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 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 14 11:33 AM
Thank you everyone for valuable information. I am so sad I messed up. Didn't know anything about this glitch. Already contacted one person I know.

But what a turn from my original question! You helped me out in more ways than I have expected when I posted the L 25 question.

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 14 10:42 AM
IMPORTANT question for Bedazzles and others informed about the experience points: if I understood it properly, there are some players showing higher level of the game than they actually have?

If that's the case, it is OMG for me ... I tend to gift more to friends who have not yet completed the quests. If I have friends on my list who show level 24 but are in fact on L 23, I have not treated them well - I thout they were done and I moved on to other players. OMG what have I done?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 14 10:26 AM
Oh Oh Oh.. so sorry, my mistake with number of completed quests. It is 595 (that's what BF will do to you). Also can confirm 1425/1920 points and waiting for the final piece from the Inn Keepet (Wise Draggon's final 4th task) to assemble the mechanical thingy whatever it is.

But the question of how some players reached L 25 still remains open considering they have the same number of quests completed (595). They must have passed the 1920 mark somehow.

Apart from common issues of loosing gifts (and gift cards) and flower coins (even the diamonds from time to time), I had no other problems with game.

Thanks everyone for your help and happy gaming.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 14 5:10 AM
I have 2 friends on the friends list showing level 25. Where did this come from? I am L 24, no open taks and/or quests, stats shows 495 completed quests and I am not even close to end of level 24.

Any tips on this topic?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 9, 14 11:29 AM
whitebutterfly54 wrote:penny, if you're constantly getting the Twilight Guide you must need to craft the Pang of Conscience for Six-Paws. Do that and see if you get the item you want next time.

Agreed and confirmed the hard way. Had also a lot of very valuable duplicates and triplicates until L22 even though I never had more than one quest active. When I saw the Bow Torture in the update (L22-L24) I caved in - decided to go with the flow and let the game tell me what to do. IT WORKS. Never had duplicates of valuables again. Tried it also on my second game from the first Bow onward and it worked again. You just need to recognize what the game wants you to do and work on that instead of what the quest asks you to do.

Good luck!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 9, 14 9:29 AM
Rosiebvt - you maid me laugh out loud in the middle of the night with your comment about the guilt built into the female DNA - and thnx for that, I needed it. Woke up my (grateful) daughter though.

Back to subject of gifting. I thought people were putting valuables on the wish list for practicle reasons - already agreed trading (forum) and some other not so practical as wishfull talking into the ear of the fortune wheel. I gifted (by accident) one Monster of Dawn like that (thinking it was Teeth of North). For other valaubles (like the Monster, Astral, etc), I would have finished the new L 22-24 in a blink of an eye if I kept my Bow inventory duplicates and triplicates as some players did. Apart from almost fainting when I saw the new quests and figured out that I gave out everything - and I do mean everything - for free and just for the fun of it, I felt no remorse what so ever and would/will do it again.

I use to empty my wish list when I reached the end of the update and everyone thought I left the game for good. My friends didn't like it (guilt?). Now I have only one item (e.g. stamp) on the second game wish list (L21) to keep the female DNA free of guilt. The main game (L24) wish list is empty. BTW - I never exchange gifts between my games, guess I am an addicted achiever.

With the latest update, traditional wish list and gifting strategies have to change I assume. Everyone knows about the needy greedy Bow Tortures and everyone is looking for exactly the same items - lower levels know they have to keep them, higher levels are all desperate to get them. And the amount of coins needed? Daily quests don't make it easier either- eating lower level item inventory just for a snack. I completed the L 22-24 without any wishes/gifts related to the Bow or feeding the pets (everyone needs pets for coins and the BF needs tons of those). It simply felt stupid to wish for something everyone else needs too.

With all this guilt in wishing, guilt in not gifting (enough)....honestly, I don't know anymore how to approach this topis and haven't figured out yet how to make a good use of the wish list myself. It seems that kind of trading market might be a better (guilt free) way to go. For now, happy to be on L 24 and just give away everything as it comes, including "Monsters" if there are guilt free friends wishing it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 2, 14 6:25 AM
Can anyone please tell me how you actually did that?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 2, 14 6:23 AM
Does anyone know what this is about? First level achievement should be moving knights seven days in a row. I have made it once but have no idea what and how I did it.
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