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 posted in Midnight Castle on May 21, 14 7:57 AM
Regarding the golden chests...thanks for the info! I was going to ask that also! One " bonus" thing I would like to share about the chests...if you don't click on it right away....go do something else...just let it sit there will get " extra prizes! " when you do finially click on it! :-) I found this out by accident, cuz I was trying to see if the chest would " turn" to gold! LOL

And as far as getting what you want from a HOS....even if you use the "find" if you don't do it " fast enough" and get enough points... It still will not give you what you want! You have to get the " minimum " which is 150 at least! If you get 180+ you should have no trouble getting your item! The more the better! You must be quick Grasshopper! :-). Nobody mentioned I thought I would. It does seem to matter well you do....if you do it gives you crap! Crap for Crap! LOL seems fair...

And did anyone notice....they changed the "Pirate Guns" today? To something way easier! Yay! :-)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 30, 14 7:30 AM
Finding a certain item....I have found....that if you have more than one "person" you are doing a quest does the bottom one first! Regardless of what you "want" to find! Also when you are searching for an item...if you do not do it "fast enough" it will NOT give you what you want! I finally figured this out after about the 5th time trying for a certain item! You must be quick grasshopper ! :-)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 30, 14 7:19 AM
This has happened several times to me now! I go into a place to " search" and there are NO items in there to search for!!! Then I am stuck in a loop in the game! It won't let me out to do something else, it won't reset itself, by going out of the game and back in! I am stuck and can't play the game at all! I am playing on a I - Pad. The other day when it happened it finally re- set itself after several hours! This time, I shut it off over night...and came back to it this morning, and it was still stuck there...this time it was in the well, the last time it was in the carriage ( twice!) I am not only losing items by this happening! But time playing! I am on level 12, if that matters. This is very frustrating! And needs to be fixed! As there is nothing I can do, to fix it!
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