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I am also having trouble with matching Pisces . HELP
 posted in Love Chronicles: A Winter's Spell on Oct 26, 15 8:01 PM
I am also near the end of the game and it froze up!!!!!! This is not good!!! I had hoped I would get to finish. I really do not want to redo!!
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 17, 15 2:37 PM
How do I get the 5th iron for the temple gate? I cannot find how to get the crystal skull to open the chest? I have gone back over everything and even looked over the guide? Help please.
 posted in Mystery Tales: Alaskan Wild Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 15 7:25 PM
I am also stuck and have tried everything . If you get information please post
Game freezes up at this point of the game. I have tried to quit and start the game again but it freezes in the same place. This should not be happening !
still having trouble getting the 5 sword to move, I tried the GO button which was suggested but it still does not work, any other suggestions?
this game is very slow. in between scenes take time to change to the next screen. I bought this game and now wish I had not. there is also trouble with the sword fight which I think has some tech issues. I am on windows XP
 posted in Living Legends - Wrath of the Beast Collector's Edition on Jan 23, 15 11:23 AM
I went back and tried using the GO button for 5 but still does not work?????? Any other ideas?
I am having trouble fighting the sword man. I am following what the guide says:1
1 is shoulder 2 is leg 3 is head 4 is mid section and 5 is the arm but it does nothing on 5. Help.
 posted in The Far Kingdoms: Elements on Jan 17, 15 6:25 PM
ow do I get rid of the spiderwebs in the tree
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