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 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 1:12 PM
@pennmom36 - with so many games I expect you, like me, have at least a few hundred that sit at the top of your "I LOVE THIS GAME" list - I would love it if you could share them all with us.

We all know your fav is the original Phantasmat, but if you picked a different one that you love for each review, and made it from the same genre (ie fairytale for fairytale, horror for horror, etc), but a different series or even different developer, then we could use your recommendation to discover something new that we might not have found on our own.

Several years back when I first came to BF, many reviewers did this, and I found many wonderful gems as a result. I feel a little guilty asking for more, as you already work so hard at reviewing for us, and it is so very much appreciated.

 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 11:11 AM
I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the fishies who take the time to write reviews. I also own over 850 games, all from this site, plus another 100 or so from other sites or hard copy. I stopped dl'ing free trials years ago. All my purchases are made based on reviews and maybe a look at the walkthrough (hint, hint BF - I hesitate to buy games I can't have a look at).

It is inevitable that I won't agree with all the reviewers opinions, and occasionally I even find their reasoning objectionable, but I have enough of my own brain cells to sort through it all for what information and opinions will help me make a choice that works for me. I would never ask them to stop reviewing, or worse yet, post only those reviews that I can agree with - where's the help in that?

FWIW - what I look for in reviews -
First, I almost always wait at least a week for all the lesser reviewers opinions to roll in, to give a broader range. I like to know what you liked and why, what you didn't like and why. I like to know is it hop heavy, puzzle heavy, adventure heavy, or balanced. If it's all mostly one kind of puzzle or hop, tell me that, otherwise I assume a mix and don't need the details. Likewise I don't want the details of the story, but I would very much appreciate a word about the genre - ie fairytale, steampunk, sci fi, horror, etc. Any info on UI difficulties and user-friendliness of the map. Length and ce features. And I really appreciate the recent addition some reviewers make of listing other games in the series, other series by the same dev and other similar games by different devs. Lastly, please go back to listing your current fav (from same genre, and rotate the choices a bit), I have bought so many games by checking out their favs when I agree with a reviewer.

So, thank you thank you to all of you who take the time to share your thoughts with us, and to BF - where are the front page reviews for the past several days? Your sales from this fishie will suffer without this feature.
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 21, 18 12:37 PM
Thanks so much Pennmom for always providing such great info for all the fishies in the pond. Since Artifex Mundi is one of my favorite developers, I want to give them their props and add to your list above - I think (not positive) that all the games series you listed are those for which AM is the publisher only, not the developer (as ark161 stated for this current game).

Additional game series for which Artifex Mundi is the publisher only:

Crime Secrets - Crimson Lily
9 Clues - 2 titles available
Left In The Dark - No One On Board (not sure if they are dev or publisher only)

Games for which Artifex Mundi is the developer (which sadly, I think they don't do anymore, as these are some of my all-time favorites):

Abyss - The Wraiths of Eden
Clockwork Tales - Of Glass and Ink
Dark Arcana - The Carnival
Enigmatis - 3 titles available
Grim Legends - 3 titles available
Nightmares From The Deep - 3 titles available
Time Mysteries - 3 titles available

I own all of the ones on my list and most of the ones from Pennmom's list, and they have mostly all survived many thinnings of my replay lists. Terrific fun stuff.

Enjoy fishies :-)

Thanks Pennmom, but I'm not talking about individual games, but ALL games from a given dev at a certain time - I had every single Mad Head game (about 15) refuse to open after one win10 update, then all of them came back perfectly after the next win10 update - without uninstall/reinstall or taking an update from the game manager.

This morning, every Sunward game still on my game manager (including the aforementioned Eventides, about 8-10 total) would either open in task manager but be nowhere to be found, or get an access violation error. Any other game by any other dev (on my game manager, currently about 500+ installed) would open with no problem. Little as I know about programming, it makes me think that each dev is consistent within themselves for coding or game engines or whatever, and maybe at any given time, their brand of coding somehow doesn't get along with the recent win10 updates.

I only stress this because maybe bf knowing that these problems often affect ALL games of a certain dev, might help them to identify problems. Or not.
After reading in the reviews section that this is a Sunward game produced by Artifex Mundi (whom I love), I decided to try opening some of the other Sunward games I have, as well as the recent Eventide games referred to.....

All failed, either with an access violation, or showing as loaded in my task manager, but not even open on my screen or with an icon in the tray. Several other bf games I tried (by different developers) all worked fine.

First try the simple things - rebooted my computer, and poof, it all works now - go figure.

Windows 10, core i7, 2g NVidia card.

I know it's probably no consolation but throughout my time here at bf, I've had all games by this dev or that dev become unplayable for certain periods of time, then it suddenly fixes itself. I think maybe they just don't all react as quickly to the new windows updates that always seem to wonk up something.

good luck fishies.
 posted in Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's Edition on Oct 11, 16 11:19 AM
I was out all day yesterday, but took a quick minute to write the bogo codes down, thinking I could do it today when I had more time. Have been trying all morning, but just get the message to try again later - did they change being able to use them the following day when I wasn't looking?

freece (bogo for ce) freesv (bogo for se)

Anyone have any luck with these today?
 posted in Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition on Sep 25, 16 10:27 AM
Thanks for the suggestions Morgana, I will certainly try them as I'd like to be able to replay several of the games I already own as well as at least be able to try the new releases.

However, I was really hoping to hear from some of the people that had this same problem when it first appeared some time last year (I can't remember if it was the last Nevertales or the Rite of Passage...) At that time, there were dozens of players reporting this same issue on the tech threads for every game produced by this developer. Where are they now? Did they find a good fix, or just give up and wander away to some other site? On some of those games, I saw reports of this same issue as recently as two weeks ago, so whatever is causing it has apparently never been resolved.
 posted in Nevertales: Hidden Doorway Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 16 12:45 PM
Before I waste my precious data allotment downloading the trial for this game, does anyone know if the video issues plagueing this developers game on win10 systems have ever been resolved, or even addressed?

I have an hp laptop, all direct x, flash, shockwave, and video drivers current, win10, 2G Nvidia gfx card and latest core i7 processor.

I currently own 15 Mad Head games, going back to the first Rite of Passage, that are totally unplayable with sound but no video. I spent this morning looking for current forum posts on these games to see if people were still reporting this issue - they are. I did not see a single update available for any of these games, or any helpful info or comments from bfg other than the canned copy and paste of their generic one-size-fits-all (it doesn't) redirect to the help pages.

The only thing I've found that actually works, sort of, is a workaround involving the screen resolution. The problem with this is that it usually takes me several sessions to complete a game, closing it down each time. The next time I try to open it, I have to change the resolution back again - back and forth and back and forth for each session. This rearranges my logically ordered desktop icons and is a total pain. Did I miss something? Was there some advice somewhere that actually works - once and done - instead of having to fuss every time I want to play a Mad Head game?

They've had a few interesting looking releases over the past month, but I can't waste data downloading something that won't work. Any suggestions? Has anyone had this problem and found a PERMANENT fix to enable them to play games from this developer, either a computer setting or a game setting? Also, I've noticed little idiosyncrasies in various hp system I've had throughout the years, is this maybe an hp issue? Has anyone had this problem on a win10 system OTHER than an hp?

Anyone remember what the weekend codes were? Has anyone tried them yet? Thanks!
 posted in Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 16 3:33 PM
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 posted in Forgotten Places: Regained Castle on Jul 5, 16 8:25 AM
Still work - AND today is bonus punch day YAY!!! Thank you both :-)
 posted in Forgotten Places: Regained Castle on Jul 5, 16 8:09 AM
Thank you Pandora and M_Lady - will check back in a bit and let you know if they still work ;-)
 posted in Forgotten Places: Regained Castle on Jul 5, 16 7:53 AM
Anyone remember? Do they still work this morning?
This is not really for this game, but since I just noticed it, thought I would share my observation....

I just added this game to my wish list, bringing the current total to eight that I am waiting for the SE (and a good sale, lol).

Long ago, before I accumulated hundreds of games, my wish lists were always longer, but mostly comprised of games from the same 3 or 4 most prolific developers (guess who? lol). I bemoaned the merger/purchase of, or disappearance of, the smaller devs who only produced 3 or 4 games a year. Their different graphics and gameplay styles provided necessary relief from the redundancy of some of the larger developers. I was afraid that my gaming choices would dwindle to nothing in a sea of sameness and lack of variety.

So how pleased was I today when I added this game to my wish list and noticed that there were eight games from eight different developers? YAY!! Keep it up guys, and don't listen to anyone who tries to narrow your vision, some of us like the variety.
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 15, 16 12:19 PM
Ah, that's right Joyce, I remember that now - I believe it was also on a Tues following a Mon BOGO sale. Guess they don't want bonus punches on a sale day
(But I don't remember a sale last Mon?...)
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 15, 16 12:03 PM
Thanks for the reply shelterhill. Darn, was looking forward to getting some new games with my pccs today. Getting harder and harder to get my game purchases to work out to multiples of 6 punches without bonus punches every week
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 15, 16 8:23 AM
Been waiting for Monday - but no bonus punch? Is this becoming a trend?
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