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Have you only put down two planks? You need three to be able to cross (I had the same problem.) The other plank is somewhere nearby, but I'm afraid I can'tactually remember where
The wisps seem to appear any time the hint button is not fully charged (a bit like the fairies you had to click on to recharge the hint in the original "Mystery of Unicorn Castle, if anybody remembers it - I only know because I replayed it before I started "Beastmaster"!! ).
I found that the mouse seems to "lag" behind the cursor movement, so you have to move the (computer) mouse a lot further than the mouse on screen moves.
IIRC, it's on the broomstick next to the firewood, bottom centre of the screen.
 posted in Enlightenus on Feb 2, 14 7:33 AM
I was also somewhat confused by the ending - glad I'm not the the only one. So... on to the sequel!!
I can't help thinking that you're getting confused with "Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain" - The dog in that was called Bonnie, and there isn't any dog in "MOTA:TG" (unless I blinked and missed it!)
 posted in Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood on Jan 30, 14 7:11 AM
Have you tried exiting the game and reopening it? And I know it's a cliche, but try rebooting your computer and reopening the game.
 posted in Secret Bunker USSR on Jan 29, 14 6:49 AM
You need to switch on the power (button 1, on the balcony) then go back down stairs, and click on the robot's chest, when you will need to solve a puzzle. You can then take the key.
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