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No sorry to disappoint. It is not real sign language and especially not ASL. It is only to match the symbols showing on the left. The sign used for wire does look like the sign for "shoes" in ASL but it isn't when you pair it up. The same is true for the other two. They look like real sign and are but do not match the symbols. It is misleading .
 posted in True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition on Mar 6, 14 2:59 PM
t1llie57 wrote:At the end when the chess pieces are to be north, etc., apparently most people get to skip this puzzle. I don't. I can't figure it out but I can't skip either, Help please!!

I thought I had the same problem but found that if you click on the lower right post then look at the hint doll, you should see the skip sign. Click on that and you are done. I found I was so intent on looking at the compass and exiting the scene that I did not check back at the hint doll to see if I could skip. Of course once you have exited the scene, the only thing showing is the hint.

BTW, that whole puzzle is goofy. The only way to solve it is to go to the right post with the compass first. If you happen to be a wrong one, all the directions are goofy. I ending up just skipping.
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