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 posted in Surface: The Soaring City Collector's Edition on Oct 3, 14 11:35 AM
The Luxe-edition has a VERY well made Explaining help, but it's not clear on some parts, so I thought I mention those.. (First of all I'm Dutch, so pardon my French (oops english).
You all probably know the basics of this great game, but if you do not know how to re-build the "starter home", town-island and get the whole "city-repair achievements after you got a ton of Bonus Flowers this is for you......
For all upgrades you need Bonus Flowers, which might be a bit confusing since they also count for/after the "basic" game, but in the add-on (luxe/collectors) you get more Bonus Flowers so you can get to the maximum of the re-build stuff.
To the point then... after the basic game I had 222 Bonus Points, and that does not mean I had 222 Flowers, because some flowers give more then 1 point. In game there seems to be a total of 111 Flowers (never found those all myself), so the 222 mentioned is the actual "re-build" amount I gathered.
The Bonus Package gave me another 82 points, so totally I got 304 points (again my amounts are REWARD ones sort of speak, not the 111 "Flower-drops themselves).
With those 304 ones I could re-build ALL 3 chalenges to rebuild the whole stuff after the basic and bonus game: House, City, floating Island and I still have 2 "left over" Flower Points even.
So it's not needed to get ALL Bonus Flowers, just be sure you got a minimum of 302 POINTS to re-build all you wanne re-build.
I know it's all a bit of a "let's finish this game to get the most of it" idea on everyone, but (as myself) most players are curious about "what to get? what I get?"
Well you only get the satisfaction you did it, no cash, no new content period! Go for it for fun peeps!

Now I have another issue, more of a question actually....
I played this game 3x and still love it, BUT.... Can anyone explain to me why my achievements don't show all I did achieve? I mean f.e. I saved Wind, met Hope and a shootload of more of those achievements, but many just give a "invisible" blue lining, and not f.e. showing wings etc, on my sheet.

Anyways... I hope (lol Hope) this post might help you people, and if anyone has an answer to my question post it please.

Have a good one peeps!
 posted in All My Gods on Aug 7, 14 7:56 AM
Pariell1956 wrote:ok it took my about 12 hours but i beat this game in one day ...kinda....the only problem I have is it my workers say I have to "collect 20190 resources" but try as I might I can't whats wrong? I have 5 barns and 5 banks, everything I can add to make room is maxed now what?
 posted in Romopolis on Mar 11, 14 10:48 AM
Since I can not find any tab to start a new post I post here.... soz if I missed the regular part of the site for this.
I found it a Nice Game, bit static on some points (prob my slow advance in what to get where etc).
I played all 24 levels and used only 3x the "walkthrough" I found.
OK...I'm not into that "Medal Stuff" at all, so went for the (for me) more satisfying rewards (soz forgot the name for those) each level.
Whatever "time-fast-finish" hints/walkthrough I know.... I Always end up short in the time I need to complete a level. I guess i'm a real "simcity" player.
BUT....... A question: What is the use of making your "own" sandbox level if you have to delete it to play/make another after you done it? I made few, played them, got the goals (of course since I made them myself), said to myself: "Oh you Masterplayer!" and that was it. OK to make a sandbox level to play once and test it out is a real challenge too, but I want more besides the "OK you did it, you wanne play sandbox again? Make a new sandbox level and loose your old one"
I got an few ideas about that:
1) Let people make their own levels and post them for download to let other people play your "homemade" scenario's.
2) Can you make the Basic lands of 5x5 bigger? Like after certain level to 6x6 etc.
As said this reply is probably the wrong place, but guide to the place I DO need to post issues like this.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Mar 6, 14 7:24 AM
I played the game 2x up to lvl 30 on 2 different strategies and never had "issues".
So first the "fast way to gold". This is NOT the total basic tutorial, though you might to start with that. Follow the tutorial up to level 6 at least, so you know the basics. If you want to get gold, defence, etc. fast after that, check these advises.
NOTE! You can not take your "spare stuff." with you to the next level ever, so use what you got in a level to gain the demands for upgrades and deliveries to Rome to finish any level.
it's almost undoable to give a step to step guide, but try to follow my story.
Since this is a "fast gold" setup and issuming you did the basic tutorial.... you might want to get the following stuff:
NONE of the Houses stuff!
Find a Mountain and place 3 Iron mines (near mountains), 1 Firehouse, 1 Warehouse, 2 Weaponsmiths, 1 Barrack, 1 Lumberjack (near trees) and connect them with roads. If the Lumber is far away from the stuff you build, search for a Forest and place your Lumberjack there with a new 1 Firehouse, Warehouse and roads to connect the 3.
Find a spot (preferred in the middle of the MAIN road) and place a Merchanthouse (or (even better) a Harbor near a river if thats near)
Save up your products until you got at least 17 Weapons.
If you by now are not attacked by Bandits, sell 10 Weapons and spare Wood via your Warehouse or Harbor.
NOTE! You might have gotten a message saying you lack a Taxhouse. Ignore that for now, you get plenty gold to set that up later.
Trick is now to get gold, and expand your Iron, Wood, Weapons and Defence (Barracks). So build more Warehouses, Barracks, and if needed Iron mines.
Sell the spare stuff again via your Warehouses and/or Harbors.
Note that all your Production buildings need a road, and if you have a long road, build a Firehouse extra.
Keep up this "program" until you got a **** of gold (like 100000 if you are patient).
Not really needed that though if you finally want to start up your town.
A basic town needs just (lol) Houses, Well, Market (preferred Firehouse), and all connected with roads. The rest is the "build up" to next level of the houses stuff.
If you fancy the build up town stuff, place a Taxoffice on the connecting road to the Houses too. For the rest of the townstuff, follow the demands they need (Grain, Flour, Bread etc. Since a Post has only limited Typespace I leave it at this for now. If anyone has questions about this "Basic Gold Hunt" reply then.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Mar 6, 14 5:41 AM
Magorra wrote:I have all the supplies for 25 houses, sent chairs, soldiers and daggers to Rome yay, but I'm struggling with the city and the lay out please help. Do I design two cities?

This is a VERY late reply but lvl 29 got me confused too, not the lay out but the need of upgraded houses were. The statement for the demand for those SAID 22! houses level 15 (so not 25) but when I got 22 of them to lvl 15 I did not get an ending of the level. to Solve that bug I build 4 houses more (hehe just to be sure) and when those became level 15 the game finally gave me my next Mansion parts, hence I DID IT AT LAST!
Took me 4 hours realtime to figure this out rofl.
I have to mention I play the Dutch version of the game, might be the english version does not have this bug.
About the lay out of Housing blocks: I used 3 roadblocks of 14x18 squares, that gave room for 10 houses and 2 Parks/Ponds whatever in the middle. I connected those 3 blocks with roads and just one big Monument in the middle. Worked like a charm that way!
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Mar 6, 14 5:23 AM
Allynie wrote: the houses will not upgrade when I add the school?
I have built schools all over in proximity to the houses. I have deleted houses
and started again. I have started the game again from level 1 under a different
player name? No luck.

Houses will not update just by placing the next needed building. You also need to provide the products the upgrade requires. In this case School and Bread are needed. If you ain't got Bread in stock the Houses never will level up after they got level up before (when you needed flour and a docktor). By the way.... why build a ton of schools? if you connect 1 school to all your nearby roads you can use just one school for that roads connected region.
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library on Feb 24, 14 2:58 AM
gafolksnsc wrote:I am to the end of Death Pages: Ghost Library....I am at the vault and have give the potion to Romeo and retrieved the souls. Now I cannot get back to the laboratory and when I click on the MAP all areas are locked except the vault. I simply states "open the vault". Please help, I would like to finish this game.

Same here, I checked a lot of forums already, but only found info about reinstalling the game, update flash software, etc. I did all that and still have the "endgame issue"
Is it so hard to just answer WHY we get this problem and how to SOLVE it in simple English so even a dumbnut like me can understand it and finish the last "place souls part" ?. I'm using PC normal version by the way, so no extra stuff to do after ending i guess.
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