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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 18 4:40 PM
I have two thoughts on why this is happening, but won't post them as I might be "censored". But, they are both valid, sad as I am to say it. I think we should all be thankful that consideration was given to MC, as it doesn't appear that any other games will have a new home. That said, I DETEST this decision.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 1, 18 6:34 PM

I thought this would be the best way to get the news out, but I have more bad news. Just when Tip was making headway with CS and about to get her game back in time to work on the Spring Event...her computer crashed. She doesn't know yet if it is repairable, and if it isn't, she won't be able to replace it at this time. We are both figuring that if it is repairable, it will come back to her wiped clean with Windows re-installed, not just having lost MC, but her other games as well. So, she will either be back...or she won't. I will continue to update when I know more.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 31, 18 10:43 AM
I realized yesterday that you said you might not be back and when I came back, there you were!

So happy that all worked out and you are back in the game!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 30, 18 4:20 PM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

Today is the big day, and the cottage is chaos. Linet put on her best as she wants to make a good impression. Leaning into the Mirror, she pinches her cheeks to give them a little color. She needs to look healthy, not frazzled (which is what she really is).

Linet calls out to Grimdahl Tiger. "Have you rounded everyone up? Have you fit them all into the Wagon?" Grim has had to pack them in like sardines as the family has grown even bigger (we'll get to that later) but the only option to get everyone to Cloud City is the Chest hunting team's Wagon.

The Silent Judge will make his ruling today. It's going to be official...or not. Now that Miss TT has been MIA for a whole year, Linet hopes to adopt PJ Pig, Lucky Lemur, and Homer Hedgehog. (They've been living there anyway.) Miss TT said she was going to a special school to learn how to become a yoga instructor (which Grimdahl Tiger thought was pretty neat), but that's the last they heard. As for the rest of Miss TT's crew, Linet and Miss Dot have been looking in on them over at the Windmill as much as they can, always sure to arrive with a huge Pot of healthy veggie stew chock full of Potatoes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Peppers, Mushrooms...all fresh from the garden. It's important that TT's pets have healthy meals whenever possible (although the last time she was there, Linet found Paws Panda, tu-tu and all, covered in Chocolate). Chef Fabio Bunny always insists on filling his pastry Gun with pureed Peas so he can decorate a Smiley Sun on top of the stew.

Arriving in Cloud City, they find it all hustle and bustle. Clearly something is going on, because everyone is carrying huge bunches of Carrots. Well, they have important business and can't be late, so Linet will have Grim get to the bottom of that later.

The Judge sent a Note that he must meet the entire family as it would help him decide if the adoption was in the best interest of PJ, Lucky and Homer. (Linet puzzles that over the last year, Homer Hedgehog and Otis Cat seem to be thick as thieves...but then again, maybe Homer sees Harry Hedgehog enough when the Angels are together, which is pretty much always.)

Arriving in "Upper" Cloud City, Linet has the pets form a line two-by-two holding hands so nobody gets separated, asking Harry to keep his Eye on Squiggy Squirel (Squiggy tends to wander). With high hopes, into the Judge's chambers they go. And what meets their Eyes is beyond scarey...

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 11, 18 4:38 PM
I have stubbornly sat out the last few CCs because of all the aforementioned. I will never NEED another avatar, and few of the new ones have been have to haves. I have tons of avatars I will never use. I like to change them around a bit, but for seasonal reasons, other than that, I could just as well stick with one. However, I fell in love with the pretty little Match Girl with the floaty hair, a CC it would have been impossible for me to ever catch up on. So, I do not need a Pharoah, but I love the new option BFG has given us to choose our final avatar. THANKS BFG! So, no matter how painful and inventory depleting, I'm in for this one.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 23, 17 9:42 AM
Folks, I think this is the season to beware. Last year around this time, my good friend "Two Ton Fury" was hi-jacked. BF refused to restore her game unless she had screen shots of ALL pages. Needless to say, she is gone, and I miss her very much. Now Tip.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this happens when we have our rooms open for access.
To the person or persons who is doing this: SHAME ON YOU. You deserve coal in your Christmas stocking or worse.

Somehow, these people must be getting inside our computers, as Tip told me her "app data" files have changed. I was going to help her copy and paste her game. The way Tip explained it to me, was last night she had to "control/alt/delete" to get out of the game. And when she came back she was "Player 1". She had not accepted any new friends, BUT, she did tell me that someone she did not know had been requesting to be a friend for a very long time, although she never accepted them.

Tip is gone from both of my games. I don't even have "Player 1".

I could be wrong, but I am inclined to point the finger at the cheaters in the tournaments. Clearly they have privileged information on how to modify this game.

I have no more Tip is gone too. Who will be next??

 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 28, 17 10:17 AM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

There is a lot of Eye bulging as Guido Guinea Pig enters the kitchen. Where on earth can this odd creature be from??? Grimdahl Tiger has other things on his mind right now, so he absentmindedly says "Welcome Guido, I will speak with you later". "Corky, maybe he would like a Hot Dog. Or one of Lenny's Cookies for lunch." "No no no no no no!" Says, Chef Fabio". "I am an expert in ALL types of cuisine, and will make Guido a proper meal he will never forget!" And with that, Grim is out the door.

On his way to the Tavern, he thinks about Arabella Scales and her mean-spirited witchcraft. They came to learn that she was reading a Book called "The Wiz" and thought it would be fun to turn Salty into the Scarecrow, Henry into the Cowardly Lion, Skull Pete into the Tin Man, and Valeria into Dorothy. Fortunately, it was not a long-lasting spell, and one day shortly thereafter, they all woke up back to their usual selves.

Grim is looking forward to having a Velvet Ale (or two, or three) with Salty. Maybe if Salty imbibes a little too much, he will spill the beans to Grim about his expansion plans.

As Grimdahl enters the Tavern, there is no sign of Salty, just a little boy behind the Bar Counter. Could it be? No, of course not. Then the boy winks at him, and says, "Hiya Grim. How about a game of catch? I have a new Ball!"

"OH NO!", thinks Grimdahl Tiger. "Not again!!!" I swear I am going to get that Arabella Scales and give her a lesson she will never forget." Approaching the Bar Counter, Grim smiles and says, "Sure thing Salty. Let's go out back and play catch!"

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 24, 17 10:05 AM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

When Lenny Lemur reaches the cottage, he can see that a meeting is already gathering. Did someone beat him to the punch?

As Lenny comes through the back door, Grimdahl Tiger says, "Just in time Lenny". "We are having a meeting to stage an intervention on Salty's plan to build multiple Taverns in every city." Everyone nods and agrees that would be an unmanageable mess. All of the key players have assembled...Harry Hedgehog, Homer Hedgehog, Otis Cat, Corky Pig, PJ Pig, Chef Fabio Bunny, Lenny Lemur, Bart Bat, and last but not least, Squiggy Squirrel. Squiggy is older now, and more mature in his thinking (just a bit), but for some reason has never grown, even one inch!

Grimdahl Tiger begins the meeting, but before he can say a word, Lenny Lemur blurts out, "Problem Solved!". "Salty has lost his Lucky Horseshoe, and there is NO WAY he is going to start any new ventures without THAT!" "How do you know that, Lenny?", asks Grim. "I was in the Tavern in Harry's secret spot." "Thought I'd get myself a little Ice Cream. And that's when I heard Salty say it."

Grim thanks Lenny and tells everyone it seems the problem has been averted for now, but to be on standby, just in case. Grim locks Eyes with Lenny and knows exactly what Lenny is thinking. He knows Lenny plans to make sure that Salty NEVER finds that Lucky Horseshoe. But, he doesn't say anything, because that's probably the best thing for now. Lenny CAN come in handy sometimes!

Just then, there is a knock on the front door. Bart Bat and Squiggy Squirrel race to see who can get there first. They blink. And blink again. A strange creature, so far unknown to Midnight Castle, is standing in the doorway in a Halloween costume. The creature smiles and says pleasantly, "Good Morning". "I am Guido Guinea Pig, and I am a party planner." "The grapevine tells me that the Halloween parties you throw here are the bomb! And I'm here to see to it that no Halloween Party anywhere will hold a Candle to yours!"

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 21, 17 10:48 AM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

Lenny Lemur is on his way to the Road Sign. He wants to have a look at the current announcements to see if he can find anything to attend where he might "accidently on purpose" run into Bright Eyes/Liv Lemur. He did not tell Lucky Lemur about this idea. Let Lucky get his own ideas if he wants to see Bright Eyes/Liv. Lenny is pretty sure she likes him better anyway. Lenny spies a few things the other pets might be going to, but nothing that he thinks will attract Liv (unless Miss Dot forces her to go).

All of a sudden, Lenny is hit with a craving for some Strawberry Ice Cream. Being so near to Salty's Tavern, he figures he'll get it there. But first he stealthily creeps around the back of the Tavern. What luck, no Angels hanging about! Scampering inside, and under the counter into Harry Hedgehog's hiding place, he listens carefully to get a take on what's what. He can't get the Ice Cream unless the coast is clear. And it's not. Lenny can hear Salty talking to himself on his way from the kitchen to the Bar Counter. But Lenny knows how to be patient if he tries really REALLY hard. So he waits.

As Salty gets closer, Lenny hears him muttering to himself, "Where is it? Where could it be??". Lenny's ears prick up. He might be able to gather some intel to gain favor with Grimdahl Tiger! He doesn't have to wait long. Salty seems to be lamenting that he can't find his "Lucky HorseShoe", anywhere, even after looking high and low, and in every nook and cranny. Lenny hesitates. Does he know enough to tell Grim? Just then, Salty returns to the kitchen, and Lenny makes a run for it out the back door.

He is pleased as punch with himself all the way back to the cottage at the edge of the Elven Forest.

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 20, 17 10:39 AM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

Grimdahl Tiger sits at the table in the kitchen enjoying a supersized Mug of Coffee topped off with gobs of whipped cream. He's thinking about what a mess it was when Henry turned into a Lion, and Salty turned into a Scarecrow. Somehow (he's not sure how), Henry and Salty are now back to normal. All Grim was really able to do was give them his friendship and support during that trying time, but both said it helped alot. It really was not an easy task to escort them around while trying to conceal their identities. Grim also took over running the Bar Counter for Salty, who worked in the kitchen where no one could see him.

Looking out the window at the clear, crisp Sunny Fall day, Grim thinks to himself, "Now that all the commotion has calmed down, we can concentrate on getting ready for Halloween and the annual party!" His reverie is disturbed when Harry Hedgehog comes running in panting. "GRIM!", Harry pants. "I think we need to plan an intervention!". "I had to get here as quick as I could to inform you!"

Eye to Eye with Harry, Grim asks, "What is it? I'm sure I can help!". "Well, says Harry, I'm not sure if you can or not." "I snuck into the Tavern to make myself a large Orange slushie, and I overheard Salty thinking out loud." "Something about all the new surrounding areas springing up, and how he wants to open a Tavern in each one...and he plans to start building today!" "We all know that Salty can't even properly manage one Tavern, let alone one in every city!"

Grim looks horrified (very seldom does Grim lose his cool), and thanks Harry for letting him know in speedy fashion. "You are right Harry, this is a very serious matter." "And it does indeed call for a swift intervention." Gather ALL your siblings. I am going to need as much help with this as I can get!"

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 20, 17 4:34 PM
I haven't had a chance to play any of the new content yet or read the forum, but let me just say, I think the "Tribute to Apollo" is awesome. A Robin chirping, and the two puppies wearing necklaces with the initials A and S. Who thought of very very clever, and I know she would have loved it!

Ok, I don't have much of an Apollo story because we only spoke on the phone once. We were planning the ending to a ridiculous story where Randy had Rose and myself on the floating boat in Cloud City posing as "fisherwomen", and we had to find a way back to "the Base" with whatever it was we had rescued (or was it captured?) Apollo of course rigged up all her flying pets to bring us back and we returned (in the flying boat) to a runway with lights. I must say, there are some pearls in that thread. Wish I had a better memory!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 3, 17 6:11 PM
Shocked, devastated, and at a loss for words. You were a larger than life presence here in the MC community.
Apollo, we first felt the blow when you "went silent" in the forum.
And now this. Love and hugs to you, my on-again, off-again friend.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 18, 17 5:41 PM
I feel for you. It took me to 422 to get the last green one (dragon), and I admit I was giving up hope. This could just be me, but it seems like the game knows when it's going to give it to you. You can tell when you get less and less of the bottom row characters, then less second row. You might even get a few first row dupes and then it cycles back. So, after I noticed this, I did my carrots in lots of 20. It took me through one full round plus the Castle twice. It seemed like the game figured out which color I was going after, and gave me mostly green. Not much of a strategy I admit but whatever it was worked. Good luck!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 17, 17 1:30 PM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

Henry the Archeologist (most recently known as the "Cowardly Lion") manages to reach the cottage at the edge of the Elvyn Forest undetected, and breaths a sigh of relief. Now comes the hard part. Finding Grimdahl Tiger without being found out by anyone else. So, he can't just walk up and knock on the door. And he can't shoot ash particles at the windows, because he doesn't know which room belongs to Grim. And he certainly can't let out a big roar...that would attract attention, and not necessarily from Grim. This leaves him with few options. Well, really only one. He will have to wait patiently until Grimdahl leaves the cottage. Covering himself in leaves and Ivy, Henry hunkers down low to the ground, peers through the Brush, and waits. And waits.

And then suddenly, out the back door comes none other than Grimdahl Tiger himself! "Psst", whispers Henry. "PSST!", Henry whispers, this time louder. No reaction from Grim. "Oh, heck", thinks Henry, "this is bad enough, so it can't get much worse". And with this, he picks up a Rock (not a really big one), slings it at Grimdahl, and hits him square on the jaw. Grimdahl looks around, and heads angrily in the direction from which the Rock came. "Lenny Lemur is NOT going to be happy when I get ahold of him!", thinks Grimdahl.

And then suddenly, he is face to face, not with Lenny Lemur, but with a huge Lion! Being a Tiger, Grim is not afraid of Lions, in fact, we already know that Grim is not afraid of anything. So, Grim bares his teeth in a menacing way, and looks the Lion straight in the Eye. But, much to Grim's surprise, the Lion cowers away, and then says in a timid voice, "Grim!" "It's me, Henry." "And I need your help!"

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 14, 17 9:05 AM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

Henry the Archeologist is confused and concerned. This morning, there have been some very strange reactions at the sight of him, and little Squiggy Squirrel even threw himself on the ground like he was ducking for cover!

Henry feels he must get to the bottom of this and soon, so he decides to go take a look in the Mirror Nave. Standing before the Mirror, he can't believe what he is seeing! First Rustle the Troll, and now this? A huge hairy beast stares back at Henry. A Lion? As far as Henry knows, there have never been any Lions in Midnight Castle. But, it appears there is one now, and it is HIM! How could that be?? Is there something wrong with the Mirror? Henry looks down at himself, and noticing the Tail, he shakes his head in disbelief.

There is only one thing to do. He must find Grimdahl Tiger! Sneaking under cover of Brush, and hiding behind Trees, he carefully makes his way to the cottage at the edge of the Elvyn Forest.

Meanwhile, Valeria Steiner has overslept and is running late for the Chapel bake sale today. It's her responsibility to direct the patrons as they enter the Chapel and to help them find what they are looking for, be it Biscuits, Cakes, or pie. With little time to spare, Valeria rushes out of the house without so much as Brushing her hair. She'll take care of that later.

Catching a glimpse of her reflection as she passes the Doll Showcase display window, she stops dead in her tracks. What on earth? What is she wearing and what kind of a hair-do is that?? Valeria would never be caught dead in an outfit like this one! But, with no time to waste, she proceeds to the Chapel. "Just act normal", she tells herself. "Whatever this is will have to wait until the bake sale is over. The one saving grace is that nobody is going to recognize me anyway."

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 13, 17 10:09 AM
Two Wild and Crazy Guys (continued):

One by one, Harry Hedgehog and his Angels climb back up the ladder to the deck. What meets their Eyes is shocking. Could that really be Skull Pete? They all stare at the odd man made entirely of tin who is now frozen in place like a Statue, unable to speak (or sing).

Unsure what to do, the Angels observe for a moment. Nothing happens. Then, they think they hear something. The Tin Man is making a noise! But, what is it? (Harry moves closer, since he is in charge, it falls to him.) As Harry leans in, the noise comes again...a squeaky noise from a mouth that is barely moving. "Say again", Harry whispers. Again comes the noise. It sounds to Harry like "Boil Pan". "Odd thinks Harry", as he looks around for a Pan, but sees nothing, and anyway who ever heard of boiling a Pan? Shaking his head, Harry returns to the Angels, lamenting "I can't understand what he is saying."

"Let me try!", says Dude Hedgehog. Harry agrees, since he certainly didn't have any luck. Dude approaches the Tin Man. Smiling, Dude says, "Hello, Sir". The Tin Man replies with the same squeaky noise he's been making. But, Dude thinks he knows what it is! "I think he's saying "Oil Can"!, Dude shouts to the Angels. In seconds, the Angels spring into action. Nothing on the deck. Nothing near the Mermaid. Down into the hold they go, and after a few minutes, Homer Hedgehog spies it. There's an Oil Can over by the Cannon!

Racing back up the stairs, the Angels watch as Homer squirts Oil into all of the Tin Man's joints, including the corners of his mouth. And after a moment, the Tin Man slowly moves each joint absorbing the Oil. Then, with a jerk and a screeching noise, he begins to move, clumsily at first, but soon without any trouble.

"Thank goodness", says Skull Pete. "You don't know how glad I am to see you guys. If I rust up again, just give me a few squirts." "But right now, I'd be grateful if you could help me figure out how this happened to me. I passed out last night with my Rum Bottle...nothing unusual about that. But, when I woke up this morning....well, here you see it. And I am of a mind that this could be nothing else but Witchcraft!" "Harry, will you and your Angels help me with a covert-op to get to the bottom of this?"

Of course the word "covert-op" is music to the ears of every Angel. They nod eagerly, as Homer Hedgehog removes a Writing Piece and Pen from his backpack, and they begin to make plans.

to be continued:
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 12, 17 5:48 PM
So sorry to hear that! Maybe next time you could put on your avatar SOS! Need 4 more! I'm sure your friends will come through.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 17 6:35 PM
Oh no! If you don't come back, you will be missed. You have been a GREAT friend! Linet
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 10, 17 10:51 AM
So glad to see you back Dot! Hope you are getting settled in will take a while so just take the unpacking slowly and get comfortable with your new surroundings. You might be able to complete the challenge if you focus on only one game...remember, I did ten days in one day once, and you have TWO days left!

As for gifting, I agree...put up what you need and I will send what I can. No need to gift back!

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 10, 17 1:02 AM
Current score in each of my two games is the same...12 rolls apiece and the results are:

Rustle...9 wins

Me...3 wins

With those odds Rustle wins 75% of the time, I win 25%. I don't even want to think about doing the math to figure out how many more times I'm going to have to roll the dice. As I recall, it took me four days to win three games against the Iron Knight in one of the other Castle Challenges.

In my main game, I used my Pirate Girl, in my other game I used Annabel. I don't think avatar matters. If Rustle has a mind to cheat, then by golly, he's going to do it no matter who he's playing against!

Oh, and I also got a wooden chest from my new Jester Bunny pet today.

ETA: I think Rustle has gotten tired of cheating. Today, I got my last two wins in each game one right after another! Hope today is just as good for those of you still trying!
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