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 posted in Beholder on Jan 26, 17 10:01 PM
If you look up at the clock on the upper left of the screen you'll see the task you have to complete and the time you have left to complete them. If you don't you are either fined or your fired and booted out. The first major task is putting the camera in apartment 2 searching his room and getting the goods on him. When he does show up he'll have a bubble that will turn green click on it that goes in his file. If any of the tenants get a green bubble click on it. you have to catch him doing something illegal in his apartment which is drugs. When the bubble shows the drugs click on your desk and fill out a report on him and the cops come and take him away, and you get money and praise. But this game isn't doing that this time maybe it has bugs or maybe I'm not doing something in the right order I don't know but I'm bummed about it cause I waited for this to come out to play it. But good luck and I hope that helps.
 posted in Beholder on Jan 26, 17 9:52 PM
There's only a place for one camera. I got him to appear. I put a camera in the other apartments and went through the bookcases. But he still didn't appear until I had only like 15 hours left. Then you have to click on the bubble when it turns green to get info on him like when he smokes or drinks. He went to his apartment and the bubble had a syringe in it for drugs I clicked on it it did nothing. I tried to open the reports to sent off the report on him since it's on the camera, but I'm not even getting my reports page. I played the beta on this and it was really fun. I got really far even rented out an apartment. But this version seems to have problems. When he does show up the clock is out of time and the phone is ringing to hang me out to dry. Do I need to rein-stall this game to get it to work right. Help!!!!
 posted in Beholder on Jan 26, 17 8:26 PM
If you steal things you'll be ambushed by the police, it might be best if you don't steal.
 posted in Beholder on Jan 26, 17 8:24 PM
I really enjoy this game, I played the beta and couldn't wait for it to come out. Now I'm having trouble with this first guy when does he show up? Do I need to do something to trigger him into the game? I did really good in the beta but now I don't remember. I've put up the cameras in his apartment and I've searched it. I'm down to like 19hrs left to get this guy gone? What am I missing I've been arrested once already because he never showed up? Help please and Thanks
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 5, 15 5:15 PM
I reached level 56 and all the quests was done well all that could be done. All but the chest and I had feed that thing 295 times.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 1, 15 6:09 PM
I love AK also and have invested many hours of my life into it. Which I didn't mind I was on an adventure that's what we do when we start a new game we put ourselves in another roll we become someone else and it's exciting and wonderful. The world of AK is beautiful and magical it takes us out of our regular lives (not to say we don't love our lives we do). But we love the quest and the people we feel like we form bonds with these people helping them like we do. Then there's the games I love playing the different games and improving there homes.
We are also taught to finish things up not to leave things undone. It may just be a game to the powers that be, but to the people that play it we have been working so hard to get the Dark chest to free our Mermaid friend. Waiting so long for the hermit to finally get the egg and raise a pocket dragon. There's so many more stories and quests that has been pulling us back. But what do you care really you have shut down your not emotionally invested because the game didn't pull in enough money is that right? Well, what about all the other games that all the other members buy? I don't know how many members BF has I know I hit my 1 yr mark and I have purchased close to 150 games. Which is why I thought BF offered the F2P games in the first place. How naïve am I? How naïve are you to think that you can hold your followers trust by doing something like this. We are not asking you to do the impossible. All we would like to do is finish something YOU got us started on that's all.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 29, 15 9:56 PM
I'm sorry! So there's not going to be any updates for AK? It's a dead game if so I'll gift everything I have to whoever wants it how do I do it? It's a real shame. Out of all the free games out there no out of all the games out there this game has it all. It keeps you coming back for more you really built a bond with the people. I always looked forward to my daily time spent in the Kingdoms. I didn't spent any money there. I still mananged to finish all the quest except the trunk I'm on feeding 296 I think and of course the bookcase isn't full of books and basilisk is still there. Does anyone know what happened? Did they just get tired of maintaining the game or what? Well I hope it's not anything bad if it is Godspeed. I play Midnight Castle too, and I don't spend money there either. I wonder if that's the next one to go. Please let me know how to gift my collections to the ones left behind.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 22, 15 8:52 PM
It's good to know we will get an update, but does anyone know when? I'm on level 56 and I've completed all the tasks, I've advanced as far as I can go in everyone of the places I can go. All my buildings are level 5 all I have left to do is finish feeding the dark chest and I'm at 298. I love this game but It's a bit boring when all I do is feed a chest. And the daily counter every time I reach day 49 it knocks me back down to day 22 instead of advancing me to day 50. What's up with that? I just really want to know when the updates are going to be made. Thanks Katherine
 posted in Azada: Elementa on Dec 3, 14 8:48 AM
I just bought this game after trying it out and I went in to play it some more. When I pressed on the play button It made a no entrance sound over and over again. I tried everything. I went to my purchased games to see if I needed to download it again "no it downloaded and activated". I uninstalled it and re-downloaded for the game to only do the same things. Can anyone help me out with this error code of 1404 this is what it said to me. This is the first time I've had a problem with a game.
Thank you
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