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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 17 7:50 PM
There are only 3 crates per airship, therefore you would have to pack the crates and send the packed airship 4 times to get credit for "pack 12 crates"
For the "send 3 packed airships" you would need to pack the crates and send the packed airship 3 times.

Hope this clarifies.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 13, 16 6:19 PM
I, for one, sent my 30 airships and received all of my stamps.

I didn't fret over not meeting the "global" goal as I am sure that several players are "stuck" on previous days--NOT being able to send out the "8" airships to count.

Yes--I had to use a couple diamonds to bring the ship back early--but at level 71--I have more diamonds AND inventory than I know what to do with. My wish list is ONLY UP because my friends want to swap stamps, or others want to reciprocate when I gift them.

My question is:
How many level 71 players "stopped" at sending only 8 airships, when they "possibly" could have sent all 30? Which by the way, would have counted at least 2 other players reaching the magic "8" that didn't have this challenge open yet?

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 30, 16 8:17 PM
Frustration is when the wheel lands on a diamond--not once, but THREE times in a row and EACH time it jumps to the pet food!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 21, 16 8:31 AM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

Lucky Lemur lets out a Piercing Shriek as he sees the Gnome Road Sign coming up fast. Hanging on with Monstrous Claws, he closes his Eyes shut and stiffens, bracing for the impact. "What happened to Bright Eyes Lemur and why couldn’t she CONTROL her wild “LIV” side?" Just then Lucky feels a sharp swerve to the left. He loses his grip and goes flying through the air, landing with a thud and then darkness.

Noticing that Lucky is no longer on the scooter, Bright Eyes/Liv screeches to a halt and hops off the scooter finding Lucky, crumpled against the Burnt Tree. Frightened, Bright Eyes gives a Wild Wail “Oh LIV—what have you done?” Racing to the Tavern to get Salty, Bright Eyes says a Healing Prayer that Lucky will be ok.

When Bright Eyes explains the accident to Salty, they both rush back to the Burnt Tree to get Lucky. Carefully lifting Lucky, Salty carries him back to the Tavern as Bright Eyes pushes the scooter into the alley. Clearing off the Card table, Salty lays Lucky down and goes behind the Bar to get some smelling Salt and a fresh slab of Meat to put on Lucky’s Black Eye.

Within a Measure of Time, Lucky is awake and wondering what happened. Then he sees Bright Eyes/Liv and another Blade of Terror engulfs him. In an Apprehensive Tone, Bright Eyes says “Oh Lucky—I am SO SORRY. Are you going to be alright?” Hearing Bright Eyes and not Liv, Lucky tries to smile, but his Example of Bravery is not convincing.

Finding no broken Bones, Lucky gets up to leave. He has to make sure the scooter has no damage and that he gets it back to Lenny Lemur’s shed before it is discovered missing. Bright Eyes/Liv apologizes again and tells Lucky that she can make it home by herself. Then she leans over and surprises Lucky with a peck on the cheek before heading out the door.

In the alley, Lucky finds the scooter in tiptop shape, hops on and rides toward Lenny’s. At the edge of the Elvyn Forest, Lucky stops, places the scooter in the Brush and stealthily makes his way to Lenny’s, keeping an All-Seeing-Eye for anything that moves. Finding that all is quiet, Lucky sneaks the scooter back in the shed and hurries home.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 17, 16 6:24 PM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

Lucky Lemur comes to a screeching halt, just as Bright Eyes/Liv Lemur comes dashing out the house. Mesmerized by her Misty Radiance, Lucky puts on his best Smile as she climbs on the scooter behind him. Popping the clutch, he can feel Bright Eyes’ grip tighten, like a Clinging Anchor—and then they are off. The Wind of Freedom flowing through their fur as they wind their way past the Castle Gates.

Arriving at the Ancient Park, Lucky finds a quiet spot near the Overgrown Pond. Taking the Chocolates from his Bag, he offers them to Bright Eyes and as they sit quietly sipping their Grape-nehis, the Night Shadows begin to form. Suddenly, Bright Eyes points to the sky, squealing “Look—the Northern Star!!” Looking at the bright Star, Lucky wishes it was the Star of Romance.

Just then, Bright Eyes glances at her Sparkling Watch and tells Lucky that it is getting late and she has to get home. Lucky agrees and hurries to pack his Bag, not wanting Bright Eyes to be late or get into trouble. But when he turns around, he finds Bright Eyes already on the scooter –in the DRIVER’S seat!!! Before he can ask, Bright Eyes/Liv pleads for him to show her how to drive. Thinking to himself “it really isn’t that hard”, Lucky shrugs and says “Ok—but you have to do what I tell you.”

Hopping on the scooter behind Bright Eyes/Liv, Lucky wraps his arms gently around her and instructs to slowly ease on the gas. But it is too late—wild Liv has taken over, popping a wheelie with the scooter and speeding out of the park, like an Obsidian Whirlwind. Feeling a Blade of Terror, Lucky yells for Liv to STOP.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 14, 16 7:51 PM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

After dinner, Kitty Cat ushers the youngsters to bed and the older pets retire to their rooms (leaving Beau Bear, Goldie Turtle and TT to discuss a trip to the Underground Treasury to check their funds). On the way upstairs, Herbie Hippo nabs Lucky Lemur and yanks him into his room, closing the door tightly. Smiling like he has a Bloody Secret, Herbie proceeds to tell Lucky that when he went to visit Heather Hippo, Lenny Lemur had pulled up on the scooter and drove away with Bright Eyes/Liv Lemur. Trying to contain his Volume of Fury, because Lenny IS his BFF (BUT Lucky ALSO likes Bright Eyes/Liv), Lucky shrugs his shoulders and replies “So?” Then quietly retreats to his own room.

Not to be out done, Lucky decides to ask Bright Eyes/Liv on a date too. Tip-toeing down to the parlor, Lucky Telephones Ms Dot’s and hears Heather say “Hello”. Lucky coughs, clears his throat and says “Hi, this is Lucky. I was wondering if I could speak with Bright Eyes.” Lucky hears some giggling, a short pause and then Heather says “Hold, please.” Nervous, Lucky doesn’t know whether to wait or just hang up the Telephone.

Not a Drop of Time passes and he hears Bright Eyes say “Hello, Lucky.” Lucky’s chest begins pounding like a Mechanical Heart and he can barely breathe. Finding his Courage and Tenacity, he says “Would you like to go for a ride on the scooter with me? We can head over to the Ancient Park and look for the Northern Star.” Feeling the Lure of Adventure, Bright Eyes responds “I would love to.” Lucky, beaming like a Gentleman of Fortune says “See you soon” and hangs up the Telephone.

Grabbing a box of Chocolates, from TT’s stash, and a couple Bottles of Grape-nehi, Lucky races to Lenny’s place, hoping he can sneak into the shed and retrieve the scooter without being seen. Hiding in the Brush until the coast is clear, Lucky hurries to the shed and grabs the scooter, pushing it quickly down the path. Once he is out of earshot, Lucky hops on, revs the motor and speeds to pick up Bright Eyes/Liv.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 11, 16 8:25 AM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

Herbie Hippo, who had been running an errand, arrives just as everyone is sitting down for dinner. Seeing the distant look on TT’s face, he leans over to Beau Bear and whispers “Didn’t TT like the Spring Terrace?” Beau shoots Herbie the Big Eye and whispers back “The terrace is invaded by Rabbits and TT is trying to figure out what to do with them.”

Just then, TT looks around the table and asks “Where is Bentley Rabbit?” Paws Panda, who usually keeps Close Supervision of Bentley, replies “I last saw him at the Spring Terrace and I thought he came back to the Windmill with the rest of us.” As Paws gets up to check, TT stops him and says “No, Paws, I’ll go. I need some air. The Nature Sounds and a Gentle Wind will calm my nerves.”

When TT arrives at the terrace, she finds Bentley asleep, nestled amongst the other Rabbits (Angelo, Alyssa, Alex, Alana and Ashton), swinging peacefully in the hammock. Knowing she can’t put it off any longer, TT takes a seat next to the Rabbits and says “We need to talk.” With Attentive Stares, they all listen as TT begins.

“I’m not at all sure how or why you ended up at our home, but I can see that you have formed a Conjurer’s Bond with Bentley and he would fight like a Battle Bishop, if I were to separate you. Therefore, you all can stay, however, there are Stringent Rules that need to be followed:”

1: You can stay in the Spring Terrace, but NO burrowing
2: You will NOT help yourselves to the Carrots and Cabbages in the garden AND
3: You will assist with the Daily Quests (uh-chores) and learn to hunt Chests

As TT finishes, she looks at Bentley, who is now the Awake Defender of his new friends, and gives her permission for him to stay in the terrace, as long as he behaves. Then she turns and heads back to the Windmill to meet with Beau and Goldie Turtle over finances.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 9, 16 2:31 PM
Has anyone else noticed the amount of diamonds to recharge an HOS decreases as the time gets less? Not sure how much time was left, but it said "FREE" to recharge it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 8, 16 12:58 PM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

The Telephone rings and Paws Panda hears Ms Linet say (in a rather Apprehensive Tone) “Hello?” Paws quickly responds, “Hi Ms Linet, this is Paws. Is Grim Tiger available?” A Breath of Life escapes Linet when she realizes it isn’t the pet hatchery calling and she replies “No, Paws, Grim is down at Salty’s Tavern but can Corky Pig help you?” Then there is silence.

Within a Drop of Time, Paws hears Corky say “Hi Paws, how can I assist?” Paws explains that he is inquiring about the fees for the workout session and also the cost for his Mirror of Clear Sight. Corky runs through the list of fees, emphasizing that the Chests are to be “unopened”, while Paws jots the figures on his Writing Piece. Then Paws thanks Corky and hangs up the Telephone, realizing that he has a lot of work to do, before getting his Mirror.

Heading to the kitchen to get TT’s permission, before going Chest hunting, Paws finds the room empty and wonders where everyone went. Peering out the window, he sees the pets leading TT (blindfolded with a Towel) to the new Spring Terrace. Not wanting to miss the big surprise, Paws races out the back door to join them.

Just as Beau Bear removes the Towel from TT’s Eyes, Kitty Cat gasps and says OMG!!! The other pets let out a Wild Wail and Beau stands in shock, looking into the Big Eyes of FIVE little bunny rabbits!!! TT overwhelmed at the beauty of the Spring Terrace, didn’t notice the Rabbits, at first, but when she DID see them, she turned to Beau and said “Tell me that these little critters DON’T belong to us!”

Before Beau can reply, one Rabbit, dressed like a wizard, approaches and says “The Spring Fairy gave us this address, as our new home, but when we arrived, no one answered the door so we made ourselves at home, here in the Spring Terrace. My name is Angelo and these are my siblings: Alyssa, Alex, Alana and Ashton.”

TT cannot believe what she is hearing!!! MORE mouths to feed!!! Telling Angelo to make himself and his siblings comfortable, she would discuss the matter with him later. Then she heads to the Windmill to pour herself a BIG Goblet of Velvet Ale and ponder over what to do next.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 16 3:52 PM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

“How was your journey?” “Did you locate the Mountain Heart Pet Menagerie?” “Did you miss us?” “Did you bring us Gifts?”… TT can’t answer all the questions fast enough. “Wait until you see the …” “STOP” Beau Bear yells. Shaking his Aristocratic Finger, he continues “It’s supposed to be a surprise!!!” Grinning like Cheshire Cats (because they know a secret), the pets proceed down the path in silence.

Arriving at the Windmill, Kitty Cat ushers everyone into the kitchen where Toodles Turkey is standing tall, Towel draped across his wing, like a prestigious waiter, ready to serve lunch. As they feast on the Lobster Sandwiches and Lemon-ade, Kitty reports on the events that have occurred while TT was away. Glaring a Demon’s Eye at Kitty, the youngsters whisper “Tattle-tale”.

Homer Hedgehog has been busy with Harry’s Angels, which TT had given her permission before she left. Then Kitty reveals that PJ Pig and Lucky Lemur have been sneaking out into the Night Shadows and doing “who knows what”. Like Steel Defenders, the boys stutter in unison “We were Chest hunting?” Cocking an Eye of Wisdom, TT knows that PJ and Lucky are fibbing and she will deal with them later.

Speaking of Chest hunting, Beau interrupts to tell everyone he saw the notice on the Gnome Road Sign, when he went to meet TT at the Metro Station. Apparently Grim Tiger has updated the tuition for the workout class, to make it more affordable for everyone. Grinning, Beau turns to Paws Panda and says “Plus—your Mirror of Clear Sight is ready for pick up.”

Letting out a Piercing Shriek, Paws jumps up from the table (almost toppling it over), does a perfect pirouette and races for the door. He can’t wait to get his Mirror!!! Stopping just short of being tripped by Toby Tiger, Paws hears TT say “NO, Paws, you just can’t barge in on Grim like this. I’m sure he is very busy, so why don’t you Telephone him and schedule an appointment. Besides, have you checked to see if you have enough Coins to pay for it?” With that said, Paws shuffles to the parlor to Telephone Grim for details.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 4, 16 9:04 PM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

The Whistle blows, as the Train rolls into the Metro Station, and TT awakens from her slumber, rubbing the sleep from her Eyes. It has been a long, uneventful journey to the North Pole and TT has succumbed to the thought that she may never locate the Mountain Heart Pet Menagerie, nor discover how the Christmas pets had been delivered to her in err. Not one Little Hint has surfaced!!! But she is happy to be home and anxious to see the pets—ALL of them.

Pulling her Leather Bag from the overhead compartment, TT glances out the window to see Beau Bear, patiently waiting by the Baggage Line and she thinks to herself “What would I ever do without him”. Then she turns to exit the Passenger Car, waving to Beau that she has no other luggage. After exchanging a hearty Bear hug, TT and Beau make their way through the crowd and head towards the Windmill.

Along the way, Beau reports that all has gone well in TT’s absence, although he is sure that Kitty Cat will fill her in with more details. However, he did confess that he had hired the Star of Renovation contractors (who were somewhat cheaper than the Gnome Builders) to make a few adjustments in the Windmill for the Christmas pets. Then he quickly added (before TT could get a Stranglehold on him) that the cost was reasonable and she had nothing to worry about.

After mentioning that the Christmas pets are settled in and have become quite attached to the other pets, there is a long pause before Beau asks TT, in an Apprehensive Tone, “Are you going to send them away?” Anticipating Beau revealing his Blessed Charm, TT shakes her head and replies “No, Beau—they are part of our family now.”

As they round the bend, TT catches sight of the Windmill in the distance. Squeals of excitement penetrate the Nature Sounds and all the pets come running, like Tireless Racers. Within a Measure of Time, TT is surrounded by the pets, greeting her with Bear hugs and all trying to talk at once. Smiling—TT is glad to be home.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 3, 16 4:56 PM
“Diamonds in the Ruff” – continued

There is a frantic hustle/bustle within the Windmill as all the pets scatter like Obsidian Whirlwinds, preparing for TT’s return. They had begun to worry that she had abandoned them after the Christmas pets had arrived. But, the Mailman delivered a Letter, just this morning, announcing that TT would be arriving on the 10 o’clock Train.

Kitty Cat roars orders to everyone, wanting this to be the best “welcome home” ever. Checking the kitchen, Kitty finds Toodles Turkey, along with Sammy Seal and Holly Penguin, busy preparing Lobster Sandwiches for lunch. They had already placed the Apple pie in the oven and the Lemons are squeezed for lemonade, waiting on Blaze Phoenix to return with the Sugar Cubes. The menu seems simple, but it is all of TT’s favorites and the pets are taking care to make everything perfect.

Peering into the common area, Kitty sees Pandora Pegasus and Lady Reindeer trying to keep the youngsters occupied but are not having much luck. Bentley Rabbit is tussling with Mollie Monkey; Chika Chicken is playing tag with Bertie Bat and Beatrice Butterfly; and Smokey Dragon is sneezing Fire Balls at all of them. Then Kitty notices Toby Tiger, Cecil Cat and Max Puppy arrive with a story Book. A hush falls across the room and Attentive Stares are on Toby as he begins to read their favorite tale -- “The Misfit Sea Devil”.

Stepping out on the veranda, Kitty looks across the yard to find Paws Panda, Beau Bear and Yule Yeti putting the finishing touches on the new Spring Terrace. It turned out beautifully and Kitty is confident that it would rate a Mage’s Signature. Calling out to Beau, Kitty reminds him that he must hurry or he will be late meeting TT at the Metro Station. Beau glances at his Watch and nods to Kitty, in agreement, as he secures the hammock to the tree.

With everything in order, Kitty returns to the kitchen to fill her Coffee Cup. Smiling, she leans over the table to sniff the bouquet of Flowers that Jason Jack-o-Lantern and Avery Gnome had brought in from the Blooming Pond. As she retreats to the Worn Seat, on the veranda, Kitty realizes that she hasn’t seen Lucky Lemur, Homer Hedgehog or Herbie Hippo all morning and hopes that they aren’t gallivanting in the Castle Vicinity and miss TT’s arrival home.

To be continued---
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 2, 16 7:45 PM
I went from Windows 8.1 (which I disliked-but got used to it) to Windows 10 and haven't had any issues with it playing my BF games.

However--you do have to select the settings you want when you are installing it and I have IE as my default browser because I didn't like Microsoft's Edge (I couldn't find anything).

For me--it just took a few days of getting used to it--but it is similar to Windows 8.1 in many ways--so I wasn't totally lost.

Good luck in your decision.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 25, 16 10:20 AM
Being a random game--no player is going to have the same results as the next. Some will receive more inventory items, some will receive more airship items, stamps, pet food, etc. Therefore, everyone has to make their own judgements about the update, based on their own experience.

Sadie is a super trooper, putting in the time and effort to display her calculations and statistics, and I applaud her for that. But that is only one scenario of possible thousands.

Nothing has been mentioned about the increased drop of stamps (mainly in the 15-coin drop) and the airship items--both of which have been requested to the devs in the past.

After completing one round -- out of 46 coin and shard drop HOSs -- I have received 46 airship items that I could choose to send in the airship for coins, a stamp and pet food or sell them outright for the coinage. I have received 8 white stamps, 6 blue stamps, 6 green stamps and 4 red stamps. Which I could also sell for 10, 30, 50 and 80 coins, respectively. This also does not include the 5 pet food that was received. Not one of the 46 HOSs gave me only the 15-coins or 1-shard besides the normal 50 coins. And the drop rate for stamps and airship items prior to the update were not like this, for me.

Granted--this is data only from one round and each round will be different. This is just my observation and offering another scenario in this game of random.


 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 24, 16 7:25 PM
apollogold wrote:In MC, you can still play for free.. but the pace has changed. If the pace is too slow, the hope is that you'll pay to progress faster.

Sorry, ChestnutHeights, But I really can't agree with you on this statement.

Many of us purchased diamonds and/or coins because we wanted to! To show our appreciation to the DEVS for such a wonderful game... not to just progress faster in the game. I admit that I purchased diamonds... To Show Appreciation... nothing more! I played at my own pace and just happened to reach a dead-end.

Now, they are forcing the players to cough up the MONEY, if we want to continue. I, for one, refuse to be FORCED to do anything! What the Developers don't seem to realize, is that many of the "Old Timers" who do play are on a "fixed income" and are unable to throw their money away on imagery diamonds/coins. Many of them also have a disability which keeps them "Homebound" or nearly so. The only enjoyment most have... is this game. Sure... we could go on to something else, but it wouldn't be the same. Many of us have made some life-long friends here and would hate to have to move on.

With this Up-date, the DEVS are forcing us to either "Cough up or Shut up" and I, for one, am not going to so. All they have to do is replace the inventory items back into the HOS, like before. Move the **** Shards and lousy 15 Coins to the flower drop. That should satisfy everyone. Then I'll contribute to their game again, when I feel like it and not forced to.

Apollo / Shadow in the castle

I may not be an "old timer" but I AM retired with a "fixed income" and I have never had to spend a penny on this game. I am also a disabled veteran--though not "home bound" I do have days where it is difficult to see the morphing flowers, let alone catch them OR the butterflies. Yes--I am at level 69--but I got there enjoying the game play. The added drop of Coins and Shards have given me the option to forgo struggling to get them "normally". So adding them to the flower drop would NOT please "everyone".

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 24, 16 4:11 PM
I have been experimenting with doing the rounds without any of the quests open and I'm still receiving 30-40% "inventory items" dropping in my rounds and for me, the items are pretty much evened out so you don't get the same item all the time. I have also found that more stamps are dropping too. Mainly in the HOSs that are giving you the 15 coins.

The more I play--the more goodies I find--


 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 11:36 AM
I understand that this whole forum is to voice your individual opinions. But for the life of me--I cannot figure out why, in the Creation of the World, would some players want to burst the bubble for the players who are happy/content/enjoying this update? There is another thread, pretty much designated for negative opinions.

Yes--I AM one of the lucky ones who is getting 50% coins/30% inventory/20% shards--and they are NOT all "junk" inventory.

Has it ever occurred that this "update" is like the Events?? Some players were getting more Red flowers than Blue Irises, some were getting more Orange Candy than Toffee Apples and don't forget those who had an abundance of Christmas Wreaths, but no Santa Hats. Before long--the tables turned and things began to even out.

Maybe when the "cycle" changes, which it usually always does--those of us who are getting the inventory items now will see a difference until another cycle rolls around. But for now--let them enjoy their happy moments.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 9:57 AM
Hi diamondgirlva-

I was in a hurry to feed the Rainbow Dragon, which gave me a Rusty Chest. The other three pets (Fire Dragon, Woolly-Paw and Sea Serpent) ALL gave me a "Blue" chest filled with 10-12 items--mainly airship items, diamonds, Coins and pet medallions. I didn't jot down the time it takes for them to sleep.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 6:29 AM
Apollo-- I do appreciate you trying to "corral" all the gripes in one thread--but as you can see--the forum is still flooded with negative posts. I guess others think that they won't be heard if they add to your thread.

Hey NoFishToday--I'd be more than happy to give you my game. I'm beginning to believe the Wise Saying "The more you have--the more you will get". What ever happened to those who spoke of a "safety" net? Was their advice "Do as I say--not as I do?"

I'll shut up now and wave my "Wand" hoping it brings luck to everyone.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 6:13 AM
Betslou41--I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. The "special" quests are like a breath of fresh air from the constant merry go round of HOSs.

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