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 posted in The Disappearing Runestones on Aug 11, 16 3:26 PM
This is a (sometimes) fun game that has nice graphics but is terribly buggy. First, you play a series of solitaire games where you want to remove every card, then a battle Match 3, then some more solitaire where you are after finding and removing one special card. You must play all three stages in each level. You get score multipliers for runs. So far, so good. The solitaire play is familiar so the difference with other games lies in the bonuses. The Est Nykomet character (the guy in the fur hoody) is key. Every time his bonus ring is full, you can get him to drop two bonus wild cards into your hand. Do so every chance you get. Often, on the match card or fourteen sum games, you will need a wild card to finish. You can buy them with gold, but if you work Est, you shouldn't need to do it that often. When you accumulate 15-20000 gold, give him a boost so that his ring will fill faster. (A boost costs about 4000 gold to begin with.) Illoweyn is also very useful, allowing you to remove any face up card. You can also remove a face down card or a special card with the other characters but these are trickier to strategize.
Okay, the bugs: first of all the game may lock or prove unplayable because elements do not show up on screen. If you can't play a card from the deck or if there is no deck, then you can't play. And you won't be able to get out, either. Go to Task Manager (I use the old three-finger salute -- Ctrl-Alt-Del) and end task. Restart the game. You shouldn't lose anything.
A more troublesome bug is the Battle Match 3 tile selection. It is very difficult to make the match that you want sometimes. The problem is that, if you click and nothing moves, then you still have that counting as one of your limited number of plays. Eventually I learned to click-hold-slide that works about 90% of the time.
In short: if you are easily angered or frustrated, don't play this game. If you are willing to go through the end task scenario from time to time and to work with the Match 3 mechanics, it can be fun.
 posted in FreudBot on Jun 10, 15 2:29 AM
Okay, here's the game: you are faced with a situation that causes you psychic distress. Freudbot, your semi-criminal analyst, suggests you fight back. There are several different categories of distress and these increase as you move up in levels. Your adversary (your girlfriend, your mother, your boss, hooligans, etc.) hits you with distress, with different amounts of negativity for each category, You can reply with the cards that are dealt (this is a card/board game) which offer different counters for each category. Your object is to win through the specified number of rounds without going through some kind of psychic meltdown. Okay? Early on, if you are any kind of game-player, you will respond with the card that has the greatest number of counters in total. This strategy will have to be adjusted when you are dealt cards of equal total value. Later, you will have to make some decisions based on the adversary's strategy and not necessarily play the largest total.
So this is combat solitaire (or something like that) and if that appeals to you, then try the game. The situations are sometimes amusing, but anyone with any kind of interpersonal relationship training will object to the constant Be Aggressive stance of the game (which is, after all, combat). Do not think that this game has anything to do with real life personality development! Fun? For some, not me.
 posted in 1000 LYA on May 3, 15 4:33 AM
Okay. I bought this game and just finished it. Boring? Yes! I left it alone for a month or so then decided to finish it off. There are game extras you can buy but you don't need them, you can finish this game without buying any bonuses. Now here's the thing: you beat the game, destroy the last hiding place of the creature that stole the time machine, and then... he escapes! Clearly he has gone into the time machine sending you into an endless loop (if you continue playing) so you either replay the last level (over and over, I guess) or start from the beginning. Now it may be that re-starting will bring new difficulty levels but I'm not going to even experiment with that right now. Some other time. When I'm willing to play a very boring game.
 posted in Trivia Machine Reloaded on Apr 21, 15 12:49 AM
I've been playing this game for quite a while but never asked before: exactly how does scoring work? Yes, I know you get the advertised points for answering a question but how is the Bonus calculated when you complete a round? Also, do you get added score for extra (unplayed) turns at the end of a round? Been trying to calculate the optimal strategy for this game.
 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Oct 22, 14 1:56 AM
Won't play for me either. Downloads but hangs on the Install 100%. Tried it a number of times.
 posted in Loot Hunter: The Most Unbelievable Pirate Story on Sep 28, 14 1:50 AM
dkmck: I suggest you e-mail Big Fish with your concerns. I have always found them accommodating in this kind of situation. And, should you want a game that works but has similar gameplay: if you like the trading part, go for Tradewinds, if you like the battle part, try Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates.
For all the problems with this game, I still think I got my money's worth. It is a good game, just not quite ready for release.
 posted in Loot Hunter: The Most Unbelievable Pirate Story on Sep 22, 14 5:26 PM
So I may have finished this game -- I can't tell, which is one of the problems with it. I've got max experience and am rated as Baron. I'm going to play a while longer and see if I can raise my rank.
Anyway, IslandDaisy who said this was a game with great potential that dooesn't quite make it, was absolutely correct.
Gameplay involves elements used in Tradewinds and Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates. You go here and there on the map, buy and sell stuff, look for treasure, get quests, and battle other ships. The battle part is Match 3 and it is the main part of the game. The quests are usually simple: go to a certain place, then return for your reward. But there is one major exception:
You may get a quest involving the defeat of a certain number of pirate ships or ships of a foreign power (either England or France, there is no quest to sink Spanish ships). Over in the Technical Problem thread, many people complain that they are unable to finish the pirate quest. I also had that problem -- for a while -- then, late in the game, checked in and discovered that I was now allowed to finish the quest. One key to finishing the foreign ship quests is to not do anything else until you finish: take the flags without sailing anywhere else or doing anything else, no treasure-seeking, no pirate battles, no other quests. BUT that will not finish the pirate quest for you until late in the game. Oh yes, did I mention that sometimes when you've won the French or English flags and try to turn them in for the reward, sometimes the city you're supposed to go to has disappeared. Yep, you get nine French flags and sail over to the Spanish city where you got the quest and there's nothing there. Also happens with the French quest to take English flags. AND sometimes the quest itself will disappear from your active quest list. Putting this together, I think there may be some kind of logic or game progression going on that I just don't understand. (There is no Guide/Rulebook.)
Also, my character's history shows zero foreign ships sunk, even though I've sunk dozens.
These flaws are maddening, especially in a game that has such interesting gameplay.
TL;DR: Best thought of as an interesting Beta version that needs lots of work before release.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 14 4:21 PM
Me neither.
 posted in Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun on Apr 30, 14 5:05 PM
Excellent Match 3 game.
Rather than using timed mode for difficulty, the game limits the number of moves. You can turn the game board to have pieces fall where you want. There is shuffle, game bonuses, and, every time you complete a building, you get extra moves. All this means that you can control the difficulty. Play without shuffle, for instance. It's all up to you.
 posted in Atlantis Adventure on Apr 30, 14 4:59 PM
Me too!
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