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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 14 2:26 PM
Hi all, I'm in level 20 and in some serious need of unique stamps. They stop appearing at HOS'es and I have none left. My ID is 237751. Please help me out!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 3, 14 1:09 PM

I just completed the Winter Idol where I got the Eye of the Hatred. That was the last item I needed to craft the Wings of Darkness, but when I wanted to, the Eye had disappeared. How is that possible? I did craft something else first, bit normally items are stored for later use. Now I need to complete the 4 HOPs again, which will take me at least two hours waiting.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 20, 14 2:50 PM
As I don't know anyone who plays this game, who wants to be my friend? I'm in some serious need of receiving thank-you notes so I can make a puppy or pig Thanks!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 13, 14 12:06 PM
I've received a gift for a friend box a couple of times, but I'n unable to find them back. Not in inventory or am I looking in the wrong direction? If so, how can I send them? I don't have many friends yet, so add me pls
 posted in European Mystery: The Face of Envy Collector's Edition on Mar 18, 14 2:17 PM
My emerald is lost too, I've put it in the dangling thing on the door (game accepted it) instead of in my jewelry box and now I'm stuck because I can't complete the turtle key. How do I fix this?
 posted in European Mystery: The Face of Envy Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 14 7:07 AM
Hmmm I did the same as sweetiebelle and tried to retrace my steps. No emerald to be found anywhere. Anyone have another solution apart from reinstalling the game or start over? Or has anyone tried that and can tell that it actually works?
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