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Thanks so much...I had the positions correct, but I didn't have the crosspieces lined up! Appreciate the help!
I am stuck trying to set the knobs correctly at Rail's End. I am setting them the way it shows in the strategy guide and pressing the power button after each one, but nothing happens.
Can anyone help??
I can't seem to solve this puzzle. I have the collector's edition, and can use the strategy guide, but there seems to be no way to get the bones to line up the way it's shown in the solution. I have tried tons of combinations and can't figure it out! Am I missing some step? All I can do is click on the skull and the bones change location, but you can't transfer bones from one skull to another. At the top, I end up with bones sticking out of the puzzle, but it doesn't show that in the strategy guide. I'm getting so frustrated!
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