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 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on May 12, 14 11:58 AM
I had the same problem--I was never able to get any passengers to leave the airport, marina or railway station, despite implementing all the tips I've read.

So I just ignored the station, airport and marina.

Here's what I did:

1) Wait a minute or two until you've earned enough to build the theater. Build it near the railway station. Re-route both buses to the theater. Do not have them go to the station at all. Upgrade to both buses to 1 star. Buy 2 more buses. Re-route all buses so that each bus goes from 1 station to the theater--do not have any bus stop at more than one station. Upgrade all buses to 1 star.

2) When you have enough money to build the stadium/museum, build it near the east side of town. Re-route east side buses to stadium/museum and keep west side buses routed to theater. Upgrade all buses to 2 stars.

3) Upgrade all bus stops when funds allow. Upgrade buses to 3 stars when needed and when funds allow.

4) Build a restaurant/club/fitness center near the theater. Add buses from west side of town to restaurant/club/fitness center when the bus stop is in need of a new bus (shows grey when enough people are at the bus stop).

5) Build a restaurant/club/fitness center near the stadium. Add buses from east side of town.

6) When all bus stops are completely upgraded and all buses are upgraded, you should get a happiness level over 450.

7) Complete airport and Marina. Tada. You bypass the glitch.
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