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 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 6, 18 4:58 PM
I look at Roo's face and what?? she seems speechless well now that is a new one.
Roo dear you may think you are a Fox and you can be with all you POOFING here and there all the time but I know you would do anything to protect our slighty bent inmates here so although you are NO kitty cat you are no Fox.
Now you understand you are taking on a big responsabilty and I am trusting you to do this for me and us , you will have Angel to help you Dandydog when she gets back from HQ with me for I will send some supplies you might need, I do not know how long I will be gone but you always have the Amulets if you need them
Now you do understand this is just till my second in command is back on his feet no no no I do not want you to fighting like kids of who is in charge good God woman I can not split myself in two so I am counting on you to rein these loonie toonies in .
I get an urgent call from Frost *** Rider we must go now the Queen demans we be there now***
Frost I will be right there dandydog get the PUT PUT we have to fly,, Seeker I am so sorry I was calling you Skeeter it is hard to keep track of everyone here as you can see,
I must leave now Angel Roo do me and us proud get Grim back home.
I run out the door just as dandydog pulls up with the put put and she takes me to Frost who has opened a hole for us to get through the Frozen Dome,,
I mount Frost and tell Dandydog follow me as we leave Frost closes the hole
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I spring almost to the ceiling with my Sai and Bowie drawn ready to slice and dice.
I turn and see Roo behind me with her eyebrow almost to her hair line and that smirk,,
No I answer in the same sarcastic tone she threw at me,, I know YOU ARE NOT hard of hearing that comes only when you want to ignore me and make me lose a tone of hair froom pulling it out and THE STRESS you put me under, not only do I have to rescuse Grim but I now have urgent orders to return ASAP to HQ camp by the order of The Golden Queen,
See senses The Wise One is in grave danger and if we lose Him we lose all including this Mirrior MC who we now know who is behind all this and it is bad very very bad.
I try to calm my greyhound racing heart and take a very deep sigh.
Roo you are the only one I can count on for as you know my second in command is down with a bad bug and not even allowed visitors, so I am asking you to take third in command untill PTG's Return or mine that is how much I trust you.
Thank you for these bags I knew you could do it ,
Excuse my manners Roo may I present Skeeter head of the Gnomes, yes they are normal size see Murk did not catch them and turn them into mindless giant killers,,
He has given me a map to all the tunnels that is what the bags are for we need to put a spring trap on ever trap door to soak those idjits with the powder so it will lay a trail back to there hideout and ony we can see the trail thanks to your bags and the glasses.
Now we must hurry I have to follow my orders from the Queen , but I have to do as much as I can here and Roo I put our lives in your hands to finish what I can not before I have to leave
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I am runing around like a chicken with no head, if you ONLY knew what it takes to corral all this inmates into one place at the same time.
Roo was here at least I think she was but now I can not see her,, #$%^&*(&^%$%^&(*&^%$%^&(*&^%$# breeze went POOF again and Seeker is geting a lill ticked off at me we cut our meeting kinds short.
I have to calm him down because I really need his help and I NEED ROO,
I get an urgent message from my Frost he doesnot sound right I switch to hin , Yes my brave one what is it that has you upset??
Rider we are needed back at HQ CAMP we are being called by the Golden Queen,,,
She feels The Wise One is close and in DANGER,,he is being held by Aderain in the Prison in Cloud City,, we must go .
I almost go into a panic oh this is BAD,, Frost stand by I need to do one thing then we go to her Majesti,, Frost answers I will wait Rider but not long our Queen demans us.
I rush to Seeker I am so sorry as you can see it is Chaos here but I need to get Roo here to make some potion bags with ifadesant powder as many as she can and differant colours to make trip traps at all the tunnels you can show me,,,that way when and Orge Or the mindless Gnomes ( not your clan Seeker)Trools open a trap door the powder will spill over them and we can follow there trail back to there HQ,, no this will speacial powder that they can not see byt we can with the special glasses,,if we can do this we have them and I swear we will kill everyone of them then go after Adrian who I now knw is in Cloud City are you with me Skeeter???
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 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 3, 18 8:27 AM
Thank you all for the pick me up words goin need them lol.
Big operation == BIG PAIN but da Cap can handel it.
Okay susie I will heep my wish list up but you know I might be away maybe a month and will take me a month of Sundays to catch up.but I will so to help anyone who needs me.

Now Miss Grim and Miss Roo you better be good LOL as you know I am about to go on a recon to find you two MIA'S and seeing poor PTG is sickly I will nee you more to wreck I mean take care of The Tea Room and stop PUFFING all over the place.

Off to check on da Tea Room.

Da Cap
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 2, 18 4:51 PM
Finally got the date for the first operation ( Gall Bladder)
I will be operated on the 9Th == next week.
I will be in the hospital one week then transfered to the con. hospital that stay I have no idea how long I will be there but our dear friend Ada will keep you updated.
I will take down my wish list for the time I am away.

To all of you thank you for standing by me and for being such great friends lv to you all.

Read you where under the weather PTG my favorite doorknob.
Get well soon my friend The Special Room troops will need you in my absense please try not to get into TO MUCH trouble while I am away

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 2, 18 4:36 PM
Oh great what a time you pick to be sick PTG , I loo at his green gilled covered face and say well craponacracker man where did you pick this bug up??
All I get from him is COUGH COUGH HACK AND SPIT
Good thing Dr. Poppet is here now you go with her and to bed with you mister follow her orders and I am sure Mrs Flecther will make you some healing chicken broth.
I nod to Dr. poppet and she leads my second in command to his room and holding ***a NO VISITORS SIGN*****

I return to my Gnome guests who are now full to bursting with that great supper and I watch Mrs. Fletcher flutter from table to table making sure everyone is feed,, what an angel that woman is even with a bummed up leg and back she still flutters over us like a Mother Hen

Now this puts a cramp in my plans I have a missing Grim and a missing Roo and now a sick second in command,,, who in H*** am I going to put in charge while I am away and PTG sick???
Who can I trust to do the job??
Not dandydog for I am taking her with me..... DD is no where in site, Salty naw, Bing? naw,, could Angel handel it??
I am going to wait tell every one is full then I will talk to Angel because time is short on me going on the recon to rescue Grim and find Roo
I feel a headache coming on
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 1, 18 11:45 AM
As I go over the map with our new found friend Seeker I think to myself WOW *** hit the jakepot here with this map.
Now I know exactly what and where to do my idea , BUT #$%^&*()(*&^%$#@$%^ I need ROO,,, but wait maybe if I ask very nicely ** Seeker ** he might just be able to help me with what I need ,
I call to Mrs Fletcher,, my dear Mrs Fletcher would you be so kind as to make our new friend Seeker and his friends and me of course , some of your heavenly steak dishes with all the trimmings and I lean over to give her a hug and a peck on the cheek,,, she instantly turns bright red and slaps me with her ever present tea towel oh you sweet ole coder you ,,, and off she goes.
I turn to ** Seeker**** you and your friends are in for a treat next to my Opel Mrs Fletcher is one very great cook.

I pick up Dandydog and her lill trouble macker Egor via my Amulet that they are up to no good again and Mrs Fletcher is worried that they plan to go off on there own looking for Grim and Roo,,, I think yeah right over my dead body,, I look around and spot them in the corner table trying to act innocent,,, I look at pup and wiggel my finger ***** come here you two*****
Pup comes over hangs her head a bit a peeks at me over her eyebrows and Egor is hiding his head in her hair,,, I see you lill devil look at me both of you...
I see 4 eyes slowly come up to meet mine,,,, Now what is this I hear you are up to ??
You really think you are going to take the Super Duper Put Put and go off to find Grim and Roo???
He would see one and run and hide now hand over the keys Pup,,, it is for your own safetly and my peace of mind beside I will need you shortly.
Slowly Pup hands me the keys and I send them back to the table just in time to as the food has arrived,,,, * I can see Seeker* is drooling and knife and fork in hand is ready to dive in...
Dig in my friend and here try this to wash it down as I hand him a mug of My Special Honey Rum,,

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 25, 18 11:53 AM
I stand beside PTG watching a work of art built by the Gnomes, man they are good and fast and what a work of art, a place to romp and run and do there buisness and to eat and drink for every one of the pets now if I could only get them to help us find the tunnels we need to find , rescue Grim and get some sanity or insanity back to normal here .
I turn to PTG you know I think I hurt VB's feelings when I called her out about the Amulet but her being new here I understand her taking it that way as you all did when I first arrived here,,
You all learned I was no danger to you but was traped here like yourselves and meant no harm and being a soldier all my life and seeing this was a fake mirror MC and learning all we have learned so far I just knew I had to find the real danger behind all this and stop it or the Real MC and the surrounding areas , Cloud City, The Harbour, The Town The Elven Forrest and bejound would be lost ,, knowing Murk and Arabella were useing this place as a testing ground for there true target,, now we have the Ghostly Messanger to deal with , he turned on his family and wants them dead *** as we do *** but he is crazy with power and revenge,,,
We have been through some very horrable times and afraid to say it much more to come, but you know PTG we can not do this alone I am only one soldier trying to lead a group of civies and yah I blow a fuss every so often but I get frustrated when some one not just the new inmates but you all to ,, take things into your own hands and muck things up and put yourself and all of us in danger ,,, we HAVE to work together,,,I turn to see PTG taking a note from a pigeon,, humm does not look like the other pigeon I hope on of those Orges did not make a snack of him , what does it say my second in command??
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 23, 18 10:05 AM
Moving as quiet as a mouse Sai ready I worked my way to my old room, funny how well I remember the direction from down here , this is how those smelly rat looking gaurds moved us around,,,,,, I remembered I had a stick of chalk with me and started marking the walls as I crept along, I used >> << up down sideway curved flowers stars moons so if they were seen by the others they would not understand them they are brain dead but I will.
I am with in two feet of my old room when I spy movement to my right the I smeel it ,, I cling to the wall and wait,,, I hear the grunt and that shuffle getting closer ,, my back goes ram rod tight I know who it is ,,, one of the head gang that whiped me daily laughed at me and was forever poking me with that twisted tree branch.
I held my breath knowing he was with in a inch of me,,, and held my Bowie and my Sai at ready **** steped out and said hey there remmember me?? the look of shock was pricless as he went to scream I looped of his head.
I opened the closet door and kicked the body and head inside the up to Room One..
I lean my ear to the door ,, no sound so I turn the handel very slowly these old hinges creak and need oil,,, I call out Buddy cmere boy,,, I get pounched on by Buddy and a ferret??? Cash that you?? he was doing circels around my head his tail tickling my nose and Buddy trying to jump in my arms so I lean down and pick him up my reward a doogie slooper bath,,,shhhhhhhhh I tell them as I see the curtain move then see a female shoe,,, Amethyst it me Cap Randy you can come out now you are save,,, I see her peek around the curtain then she came runing and jumping into my all ready to full arms.
Okay you are safe now and I will have you back to The Tea Room shortly just hold Buddy I got Cash and your hand ,, follow my steps and all will be fine.
Miles of ywists and turns but we finally arrive at the Tea Room where I ask Angel to help Mrs Fletcher to get them some hot tea and some food.
Angel looks at me ,, is that Cash????????? so where is Grim????? I don;t know Angel but after they eat and get cleaned up we will find out.
Right now I need a bath and some food,,,,,, I think to Frost,,,, **** All well my brave one********* Yes Rider but hungery,,,, rats on the way enjoy,,,,,,,,,,,,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 22, 18 10:09 AM
****** BUMP ***************
Page one
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 22, 18 10:04 AM
I listen carefully as Amethyst explains the lay out of the room she and Buddy are in.
I pray I am wrong because it sounds like one of the * shiver* tourture rooms*
Okay I am going to tell you how to open that window see I was there for awhile out of my head as Murk and his nutso goons tryed to brain wash me with those horse needles and pink pills,,, if you look at the righ hand corner you shoud see where I started to chip out the motor around the frame , to cover up the noise every time a gaurde checked in I would slopper and sing ** itsie bitsie spider crawld up the water sout*** it worked so because they should be pretty loose take the crowbar and remove the iron work , you can then use that as a handel for the trap door can you move the bed ?? if so drag it to the trap door lace the iron rods if you can around the leg of the bed through the hole where the handel was and back up to the window frame ,, then I want you and Buddy to go out the door turn right and head straight till you see a stare case go up there quietly and you will see a long hallway keep going till you hit number one hide behind the black curtain I am on my way to get you keep your Amulet open,, and Amethyst good job....
I call PTG I found Amethyst and am going to bring her here can you keep everyone here together till we get back??? make sure Roo is here I will need here I have a plan,,,,,,,,,,,I grab my Sai , my bowie knife, my sword and my pistol and off to room 1
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 21, 18 11:18 AM
I hear a soft voice through my Amulet ,, I had to ask everyone to hush a moment so I could hear , the voice then became very clear it was Amethyst reporting she found an Amuet and a trap door ,, she was not sure what room she was in but Buddy showed her The Amulet and the trap door and she asked with a tremour in her voice what she was to do?
First calmly walk around like normal and tell me every thing you see so I can figure out where you are make on like you are talking to Buddy I need to get you and the others to Room ONE my old room ,, have you seen any numbers on any of the rooms??
She then tells me about the strange female ghost pass through the room,,,,
Ghost ??? okay we will figure that out later I need your attention on your room,,, is your door locked?? is the window barred?? can you see anything outside?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 21, 18 11:03 AM
As I flew over the Camp on Frost I could see the hunting party had baged a huge beautiful Stag ,,, I rubed my Amulet to let them know I was going to The Camp had information they neded to hear.
I no sooner landed and Frost lowered closer to the ground so I could disembark.
I see you found a way to get that huge Stag back to camp as I look at Jewel with her fangs gentily holding there prize,,, Imp asked her to take it to Opel so the boys could butcher and cut it up for salt storage and what a coat his hide would make.
Gather closer as I have bad news to tell you ,,,
Imp was closest to me and I rubbed her head ** she hates when I do that**** and gave me the evil eye to let me know so..
I explaind what was going on in the Mirrior MC and asked has any thing happened here I should know about??
Imp and Penny reported a few thing out of normal but nothing they could not handel but did notice more stirring on the part of the Trolls and Gnomes like they where up to no good,, I knew I thought The Ghostly Messanger as we now him Adrian is as Murk was useing the Mirrior Castle as a testing grounds before he attacks us here,,, so that means we have to buncker down build up what could be any weak areas and be ready,, I assign Penny to take a group and check all the tunnels and mark any new ones found and mark them all down,,,
If I could only get my hands on that map showing where the hard working Gnomes and the miners ,, I told them there are still some Gnomes that got away and are in hiding if I could only get to talk to them that would be a big help to us,,,, I feel the ground shake and look at my troopers Imp I must return if The Mirrior World is lost so are we,,, Imp I leave you with the safe keeping of the camp we are in for the fight of our lives,,, but I know we can defeat this newest evil I had been rubbing Smokes head all this time and he was almost asleep on my lap ,, sorry big guy I have to leave take care of Blossom, Cherry , Stump, and Fang for me and tell them I am here in spirit with them and they are to follow you by my orders his head shoots up growls as he understand,,, I climb on Frost and say protect The Camp I will be back,,,,,,,,,,
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As I find myself and the groupe in a whril wind of sites and sounds so Loud it makes me nervous then I see and feel One Amulet fly into the fireplace #$%^&*(*&^%$# I SCREAMDARE REMOVE THEREAMULET AND TRY TO DESTROY IT????? This to who ever did this is a crime against The Elven Folk who made them from there magic
and there way of protecting us AND IF DO NOT BELIEVE ME WATCH,,,,,,, I STOMP OVER TO THE FIREPLACE REACH IN AND GRAB THE AMULET ,,, I hold it high fro all to see
I then feel an other Amulet held in uggly hand trying to crush it,,,, #$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*()(*&^ I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME NOR ENERGY TO EXPLAIN THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE AMULETS BUT HEAR ME AND HEAR GOOD, THESE AMULETS ARE MADE BY THE ELVEN'S AND CAN *********AGAIN **************** CAN NOT BE DESTROYED BY ANY OTHER THAN AN ELVEN RULER.
PTG sayS calm down Cap your going to burst a vessel,,, I shake him of no PTG this is the final straw who ever did this I am sorry to say will be baned to the dungeon untill they learn what this place is ,, there part in it for if NOT they will get us all killed
I turn to the group and say the one who riped of her Amulet and threw it into the fire step foreward and if not I already know who did your NAME is on the back,,, but I will give you the chance to step foreward and explain why you did it and make it clear ALL OF YOU IF YOU FINED A TUNEL DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TOUCH IT OPEN IT OR AS SOMEONE HAS ALREADY TRYED BLOW IT UP,,, IN DOIN SO YOI WILL BLOW ALL OF US UP WITH THEN WE NEED NOT WORRY ABOUT THE OTHER EVIL ONE OUT THERE,,,NOW ANYONE FIND A TUNNEL??? IS SO TAKE SOME CHALK AND MARK IT WITH AN X == THEN STEP AWAY I stand ram rod tight and my foot is taping a mile a minute and I swear there is steam coming from my nose and ears,,,, WELL I AM WAITING=== TAP TAP TAP
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 20, 18 4:54 PM
My dear dandydog,
I am so sorry to hear of this very sad news that your loving husbands Dad passed away.
Words fail me but know I have you Joe and your son in my heart and give you a soft healing hug sent to you with from Donna , Snookie and all your friends and family here in MC.
If you need me reach out I am there for you.

Your friend Randy
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 18, 18 4:24 PM
With great sadness and pain for my dear friend and it is with heartbreat for her and her family that I tell all her friends ,, her brother Joe Passed away .

Ada has been through so very much lately with Her Mother one of her brothers and now Joe yet with all this sorrow she has gone through you would never know it .
She is always upbeat, a hardy laugh , a shoulder lean on and always there to help her friends I know for she has been a stead fast friend to me through all my illness.

Ada my dear friend my heart breaks for you I can not be there to comfort you so I am sending you al my support on the wings of a Dove,,, be strong my friend and know not only I but all your friends are here for you.

God bless you and Sherry

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 14, 18 9:55 AM
Now I know what we are up against I know exactly what we need to do to rescue the captured new inmate and Grim.
But we will need the help of the Elves and the Gnomes and we aill use the tunnels that Adrian is useing against us and put them all in chains for an eternity.
Now Miss C may I speak to you closer please?
I watch as she gingerly steps towards me,,, I hold out my hand ,, it is okay I am sorry we did not properly meet before I we do need your help could you talk to the Eleves for me and ask them to please come out from hiding? they will not be harmed in ant way we will protect them ..
She returns to her chair and bends over way over and I can hear her whisper,,,
Angel please join me here and bring your pad and pencil and continue writing what is going on right here and have lots ready to mark plans down no camera outside the Tea Room okay the flash could be used against us,,,,PTG I need you to contact your Fairygodmother we will need her to contact The Gnomes and explain this all to them and tell them we need there help..
I look for Dandydog the Super duper PUT PUT needs to be on stand by ,, oh and befor I forget Frost is now outside on gaurde, the Dome is sealed but I need him here to blast any new fires do not be afraid of him he is my warrior Dragon and a member of the Dragon Family ...
Any questions????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 14, 18 9:43 AM
After I was rudly heaved up to the Dome by Frost I glare at PTG thank bud,,
At first I was mad as Hatter at you for making Frost think I was in trouble and he whisked me away to safety,,, but my ole friend and second in command it turned out to be the right thing you did,,, for I found out who is behind all the mayhem and why .
I want you all to sit and be very quite NO outburst to what I say for I now know the truth ,, what we are up against and have a plan to right this evil maniac.
If after I finish you have question I will answer them one at a time CLEAR?
Okay you all know ** except our new inmates** what we have been fighting and nine times out of ten we would come out on top a littel worse for wear but $%^&^% we are still here and still full of fight,, but there is a new , larger more deadly foe after us and he wants revenge (to kill) his Father his Sister and he wants to Kill The Wise One and hang his head over his Mantel and then he want to dominate the world,, and I will die before I allow that.
I stop at that and let it sink in ,,, you all have seen him at one time or the other not his face but you saw him,, like Murk was useing this Mirrior Castel and area as a testing ground to get it right before he moved on to the Real Castel and areas,, but there was always a shadow watching Him and being a hair brain idjiot he never noticed untill now.
I looked around the newley cleaned/fixed up Tea Room and every one was wide eyed and mouths open and NOT A SOUND even from PTG's broom who kinda hung in mid air,,,
I will not keep you in suspense any futher our new and more deadly and much more evil then Murk or Arabella is ====== THE GHOSTLY MESSANGER,,, Murks son and Arabellas brother,,,,,,,,,,,
I hear the gasps and see heads shaking,,, yes it is true for the one told me this knows exactly who he is and I believe her for she can not nor never would lie to me..
Now she also told me who will help us as I look to charlieisr one of our new inmates and who PYG call and old Lady that spends her time knitting,,, well seems she found some new friends and as you can see well not now they are hiding behind her chair,,, a family of Elves ** I wonder if this is part of Tiny's long lost family,,,***
and as you see The Tea Room was restored back to before it was almost destroyed by a group of Gnome no no these are good Gnomes and regular size and still in hiding so Murk does not find them and use them as he did the others.
***************** continued*******************
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 14, 18 9:11 AM
May a littel Gnome drop by and plant kisses for this special day and leave us with some goodies.

Luv Ya all .
Da Cap
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