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Hello Sunsetsam777,

I saw that you wrote your question a few months ago. I was hoping that you had figured it out. I have used the guide step by step many many times and I still end up with 3 non-daisy flowers left over with none of the round covers in a shape that I can use to get rid of them. I am extremely frustrated! Did you get rid of all the flowers? If so.....HOW?
tyyllls wrote:I can't figure out how to get to 3 measures in the mini game where you have two vials measuring 7 and 5 , and you need an amount of 3. I am going nuts with this. Anyone know how to get to level of 3 to pour into container?

Yes. First you mix the correct color, then pour it into the container 5. Then take container 5 and pour that into container 7. Then fill up container 5 AGAIN and AGAIN pour it into 7. The rest of what is left inside container 5 is 3. Hope this helps.
 posted in Shiver: The Lily's Requiem Collector's Edition on Feb 4, 15 6:20 PM
snapnhiss wrote:I didn't have any problems the first time I started the game but I noticed I missed a pearl early on so I started over. Now I can't get past the prologue, the key disappears before I can open a door. I've tried it four times, poof!

I played the beta and had zero problems.

I had the same problem. I uninstalled and re-installed 3 times with the same result. Then on the 4th install I can see the key but the game won't let me pick it up. There isn't even the hand symbol to indicate that it can be picked up.
I am playing on a Windows 7 desktop. Thought at first maybe it was a virus or some other problem with my computer; so I had the Geek Squad go in and do their thing. They said it is NOT my computer. Everything is up to date and they could not find any issues. Please tell us how to fix these glitches! This game looks like something I would like but I will NOT be buying it if is not fixed.
 posted in Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir on Jan 16, 15 12:56 PM
Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I found a good walkthrough of this game on You Tube. It is done by FenixSANI. The only thing is I haven't been able to find the walkthrough for the bonus chapter. I have the Platinum Edition and now am stuck in the bonus chapter. Oh well. Hope this info helps.
 posted in Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind on Mar 3, 14 10:24 AM
I bought the P.E. version of this game so that if I got stuck I would have some help. I have been trying to use the game walkthrough but it is not working. I clicked on the feet ( right bottom corner ) and it brings it up but then it won't let me click/open anything. Will someone Please tell me how to get the walkthrough to work.
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