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 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Apr 14, 18 1:05 PM
I'd like to add a note to my previous review. And I'm *pretty sure* this happens to me all the time. I play the regular game and find it horribly easy. Zero challenge. Like I said, a 5 year old could play and succeed just by clicking and clicking and clicking. And THEN, you get to the Bonus Game. And there's ONE game that's SO hard that you end up having to skip it!! Why do they do this?? It makes no sense. Uggghh.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Apr 14, 18 10:04 AM
WHY??? Why do I continue to fall for this stuff!? I come to Big Fish and see what's "hot". This was the # 1 game at the time?? For what reason?? Because they suckered us into playing it?? It's horrible! Literally a 5 year old could play this game. And it still wouldn't be very challenging. I don't care much about storylines. I want challenging puzzles and mini games. I hate games that just GIVE it to you. Why do I keep playing them?? I'm done.
 posted in The Secret Order: Bloodline Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 17 4:52 PM
TOO EASY. Period. Graphics don't make a game great, IMO. I wish they would rate these games based on age appropriateness, like for "Ages 5 and Up". I would avoid those.

This one seriously missed the mark on making things challenging. And when it WAS challenging (one or two times) it was because something just didn't make sense. Honestly some of the mini puzzles were just matching games. I was so disappointed.

And then you get to the Bonus Chapter (thankfully there was one because the main part of the game ended way too soon and abruptly), and this gem/circles puzzle is ridiculously hard. Why not find some middle ground? Who designs this stuff??

Disappointed. Bleh.
 posted in The Secret Order: Bloodline Collector's Edition on Jul 16, 17 4:12 PM
I came here looking for help on this, too. Up until now this game has stunk for me. I hate a game that is so easy a 5 year old could do it. And then you get to the bonus chapter and there's THIS puzzle that is almost impossible. I even looked for a YouTube video for help and there is one, but the person playing the game SKIPPED it. I'm actually shocked that more people haven't commented on this. But I guess most are just skipping it. I want a solution!
 posted in Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower on Jan 23, 17 12:11 PM
I'm in the same spot. I've been following along with the walkthroughs and it appears that I've done everything. I just can't get Lisa to tell me about Dexter and the green medallion. And I only have two voice from Dexter and one from Professor Hotchkiss. How do I trigger Lisa to tell me about Dexter? I must be missing something. TIA.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse on Jan 19, 16 12:18 PM
This puzzle is basically Mastermind. I've played it since I was a kid. You guess at the code, and the game tells you if you got any of the four colors correct. If you got the color correct, you are shown a yellow dot (for instance...I think it was yellow). If you got the right color AND the right location, you are shown a green dot. I solved it in 4 moves, which is about standard if you know how to play Mastermind. I'm sure you've probably moved on by now, but maybe this will help others. I'm in love with Nancy Drew games! I love the difficulty level.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull on Aug 26, 15 10:53 PM
There's already a topic on this, but it's YEARS old, and there was no solution presented. Bess is trying to say the password to enter the meeting, but there's no correct choice, and I can't do anything else except walk around this alley and Zeke's back room. Calling Nancy only gives me the password again, and again, and again. How do I escape this vicious cycle? One of the other topics addressed this, but only said that I needed to have accessed Bruno's study room first, which I don' believe I've done. How do I get out of this situation without losing my game progress??

 posted in Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion on Jul 15, 15 3:52 PM
Is this really all the comments on this game? I cannot figure out the final puzzle with the stars aligning. And I'm using the walk thru! None of it makes sense. I love hard games like these Nancy Drews, but I really prefer to be able to make some sense of them. Boo.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall on Jun 29, 15 10:17 PM
Uggghh...don't touch the lever again once you set it correctly. Grrr...
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall on Jun 29, 15 9:57 PM
I'm loving this game so much! I have loved every Nancy Drew game I've played so far. I seem to be stuck on the clocks puzzle. I've solved it several times, with a couple of different variations, but when the clocks all strike 12 o'clock, nothing happens. I've even watched a YouTube video that shows the exact same solution that I've used and they get a different result. I don't want this to be a glitch! What is happening here??

If you have a solution, please message me!

 posted in Grim Tales: The Final Suspect Collector's Edition on May 30, 15 7:02 PM
WAY TOO EASY!!!! I get so frustrated when a game allows you to choose your difficulty level, and you choose "NO SPARKLES" and it STILL sparkles on stuff!! I swear there was one "puzzle" that all you did was click on the pieces and they placed themselves! UGGGHHH!!! I don't mean to take these things too seriously, but I honestly feel that it insults my intelligence. My 12 year old would have an easy time with this. I want it challenging. The best I can get is to eliminate all the extra text, but they still make it so obvious. I did use the hint button a couple of times, but only to find that the thing I was supposed to do was so stupid.

I want hard games like Nancy Drew! I've played all of those. Why are the game makers making them so easy?? I just don't get it.

Game makers...challenge us!! And speak better English!
 posted in Frankenstein: Master of Death on Feb 3, 15 1:37 PM
O. M. G. This is the worst game I have EVER played. I played the beta version and thought in its raw state that it had some potential. I loved the creepy "creature". I sent lots of feedback, some of which I could tell was noted (mostly typos and there were tons). But it's still in this horribly raw state. Graphics are slow and awful. I feel like it's the developers' first time at this. And I had such high hopes! Blah blah and more blah. Maybe if you have NEVER played a HOP adventure game before you might like this one. I'm truly surprised that anyone has had anything good to say.
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Samhain on Jan 29, 15 10:55 AM
Clearly this is an older game, thus all the forum threads are "locked". They do that after a post hasn't had any comments for a certain amount of time.

I loved this game. It's got an old-school kind of feel, but it's something that I think is missing from the more contemporary games. The HOPs are just normal, but they disguise the items so well that it's challenging to find them. I liked that. There were so many mini-games! I really liked that. But...and here's the exception...there were two games for me that I had to skip because of glitches. Others have already posted that. The gears game and the animals game (where you had to place the barriers to make the animals go into their proper places). Too bad, too. I hate skipping puzzles. There was one other I skipped because it was just too difficult (the rings puzzles with the gold and red marbles). I like a good challenge, but I also like to be able to figure them out. That one had me stumped.

Definitely worthy of a purchase, even if it is a little old.
I finally just finished this game. And it couldn't end soon enough! Gag. I pretty much hated the whole thing. I played on a difficult level that told me pretty much nothing, so the game lasted a nice long time for me. But the "puzzles" were so stupid easy. Except for this one with the four different positions that I ended up skipping. Did anyone solve this? I guess I'm not the genius game player that I thought. I want games to be hard, but I want them to be finish-able. And the strategy guide didn't help on this one because you couldn't reset the puzzle from the beginning. I could go on and on. I have no idea what the story was about (especially the bonus chapter--who was I and who are my parents??)

Just bad. And I paid for it.
I can't figure it out!!!! I know "how" to work it. I just can't get the darn positions to line up. I looked at the Strategy Guide, but it gives you directions for when you first enter the game. There is no "Reset" button! So I can't start over and I don't want to skip it. Why can't I figure this one out?? The rest of the game has been so stupid easy that this is driving me crazy.

I am so surprised that this game has gotten any good reviews!! I'm usually pretty lenient, but this game has so many bad aspects!! I can typically ignore a bad story, but this one is AWFUL. Do the developers even speak English?? I hate when I can tell that it's foreign. They don't seem to grasp the concept. The voiceovers sounded as if they were dubbed. No comprende?? I swear there was an object in one of the HOPs that was called a "bulb" but it was really just a vial of some kind. No kidding!

There were maybe one or two challenging puzzles (I'm actually still stuck on one mini game in the bonus chapter...dang!) But I love a good challenging mini game. There were a couple of glitches, but technically it was okay. The design just didn't jive. These characters were supposed to be evil...but the design was that of pretty flowers, etc. I just didn't get it. Most of the time it was just ""'re done. Lots of missed opportunities for puzzles. Blah.
 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 15 5:47 PM
Played a few minutes longer and the inventory items reappeared. Whew.
 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 15 5:22 PM
I was hoping to come here and find a solution for the invisible inventory. My son is playing the game under a different profile, has gone past the point where my inventory became invisible, and his is just fine. Grrr...
 posted in Vampire Legends: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bathory on Jan 16, 15 10:43 AM
I thought this game was great! It felt really long for a non-CE version. It just kept going and going and going. The layout was huge, too. I definitely used the map feature a lot to figure out where I needed to go and to get there quickly. The HOPs were interesting. I kept forgetting to use items from my inventory to make the HOPs complete, so that was challenging. None of the mini games were very hard. I like them harder. But the story was *pretty* good and I had no technical issues. I think there was a glitch with the crossbow wording, but it wasn't a big deal. I'd highly recommend this one.
BIG LOVE FOR THIS GAME!!! I have no complaints. Nope. Not even one. The story was great. The voices were great. The characters were adorable. It was beautiful to look at and to listen to. I'm sorry that I didn't find all the puzzle pieces, but I sure had fun trying! The Bonus Games give you double your money's worth! And it didn't even bother me that I was playing a Christmas themed game in January. It's just such a great game.

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