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 posted in Mystery P.I.: Lost in Los Angeles on Sep 7, 16 4:35 PM
Thank goodness mine ARE in my game manager because I can no longer find them listed under the games either. I even ran a search for them. I can find the forums for them but not the actual games themselves for re-downloading in case something were to happen to my listing. What gives, BFG? These are some of the best of the HOGs ever! Pure HO fun!
My McAfee scanned it without a warning for those of you who experienced a problem with your McAfee. Haven't tried playing it yet.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on Apr 28, 13 7:51 PM
I did zoom in on the car and tried the rag on the hood. No dice. I will ask the tech team. Thanks.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on Apr 27, 13 10:44 PM
Playing this on my IPAD, every time I try to use the rag on the hood of the car, it gives me a thud and won't open the car. Is there a certain place you have to put the rag? I have put it a hundred places on the car! Thanks!
Well, I did post to the mods; they haven't answered yet. I also posted to them about my game Royal Detective: Lord of Statues crashing every time I try tio open it now, and I was halfway through it. I deleted it and redownloaded it, but since it was in a group of five I bought at the same time, every time I download it, I have to download the other four as well. Sometimes, something happens to them in the new downloads. Like today, when I did it. it said I had -1 minute left of Elixir of Immortality left and I could either Try or Buy it! What's up with that? I already OWN it! Geeeesh! A lot of errors with BFG lately!
elldee2728 wrote:I got a snarky message that I need a new video card! While I admit that the game's video memory requirement exceeds my system's capability, I've had no problems playing virtually dozens of other non-BFG-produced games that sport the same requirements.

Instead of advising those of us with somewhat older machines that we need new, costly hardware, why not just let us attempt the demo (like ALL other developers probably do) to see if it works? I think has severely limited the market for this particular "flagship" offering!

Oh, BTW--nearly six hours after the release of such a much-hyped "whopper," and a mere 32 Reviews? Not a good sign. And when the Tech Issues outnumber the Reviews? Not a good sign, either. Good luck with this one--I'll bet some Techies will be munching on turkey at BFG HQs instead of at home!

Regards (and disappointment), elldee

I am in the same fishbowl with elldee! Ibought this game when it came out, but just now had time to play it believe it or not. Then it said I need a new graphics card, although my graphics card is already 128mb. I know my system is an older model , but I did just updated the graphics card (not upgraded). This isn't the only prolblem or game I have had problems with lately. Also Royal Detective: Lord of Statues is now crashing every time I try to even open it! Crazy! Can someone PLEASE tell me what kind of graphics card I need so I can go get one? Sorry about your problems too elldee! I suppose I need to have someone put it in too because I surely won't be able to do so! ESTO! Equipment Smarter Than Operator! LOL
Thanks in advance for your assistance!

 posted in Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues on Mar 5, 13 7:34 PM
I was halfway through this game and exited it. Came back later to begin again, and it keeps crashing before it will even load. I have tried everything suggested under "Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen" to no avail. I have even trashed the game and reloaded it several times.....with the same results. What could have possibly happened? Has this happened to anyone else?
Thanks in advance for your help.
 posted in Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition on Feb 18, 13 9:03 PM
How do you get the code for the bones on the totem? I haven't been able to find it.
 posted in Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition on Feb 18, 13 9:00 PM
I had the same problem. The doors won't open. You have to go BACKWARDS! LOL Silly me!
Happy gaming!
 posted in Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town Collector's Edition on Feb 12, 13 5:58 PM
Ok, I usually do not ask for help because I usually don't need it, but has anyone else had a problem with the elevator not opening? I don't know if this is a glitch or if I am not doing something right. I have already been up on the 5th floor for the first time, Played an HOS, collected a painting, a couple Beyond Objects, found the secret room, put 5 goblets and the teapot in place. Now I think it's time to go elsewhere. When I got back into the elevator and pushed 1, it went back down, but did not open. So on it goes....back up, and back down, same thing. Is it a matter of GSTO....Game Smarter Than Operator? I don't want to know where to go, just how to make the elevator open.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands on Nov 3, 11 7:47 PM
Am experiencing the same problem bwittn has experienced. The game just keeps shutting down when it almost finishes loading on the map view. Have tried it several times. Takes about 2 minutes off the time every time. Isn't worth my trouble continuing to try. Guess I will just trash the demo. And I was so looking forward to playing it. *sigh*
Cherubabies wrote:
As much as I love the CE's of the games, I think it would be advantageous for BF to release both at the same time and let the players choose.

The whole point of a Collector's Edition is that you get it EARLY!

No, the point is that it has EXTRAS!
mhatfie wrote:
bball111 wrote:
rlk0045 wrote:I am more concern about the fact that in the past several weeks the games being offered have been terrible. The only decent games being offered are the collector edition games.

I think you are right

Or look at it this way, you are getting 3 stamps on your punch card for each CE, so if you buy 2 games you already have your six in order to get a free one and you will have only spent $28.00, as opposed to $42.00 for six SE's.

Yes, but you still cannot buy a CE game with stamps/credits. If only BFG would allow us to do that AND release the CE and regular edition (SE) games at the same time, that would be fair to the consumer. There would be plenty of people who would still choose the CE's. Just MHO!

 posted in Sinister City on Oct 24, 10 6:47 PM
Downloaded this game just fine, but when I went to play it, the screen was W I D E, and I could view only half of it. Unfortunately, the half with the settings that I was supposed to select it were on the other side of the screen that I couldn't see. I tried closing the game out and changing the settings on my screen under Display Properties several times to no avail. Pity, would have liked to have least played a demo on this one. Guess I will just uninstall and forget it. There are so many others to play anyway! Happy gaming, y'all!
prpldva wrote:
emi_b16 wrote:Hi to all the fishies here. I rarely post anything on these forums but when I saw this thread I was so happy that I had to post something.

I Googled 'delta' i got this:
" Delta is a city in Keokuk County, Iowa, United States"
-correct me if i'm wrong but didn't Emma come from Iowa?

i'm not sure if this little piece of info is really related to all the speculations but i was just curious...

ps: just another curious thought-> In DG, how did the Ice lady awaken in the first place? Did Charles/Victor got to do with this? (this may sound stupid to ask but im just curious...)

Welcome to the forums, emi_b16!

Those bright, intelligent college students dug her up! LOL


Delta is "D" in the phonetic alphabet.
Mississippi River delta
Bourne's codename
My first dog was named Delta
There are about 10 cities across the US named Delta.
Delta Airlines

Delta is also a black operations unit of Army Aviation. Secret stuff! Shhhh! lol
I don't know if this subject has been broached yet since I haven't been following this thread, but given the "norm" lately that the "better" games are deemed CE, and the "Game of the Year" we await with bated breath is our beloved November game (hopefully another Ravenhearst chapter), you don't suppose BFG will make it a CE, making it a "3-stamper" and not available with a game credit, do you? Just a thought! *sigh* It really shouldn't be since it is usually the one everyone snaps right up! Thoughts anyone?

 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 8, 10 11:44 AM
 posted in Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent Collector's Edition on Jul 9, 10 12:07 AM
Thanks, Mr_Russ!

Does the CE version have any special "little extras"? (besides the extra levels) For instance in Dire Grove CE, there were those morphing objects.

Thanks for your help in advance! (:
Sue, where did you find yours? There was one to the right in the grate/fencing near the graveyeard I think it was. You had to have the tongs to get it. Unless you were looking, you could have missed it. The other two were pretty obvious.
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