct 30, 14 10:19 AM
yes Stacy it's been out for a week or 2. go to your game manager and click options then downloads and manual. you should then see the update in the updates part.

123 Rockstar, I am still doing the Halloween tasks, I only play once every few days.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 30, 14 10:03 AM
OMG I just saved the 8500 coins to get the temple key and ran to buy it only now it says it costs 15000 coin! wth
so I am assuming as soon as I get the 15000 it will change to a million. I am disgusted
with all the things that are stacked against the player, from having to click ten times to get the item to be recognized, the paid for upgrades being taken away the items hardly ever dropping and the massive energy cost just to walk to name a few.
will look for the update to see if there are any changes to make the game more playable, because as of now i do not find this challenging I find it repulsive.
 posted in Archie: Riverdale Rescue on Oct 30, 14 8:05 AM
Hi all! everyone please reply to the confirmation they send you, in fact reply to any and all emails they send you so it doesn't fall by the way side. I remember waiting a week before I replied back "youhoo anyone home?" and they got right back to me.

If you need a refund because of money lost on sodas for a non working game send the CS email to accounting. Accounting is faster in my experience than techie customer service.

good luck!
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 28, 14 9:18 AM
Thank you! Much appreciated! I will start saving

Ned I will let you know if i ever get there, lol
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 25, 14 9:40 AM
I just now blasted through to another part of the map! It took about a month.

Is there any place to find the temple key or must I save up to buy it with coins?
It wants 8500 coins for those not there yet, start saving
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 25, 14 9:36 AM
TY Hellsfury!

Another wish for the game to be more enjoyable is to give a daily player bonus,
Each day give a free helpful item or coins, like all the other free to play games do.
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 22, 14 9:24 AM
My first potion says 6500 coins at level 16. I am not buying it because I have to pay to find the tiny objects and more and more are looking like the same item as I progress

 posted in Wanderland on Oct 22, 14 9:14 AM
I want to know too! I am still trying to blast my way to even get into that part of the map
 posted in Wanderland on Oct 22, 14 9:11 AM
That is great news Ned
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