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 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 27, 18 4:16 PM
Pick up the wood to the left and the tools asap, take out the rock that sits on the right side of the middle engine, then pu another wood.
Take out the engine on bottom right, which opens up to the sawmill.
From there, I built houses and did not bother with the other engines till I have several men.
I built the tool maker, then the parachute maker. Hope this helps.
 posted in The Tribloos 3 on Apr 27, 18 7:43 AM
Sorry, it actually is level 15. I get the sticky boot maker opened, using the tools to make a boot, keep on building houses, etc. However when the little red boot gets back, it will show one, I understand that, but in the process of building the houses and making the boots,
What goes?
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 18 11:53 AM
I follow the strategy guide, but can not seem to get three stars. Help!!!
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 17 9:12 AM
Yay, another Viking brothers. Booooo to all the dialogue!!! What a waste of time. Could care less about the wallpapers, concept art, which all that could be turned into more levels to do.
Ok for collectors edition if...........more levels !!!
Every time I need to replay a level, dialogue, dialogue, so boring.
I do love time management/strategy games, so few among the multiples of HO.
Please more tm strategy games. A little less dialogue.
Thank you.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Dec 11, 17 10:34 AM
Im not this far, but I did find you tube videos to help me out, so sure there is one for this level.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Dec 11, 17 10:32 AM
Finally figured it out. Did find some you tube videos to help out.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Dec 6, 17 12:48 PM
I come so close, on every way of attack on this level. I do the running shoes, or then I do the hammer. I do the supply sack so I can get the dynamite with out having to have 400 units of wood to get it over on the island.
doesn't matter which way I go, he is hammering the last piece of road and boom, no more time~~~~~
anyone else get this one?
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Dec 6, 17 12:43 PM
If the shoe does not show up, it is not available.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 17, 17 12:57 PM
BEN1972 wrote:Hi, I've played level 1 and 2 so far and found two caches on each. At the end of the level the board shows 2/2 then 0/2 for the caches. Has anyone else had this problem?
I'm not going any further in the game until the problem is solved, please help.


Ben, You should notice when it goes to 0/2 you should show 200 points under it, if you are sure you found both of them. It cashes the caches in so to speak for the points.
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 17 6:41 AM
Level 34, does not work, guests show up, Katy waves, dog wags its tail.
can't move around. I have everything up to date. Use win pro7. Did fixes in the freeze help area.
If I delete and redownload will I lose the place I am at?
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 17 4:17 PM
There are 60 levels though.
type in game and level and you tube. It will pull up videos for this game. However I do not know the mode they are played in, I guess the same scenario can be done, I still cant get gold on expert.
netfamily wrote:I got gold on all of them except 11.....No matter what I try I can't get better than silver! Someone please help with a tip - I've spent DAYS trying to get the gold!

Can you give some tips for level 9, please?
I am not finding where to upgrade, the spots only allowing upgrade in level 9 appears to be the car, extra man. Other wise only the pedestal places get renewed with product.
The pesky food does not renew fast enough for me to make it.
Anyone get this yet in the hard position?
I thought I would be smart and go to the medium level, more time, but it makes you start all over.
When I pay more for a game, I would expect better help and more detail on how to get the level completed. Those very basic instructions are a given, but that is it.
Rats, I meant level 7 and I am in expert mode.
Cant quite get gold on this one. Do you get the extra worker? I follow the directions for it, but grrrrrr, cant do it yet.
 posted in Dr. Cares Pet Rescue 911 Collector's Edition on Jul 13, 17 9:14 AM
I thought there would be a walkthrough with a collectors edition. But I am new to this type and looks similar to the games that the baby is in and a mouse popping it head up here and there.
Am I wrong?
 posted in Dr. Cares Pet Rescue 911 Collector's Edition on Jul 12, 17 12:47 PM
For some unknown reason I cannot make the last couple of collars, cause it appears I run out of the 2nd and 3rd part of it. I can get the collar but not the snap and the heart pendant. No problem making the first few.
 posted in Rescue Team 7 Collector's Edition on Jun 20, 17 3:20 PM
So happy to see One of the greats again. Did all levels and never had to use the strategy help though. Did the hardest way also. So could have been a tad harder to do, as I pretty much whizzed through Glad there was 20 levels in the bonus area.
I found a couple of videos on this level but they don't come as close as I do. I am going back to try another way.
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