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 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Sep 1, 13 10:06 PM
In the upper right corner where it says menu.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Aug 30, 13 3:45 AM
The gold stars buy ammo for your weapons, it's automatically taken you don't spend them. 99999 is the maximum you can amass.
 posted in Skeleton Pirates on Aug 24, 13 11:11 AM
One of my gold chests started glowing and giving off stars that seemed worth more in energy but I don't know how or why it happened. After a while it stopped glowing and went back to normal.
 posted in Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner on Aug 3, 13 10:35 PM
Lol sorta funny, I saw that thread a few days ago where people were complaining that there was cursing in it and I thought I might check the game out since I do prefer a smidge of realism as opposed to the usual bland fare around here. Ah well I'm not so keen on hogs anyhoo.
 posted in Asian Riddles on Jul 2, 13 2:06 PM
Thank you very much Enerald and MildewWolf!
 posted in Asian Riddles on Jul 2, 13 1:26 AM
It's called a type of crossword puzzle but neither the screenshots nor the clip show any letters or words, anybody know what's what here? To me it looks like some sort of number puzzle which I hate but if there's words ...
 posted in Fishdom 3 on May 26, 13 9:54 AM
You can continue playing forever like the rest of the Fishdoms, but I guess it's officially finished when you've achieved all the accomplishments.
 posted in Fishdom 3 on May 25, 13 6:57 PM
It's been a while since I played but as I remember, your inventory consists of things that you have taken out of your tank and put in there.
 posted in Plant Tycoon on May 24, 13 5:58 PM
Dpj18, look over to the right of the page where it says "We're Here to Help" click into there and send them a message. It's the weekend now so they might not be able to help right away but they will either find a way to make the game work for you or give you a credit for a different game.
 posted in Jewel Legends: Atlantis on May 19, 13 9:10 AM
crlmtly wrote:I'm back to say, I tried it, and I think I like it.......

Thanks Crlmtly, I'm going to try it too but I was getting disheartened so now I can start it without complete apprehension lol.
 posted in Solitaire Egypt on May 16, 13 5:16 AM
Sigh. I loved the graphics, lovely theme music, fun gameplay, nice little story bits, I really like solitaire games ... but the cursor was sticky and wandery, I switched between the two offered and both were the same. That's a deal breaker for me
 posted in The Path of Hercules on May 15, 13 1:39 AM
I'll write a review later but if anyone wants something lovely to look at (no bleak grays and everlasting night) try this one even if it's not your genre, it's great!
 posted in Cradle of Persia on May 14, 13 2:49 PM
I'm sorry it's been too long since I've played this for me to remember much of anything except the fact that I'm sure I got all the citizens. So maybe you have a glitch ... or maybe not, I just didn't want you to go completely unresponded to
 posted in Aquascapes on May 10, 13 11:49 PM
Not sure if it will work in this game but in Fishdom 3D what I would do is fill up the tank with all sorts of garbage until I got it to the point that I could add the maximum amount of fish. I would buy the fish I wanted and then sell off all the excess decorations.
 posted in Aquascapes on May 8, 13 6:36 PM
I'm very torn here since I so much prefer Match 3 play to hidden object scenes.

That said the hidden object scenes are very pretty and it's just them, no story, no hither and thither which is a good thing. There are new and even more colourful fish including my favourite of all; the Mandarin fish. The music is about like the other games, I don't care for it personally but as always it can be turned off and there is a timer which is probably too generous for my taste, but it's still there which makes me happy. It can also be turned off so no worries for those that don't want it.

I didn't get very far in the demo so I don't know what all the tanks are like but it does seem that there's a nice variety and a nice variety of new decorations so I might just have to buy it for its pretty aquarium factor, hopefully the hidden object scenes won't make me crazy and not want to continue once I have bought it.
 posted in Aquascapes on May 8, 13 3:00 AM
I don't like hidden object games but I adore aquariums and somebody said this even has a timed mode that you can turn on somewhere so I'm going to give it a go.
 posted in Stones of Rome on Apr 25, 13 1:24 AM
*hysterical sobbing*

I downloaded, opened and tried to enter my name, the custom cursor didn't respond, just jumped around a little, I kept typing away and was only able to get one letter in (not even the first letter lol) finally had to go to the task manager to get the game closed.

Anyway I'll check back and if others can get it to play and say it's great I will uninstall and reinstall ... MAYBE ... generally speaking if a game doesn't play for me the first time it's toast, but this one looked good.
 posted in Fishdom 3 Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 13 2:06 PM
Just look here in the Fishdom forum for the explanations of how to beat those iffy boards, they all end up being relatively easy once you know the trick.
 posted in PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition on Apr 23, 13 12:53 PM
I would hope the developers welcome information about what their customers feel.

Regardless of the "my choice to play or not" response these sorts of complaints always engender there are things that the vast majority of casual game players would find beyond the pale. Are we to have games about child molestation? A goofy match three making fun of people jumping out of windows on 9/11? Of course not, and those examples may be obvious but there are gray areas like this one that need to be hashed out so the developers have a better feel for what we are willing to accept.

That said I probably wouldn't have given this particular scene a second thought unless I played it directly after reading about a current bombing.
 posted in Scrabble on Apr 21, 13 3:17 PM
lambkee wrote:How do I play the game? When I play against the computer, he steals some
of my alphabet letters sometimes. Can he do that?

It should play exactly as if you were playing against another person and it does for me. You might have a glitch so you can either try uninstalling and reinstalling or contact Customer Support where it says We're Here to Help! over on the right hand side of this page.

It's a wonderful game I hope you get it working correctly.
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