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I suppose F is for Food.

But as for the rest (bagels, hummingbirds, rollers, you name it) I think I agree. Not that the other rooms don't have odd choices of items as well.
Except, of course for the mention to the party hat. That is obviously no ice cream cone at all, it's a party hat, even though nobody that I am friends with would wear such a ridiculous hat, but it IS indeed a birthday party hat (or some other type of party maybe too). It's an american culture sort of thing, I guess.
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contact CS. this is a bad problem we can't help you with. i hope they can.
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Hey tedski,

don't forget that now (after the last update) you can also use 4-star items to make anomalies (that 5-anomalies-in-one-shot formula).
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I know, that's a possibility. lol

But it's just so not like her to not even say goodbye or something.

At first I thought she was maybe just busy at work, but even then she would eventually take 1 minute to send a short email and say she was ok. Then I got a bit worried when the time grew longer and still no sign of her.

As Babs, I also just wanted to know she's ok.
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Does anyone have heard from her lately?
She used to be daily in the forum, but I haven't read anything from her in a long while.
I hope everything is well on her end.
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nope. sadly it's still broken for me.
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Or you can simply search a scene with challenges in it. I can't recall how many, but 2 or 3 for sure. 1 challenge in the scene gives you a 5min-stamp, and all 4 challenges in the scene grants you a 8h-stamp.

But I don't recall Iris asking for a stamp, did she specifically asked you to give her a 30min stamp or did she tell you to use it for something other than just handing her the stamp?
because if she didn't specifically named the 30min stamp, very likely you can use a higher one as well. i mean, if she just wants you to "use a stamp" to shorten the craft time of something, and that something is what requires a 30min-stamp, than you can use a bigger one. it's a waste, yes, but if you have, say, 20 8h-stamps and none of the 30min-stamps, there's no reason to use it so sparingly, because it would cost you much more in energy etc to get the right stamp than the few you'd be wasting.
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Hi there.

Cryst1781 wrote:can anyone tell me where I can use the following items:

Anomaly Photos
Straight Razor
Pole Ax
Persphone's Crown

As she mentioned, the Photos go to the Scientist in the Alps.
The razor you use to open the dog food can to feed the dog by the well at the mansion.
the pole ax ou need to cut the tree branch at the mansion gates, so you can get the persephone's figurine from up there.
the persephone's crown i don't recall but would wildly guess it either goes in the mail tube or the center pedestal in the gallery. but as i said, it's a wild, blind guess, so i can be totally off on this one. sorry.
and the torso you will need to open the mansion after you used the 3 plates. you will also need the horse body from the fountain in the alps.

pswan14603 wrote:I to am stuck, I have found 2 of the plates needed to get into the mansion, where do I find the rest of the plates? Also, where do I find the light source to get the box out of the tree at the gate of the mansion?

let me see, one i got from Iris, one from the fish by the well, and i think the other came from the box in the tree. the light source you need is a glow stick and you get it from the mail tube, which means you need to place something in the mural at the gallery to get the card, but i don't recall which of the figurines, maybe the last one? or one of the last ones anyway.

in case this info didn't help, you can search the forum for "hydra weapons" or "medusa weapons" or "harpy weapons". there have been a number of posts on this subject, so the answers you need are buried in one of them.

Good luck to you two.
 posted in Agency 33 on Sep 28, 14 11:57 PM
I beg to disagree, MyXeBu4yS. My screen is at its maximum resolution and still i can't see even a tiny part of the object hiding in the left upper corner of the polar station. Granted, now that I know it's there I can always get it on the first click, even without seeing it, but still, that's not the point in HOSs, to make you click things you can't see. They know that there are parts of the screen covered by these two boxes both on upper left (character info) and upper right corner (energy etc), so they should place the items somewhere else.
At other scenes, like the Alchemy Lab for example, we can at least see part of the bell (hidden on top, but NOT behind the corner boxes, just half off the screen). Not at all the same situation we have at the Polar Station.
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Yes, that would also solve the problem of that ultra-tiny GIVE button over an enormous SKIP button on the tasks.
And let's not forget that BUY button on the right lower part of the creation table: usually the last item we need moves to that side and it's easy to click the BUY button instead of the button on the item, that brings you directly to the HOS to search for that item.
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I think she mentions that lion standing on its back legs, the one you need 1 symbol for the lion and another symbol for the golden crown to complete. because these go in that group of stuff to be fixed close to the mansion's library door, on the guardrail. i don't know if the order is important in this case for the item to be accepted, but when i did it i placed the crown first (i didn't have the lion yet) and had no problem with the item being rejected. also i don't recall where i got the crown from, but have some vague impression that maybe the cemetery caretaker gave me? sorry, I can't recall.
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When you download from the BF Games Manager, the update being served is ALWAYS the latest available, which replaces any previous one, so there is no risk to download the buggy old version.
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It's a very undtable part of the game, annibelle. with TeeRex i got to cut the flower after a few tries with no major problem.
with my second account i had to skip it because i could get only the first cut but not the subsequent ones (the flower must be cut several times till it reaches smaller pieces then you can pick it with the tweezers).
skipping costed only 2 orbs, so after a number of tries over some 2 or 3 days i simply gave up. you don't need to spend real money, wait till you level up (it will give you 3 free orbs) then skip it if you didn't get it till there. but keep trying some more.
in my many tries i have observed that there is a point, sort of middle-right from the flower center, where the knife kind mof holds a bit. if you can manage to make successive clicks over that point without the knife sliding back to its original position, it will cut the flower. it's hard to get and requires lots of tries and patience, but that's how i got the first cut to work. i didn't get the other ones though. maybe you have better luck.
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hey guys,
the other day someone was stuck about this level and with similar problems, so maybe there is something on that post that could help you.
if not, please post again and if i can be of assistance, it's my pleasure.
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you have to create a new user on your computer's User Account, and this new user has to have admin privileges.
then when you log the new user it will create the new user's desktop (might take a few minutes) and when it's done a shortcut for A33 will be there. you click it and the game will start from the beginning.
after that you can go to your main admin account and demote the new user to standard user privileges and that will not effect the game.
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jaylow22 wrote:
napoeon wrote: They change the Energy boost amulet,now increases speed of energy recovery by 200% for 7 days(every 1 minute)I kept that for the update and used after,and now i have a goal to craft an Amulet of infinite and use it,i can use it after 7 days because i have the energy boost amulet,nice logic what am i supposed to do!!!!!Delete the game?

What's the point of even having a loyalty amulet?? 200%?? I'd rather just buy the little blue turtles then and not bother to use the loyalty amulet at all.


how very disappointing.

first the BoN goes up from 100 to 1000, now the loyalty amulet goes doewn from 400% to 200%... not the way to make people happy.
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XombieMom wrote:Y'all have been reading my mind! I've been thinking about the music for awhile and was just about to create a post asking about everyone's favorite piece!

Mine has got to be the Roulette Wheel. I will turn the speakers up and play it for awhile! So saucy!

oh, so that sound is not broken to everyone?
what a bummer i can't hear it, it's just an annoying sound like an old LP when the needle got stuck at one point but the disk kept spinning.
i wish they would fix this. that's the only sound, from all scenes, that doesn't play for me.
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you're welcome.
glad i could be of help.
 posted in Agency 33 on Sep 15, 14 6:26 PM
way to go!
so now you aren't stuck anymore.
you are well on your way, just get the scientist his lenses and then the proof of the apocalypse and things will start rolling again.
good luck.
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