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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Jan 7, 16 5:14 AM
Running Windows 10...I was playing Episode 2 Level 4 and finished all the tasks, but it wouldn't let me continue on or click on anything else. I was playing in relaxed mode. I let it sit for a couple of minutes, but finally had to exit the game.
 posted in Divine Academy on Dec 9, 15 4:45 AM
jim_dandy wrote:I decided to try the windows 10 version about 5 days ago. It has EVERYTHING! And I am already at the Hades test. It works a bit like ios as when you log off it completes the science quests which makes the game go much faster. I will continue to play there due to too many issues with the BFG version. If you don't mind starting over, I would recommend the move. Sorry BFG, but my patience has run out. I didn't want to start the game a fourth time but it is a good game and I needed to find a good server to play it on.

I am playing the Windows 10 version and I find it more rewarding. There are too many great differences to list! My favs are: There are many more unusual items to decorate with; Sets give you more than gold, like mana and wood; There are treasure chests you can open with friends and you can get crystals and sometimes fountains, etc. The only thing I don't like is that I have to add strangers to my facebook friends to get friends in the game. I'm pretty picky about who has access to my EB page, so I only added 5 and isolated them.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 28, 15 4:44 AM
I really do not have a good opinion of these developers and it is sinking more every day. First the bugs and attendant problems and now with the lack of a PC update. I am guessing that they really don't want to continue the game for PC players or they have no decent PC coders, only coders that know iOS. So why release it in PC? Do they know that not everyone owns an iOS device? Very unprofessional.
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 14, 15 4:23 AM
tmacd2 wrote:any news on when the update is going to happen. I am stuck because everything is full, Now just getting bored!

I agree!!!! I don't think the developers thought we could get through the levels so quickly and were caught by surprise. I hope that they are being careful to fix the bugs before they update!
 posted in Divine Academy on Sep 14, 15 4:17 AM
kisykiss wrote:I have noticed for me anyway when I am clearing a harpie nest or nests if I have the screen at the tree where the come from & watch them, they dont attack. But when the screen is somewhere else when I clear the nests, then they do start attacking. Maybe its this way with others as well.

I don't clear the nests unless I am ready to activate the Protection obelisk. That way I don't have to worry about the random appearances. Also, they don't appear at the nest you are clearing. They appear at the Harpies Rock.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 16, 15 12:51 PM
I have a few tricks I use as follows:
It is faster to gather scrolls by searching the caves and tower than to use the schools. It costs less and is completed sooner. I managed to gather 4000 scrolls in 3 one-hour sessions of tower activation.
I activate the Stellar Tower (by the cave) and use the extra mana in the drops to build stockpiles of materials. I build mountains & forests and collect them as I go. I also start gardens, dairy farms, construction, and wood chopping on high yield items and do multiple accelerate spells in a row. It doesn't work well to do just have to keep doing them. Food yield is much quicker. I also use the extra mana to stockpile creation spheres.
The only drawback to these tricks is that you need to babysit the game. I read a book and tend the game as needed
Once you get the port built (all 3 phases), it is much more cost efficient to trade stone for wood, food, etc. The gold uses high amounts to purchase very little. I about bankrupted my gold until I figured that out!
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 11, 15 5:46 AM
So I've read the tip about putting a building into storage to speed up the process, but how do I accomplish that?
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