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 posted in Bridge to Another World: Alice in Shadowland on Sep 14, 16 6:44 PM
I'm worried I've accidently bought a Mac game version of Alice in shadowland instead of a PC version. I have a PC and I'm using windows 10 I downloaded my game this evening and started playing it. The game worked fine until I reached the part where I opened the box with the butterflies in the jail and received a narrative about the chest picture. My whole screen started flashing in a strobe effect then my screen turned black while I was opening the book with the A letter then after I made it through the gate the picture was all broken up and in little lines. I'm wondering if I've installed a Mac version by mistake because it showed the game was 1 GB instead of MB when I downloaded it. Hope some one can help me because it seems to be a wonderful game and I really would like to be able to play it!
 posted in Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector's Edition on May 3, 16 5:24 PM
Hi I'm playing the bounus chapter in this lovely game and cant pick up the feathers in the nest even after picking up the other items in the nest. I can hover the magnifying glass over it but it doesn't zoom in nor will it allow me to pick up my feathers please help thank you!
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