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 posted in Cat on a Diet on Jun 20, 16 2:50 AM
Kathyj77 wrote:HOW do you break bubble once you get him where he belongs????

Just click inside the bubble and meow feels the gravity again
 posted in Cat on a Diet on Jun 20, 16 2:46 AM
Magick_Lady (via PM) wrote:Stuck in level 9 of the laboratory. Can't figure out how to move the beam on top of cat

Hi Magick_Lady,

thanks for your patience, here is my fresh replayed and still working 3-star solution for level 9 of the lab of cat on diet:

Always carefully use the wobbling of items to guide them in the desired direction!

- cut the rope of the wooden piece from top left to roll down and left to the metal bar above meow
- cut the rope of the green piece from top left to follow this wooden piece
- cut the green piece itsself now to make it explode and push the wooden one against the metal bar to push it right
- enable anti-gravity (space bar)
- unscrew the metal bar in the middle at the right side only to guide meow to the right above its basket and to get both muffins
- cut the remaining metal piece from top left and disable anti-gravity (space bar) to get the 3rd muffin and basket meow

Good Luck
 posted in BumbleBee Jewel on Apr 4, 16 5:23 AM
A time ago I've purchased this game for my wife. It's a very cute and easy match-3 game for the late evening to calm her down from the hard day in the office.

We play the game on our windows xp based system which is using already a quad-core cpu and also a current graphics card.

The BigFish version of the game stores player profiles within the current user's application data folder, which doesn't require admin privileges here (unfortunately we own the other version).

We've noticed these problems with the game:
items are placed sometimes outside the game grid where they cannot be moved (only skip level helps then)
the music requires a very high immunity against nerve-racking sounds
the game is always using a timer

How to fix the items placed outside the game grid:
- Just create another player profile you don't use for play: a dummy profile which we called QUIT
- ALWAYS change the player profile to this dummy profile QUIT BEFORE quitting the game

By using this safe workaround we've never seen any items placed outside the game grid where they cannot be moved anymore yet.

What about the timer?
This is not such a hard timer you may already know. It's increased again by any match you do. Just keep making matches to increase your time and avoid non-matching thinking

I did my best to write a useful and still safe posting here.

Good Luck
 posted in Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle on Feb 26, 16 3:10 AM
bfgPanthalassa wrote:Additionally, if anyone would like to reset the game to start from scratch, this can be done from the settings in the game. From the start screen, just click on the gear and wrench icon, and then select Reset.

Hi bfgPanthalassa,

thanks for this additional hint, I'm sure it's useful too!

By the way, maybe not resetting a player profile with all levels completed is the easiest and fastest way to play such a game with your friends also by hot seat. No leaving & restarting the game, just make classic notes for each player.

Good Luck
 posted in Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle on Feb 25, 16 1:01 AM
Unfortunately this game supports only one game profile per system account/log-in,
at least on windows

Standard Way:
You may have several profiles by creating several system accounts/log-ins. To use another game profile you have to log-off and to log-on with another system account/log-in.
This is sad when playing by hot seat with friends

Good Luck
 posted in Bird Pirates on Jan 4, 16 3:59 AM
NoBotheringFish wrote:Win 32:BamIt is an infection attached to the install files for at least two games: Bird Pirates and Dragonstone, both marble poppers. The infection was found by Avast Antivirus [...]

I've tried both of these games and also purchased one of them and noticed no anti-virus detection alert.

Never thrust a single anti-virus scanner. False positives happens with almost all of them, but usually with different files.

Before posting here, please check such files by uploading them to a multi-anti-virus scanner service like virus total (search for this) in case more than 20% of the anti-virus scanners (usually more than 50) agree the file is dangerous.

I prefer asking the friendly and fast customer support for fast help when unsure first. They have usually no time to check all postings that fast too.

Good Luck
 posted in Fiber Twig: Midnight Puzzle on Dec 9, 15 1:42 AM
Hello fishies

please refer also to my posts
at this discussion to get your chance to enjoy the game too:

Good Luck
 posted in Fiber Twig: Midnight Puzzle on Dec 8, 15 1:04 AM
Hi chiniakbay

chiniakbay wrote:Cursor was way too jerky. Could not control it. Bummer, looked like a fun game. Tired of all the "dark" games.

It's the same for my old game system for FULLSCREEN mode of the game, although I tried two different graphics cards (a five year old and a current one) with many different driver versions.

But the game runs fine in window mode for me with great and fast response which you'll need in higher levels ;-)

Good Luck
 posted in Cat on a Diet on Oct 27, 15 4:50 AM
You may also try to update your graphics driver too.

As well all your existing/owned games may run fine and properly, a newer game may require (again) a updated graphics driver for your card, also you may have updated just one or two years ago (which is a long time, btw).

Graphics drivers contains also bugs (and newer is not always better) that newer (and sometimes also older games) may raise. You may try some driver versions up (and down) after a good system backup. Like I do from time to time when problems occur

Good Luck
 posted in Cat on a Diet on Oct 27, 15 4:31 AM
bigfishgameplay wrote:Having trouble on level 18 - any help out there ? Is there a walkthrough or hints somewhere ?

Hi bigfishgameplay,

you'd had better started a new thread in this game's forum. This way is too hard to find, I think

I've replayed level 18 of the living room (the 1st room) with the two wooden bricks both nailed with two nails at the one side and one nail at the other side. We've a bubble here and three muffins.

Here is my 3 star solution:

Timing is very important here and also meow's wabbel. You'll need several retries until you've the experience to just play this solution thru and thru again.

make a diagonal cut of the upper wooden brick from left up above the two nails down to the right thru the single nail to make meow roll to the right

when meow hit the lower wooden brick (and took one muffin) make the same mirrored: cut it from the top above the two nails down thru the left nail to make meow roll to the left (timing is very important to have meow roll enough to the left)

meow falls thru the bubble and he'll hit then (with proper timing and with enough left roll force) the upper wooden brick which will push him to the left (takes the 2nd muffin) and starts moving to the top

burst the bubble when meow is above its basket (caution to meows wabbel) to enter it and take the 3rd muffin during the fall there

Good Luck

 posted in Cat on a Diet on Oct 20, 15 4:33 AM
Hi mythlady,

where are all the fellow fishies gone? Sorry I've read your posting just today and after a fresh re-try of this level here is my 3-star solution (and a proof there is no reason to hurry up in this game):

- turn on lower magnet only
- wait until the lower metal bar moved completely to the lower magnet
- turn on anti gravity machine (before meow stops wobbling completely)
- cut the "rope" of the round metal on bottom
- just wait meow is slowly moving somewhat over the upper (off!) magnet
- turn off anti gravity machine
- meow should roll into the basket now

Try it several times. It's important that meow still wobbles a little bit before turning on the anti-gravity machine to make meow slowly rotate on the top to move to the left somewhat over to the upper (off!) magnet.

Whenever you get stuck on a level a save game file of another fellow may be helpful, which may be used like described here at the end:

P.S.: It's somewhat difficult to get track of threads I've not started myself. Maybe a PM message is worth a try and may be somewhat faster, I think.

Good Luck
 posted in Ziro on Oct 20, 15 3:43 AM
Hi tapateo,

you may read a quick description of the game's elements here at the end:
Welcome to Ziro forum

Help, details and a way to find video solutions to learn how to play you'll find also here:

Good Luck
 posted in Bird Pirates on Oct 5, 15 4:36 AM

Please verify the resolution shown on screen when your game runs by entering the on-screen-menu of your display and hoping you've a info page there which shows the resolution and some more data.

Usually scaling is disabled at graphics card and display, so the above shown compatibility option or desktop resolution change still keeps the black borders also for a known aspect ratio also for a exspected old school resolution like e.g. 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768.

After a exspected old school resolution is displayed (and no extended one with added black pixels left and right) you've to enable non-ratio stable (forced, to always use the full screen) scaling at your display (some makes a good job here without putting load on your graphics card) OR at your graphics card options (which causes additional load for the card).

Please join the discussion here with your results and experience to enable more fishies to enjoy their beloved games also at full wide screens today.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Sep 17, 15 12:34 AM
Maybe the idea at the end of this discussion is worth a try for you too:
 posted in Astroslugs on Sep 17, 15 12:32 AM
Maybe the idea at the end of this discussion is worth a try for you too:
 posted in DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer on Aug 3, 15 1:41 AM
Hi bfgBellerophon,

nice to meet you but bad luck I made another mistake by posting name.organization.location which is part of a link, which is completed by usual browsers today.

I'm still improving, so thank you for keeping me on my toes!

Please accept I'm asking for forgiveness here.
It's really difficult when you're a non-native speaker and full of enthusiasm when you've just worked out a great idea that makes something better or safer without modifying any publisher's property of the installed game files (jre is not a property of the game's publisher). Maybe this is a "disease" of a techy like me.

Of course only experienced users should follow such ideas / information of mine or should at least ask a experienced friend of them first. You're totally right by suggesting the Technical Support Team here to avoid a broken game which may need to be removed and reinstalled in occasion of bad luck. Although any information of mine is definitely verified. And I always suggest making backups!

For any future public postings here I'll send you a request by pm for approval or edit before to make sure we stay like friends. Hopefully we'll make it smoother this way.

Thanks for your help and courtesy so far
 posted in DragonScales: Chambers of the Dragon Whisperer on Jul 25, 15 8:07 AM
Hi fellows,

I've noticed "DragonScales" installs also a very old (and risky / redundant) Java Run Time Environment in its game folder named "jre6".

The included version 6 of the java run time environment is very outdated (and risky for security reasons). Already version 7 is outdated too (and available therefore only by the java archive yet) since 2nd quarter of 2015.
It's strongly recommended to avoid / uninstall such older java versions for security reasons.

You may fix this easily.
I've tried this already some time ago with version 7 and version 8 (32bit, x86) of the java run time environment on our old xp gaming machine (and version 7 is the latest with official xp support) and the game runs still fine (my wife completed the game almost completely with version 7 yet).

Version 8 (32bit, x86) of the java run time environment works also fine, especially for newer versions of windows and is available free and easily.

That's how to do it:
- enter the game's folder with your explorer
- pack the original "jre6" folder to e.g.
- remove/delete the original "jre6" folder
- create a junction named "jre6" here to your
...current installation of jre (or install the latest first)
...but make sure you disable it for web browser use
...for maximum security (when possible)

Junctions are true links of the windows ntfs file system that are fully transparent for the applications (and different to the link .lnk files used in start menu etc.). This allows you to redirect the game from "gamefolder\jre6" to your real and current java run time environment installation, e.g. "C:\Programs\Java\jre7" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre8"

Create Junctions easily:
You easily create junctions by using the free Link Shell Extension (just search for the bold words) whichs is easy to use after a simple installation:
- select your current jre folder by right click
...and select "select link source"
- in the game folder, right click in the empty space
...and select "insert as junction"
- rename the created junction in the game folder
...(looks like a folder) to "jre6" in this case

What's the benefit?
- only one 32bit (x86) java run time environment on your pc
- a most recent version for security reasons

When you get stuck, I'm ready to help!
Just allow a delay of about a month.

Good luck
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 3 on Jul 9, 15 1:27 AM
Hi fellows,

I noticed some reviews (out there) and on my own too that on some windows xp machines the background sound drops after a while when playing the game for about an hour. Leaving and restarting the game helps too, but that's annoying.

The following fixed the sound drop 100% on my older windows xp machine for more than a year so far:
In the game's folder:
- Rename OpenAL32.dll to
- Rename wrap_oal.dll to
- Place beta (!) wrap_oal.dll* version
...(file property comment: "Open AL 1.1 Beta" !!
...with size 160K (163.840 Bytes))
Install/upgrade OpenAL32 (system global):
- Install OpenAL32.dll 6.14.357.24 or better 6.14.357.25

It looks like the game background sound works only 100% stable for windows xp when the old & beta version (check the file property comment for "Open AL 1.1 Beta" !! with size 160K (163.840 Bytes)) version of wrap_oal.dll is used. There was no more sound drop for more than a year so far on my machine, although when the game was played for several hours at once yet.

You may try this minimal fix first:
In the game's folder:
- Rename wrap_oal.dll to
- Place beta (!) wrap_oal.dll* version
...(file property comment: "Open AL 1.1 Beta" !!
...with size 160K (163.840 Bytes))

*) take wrap_oal.dll from another game, e.g. "crazy machines - news from the lab"

Good Luck!
 posted in Chromentum 2 on Jul 1, 15 4:34 AM
The above posting already reached the maximum size allowed here...

I've also tweaked & fixed the options in my graphics driver somewhat by setting the GLOBAL PRIORITY to the MIDDLE between POWER and QUALITY first.

After this step I've tweaked the settings result from above as listed here:
Aninsotropy Filtering: 4x
Antialiasing - Setting: 8x CSAA
Antialiasing - Gama: Off
Antialiasing - Mode: Replace Application Settings
Antialiasing - Transparency: Off
CUDA - GPUs: All
Triple Buffer: On
Expansion Limit: Off
Max. Count of Pre-rendered Frames: 3
Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration: Single-Display Performance Mode
Texture Filtering - Anisotropy Optimization: On
Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias: Clamp
Texture Filtering - Quality: Quality
Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization: On
Threaded Optimization: On
Vertical Sync: Auto On

Years ago it was a good idea to disable vertical sync to increase graphics speed and looks like older games try to disable vertical sync therefore automatically.
But these days also a old GTX 285 is too fast for older games and will render much more than 60 frames per second that a usual display supports, so the too much rendered frames which caused power consumption und additional heating are just dropped because they cannot be displayed.
To avoid this waste of computing power enable vertical sync (plus the triple buffer) which gives you a great performance for these without extreme (and useless) heating of the graphics card.

For a few other games you may also cool down such older (like the GTX 285) graphics cards (and lower its power consumption) without much picture quality loss at least 15-20 degrees Celsius by a application specific profile in the graphics driver:

Antialiasing - Setting: 2x
Heroes of Hellas 3 - Athens (especially for the mini HOGs):
Antialiasing - Setting: 4x

Make sure you'll keep this setting for the above:
Antialiasing - Mode: Replace Application Settings

This made my older GTX 285/1024M working overall better and somewhat cooler too, which made it possible on my system to use also the [High] resolution (1024x768) of the game instead of the [Medium] resolution (800x600) before.

Cards like GTX 750 and newer are working at a much lower temperature and power consumption (measured 50...150 watts less than a GTX 285).

Good Luck!
 posted in BeachBlox on Jun 29, 15 9:08 AM
Although this is already part of my review, here is its better place

The original background music was absolutely not of our taste (to fast driving, too much drums which drops concentration too much for having fun here). But you may convert your own files to ...ogg (128k/bit) and enjoy the game totally different with your favorite music style!

Game's folder: BeachBlox\xdata\data\sessions\beta
Here are the suggestions, the prefix is my rating of the original file (+good, -bad, ~betterthanbad):
-a.ogg (replace with: Ancient Secrets, from Cradle of Rome)
-blft.ogg (replace with: track_02, from Cradle of Egypt)
-bs.ogg (replace with: Cradle of Rome, from Cradle of Rome)
+i.ogg (original)
+im.ogg (original)
~la.ogg (replace with: Intro , from Cradle of Rome)
-ls.ogg (replace with: Shop, from Cradle of Egypt)
~nl.ogg (replace with: Aurora, from Cradle of Rome)
-od.ogg (replace with: track_02, from Cradle of Egypt)

Cradle of Rome:

Cradle of Egypt:

Enjoy the game with this new background music. The game makes much more fun for me yet, especially when real concentration is required for the harder levels low on time.
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