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 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Jun 28, 14 6:10 AM
I got the book, handed to the woman, she said I needed to collect things so I went off to find the items... but that man would not give me the box...

After reading here.. and shouting ay my computer "I already gave her the stupid book!"... I exited the game and reopened it (just because I like to think that helps the computer "think" if it has a "break")... Then I went back to the woman and handed her the book again. She said *almost* the same thing again but when I went back to the man he gave me the funnel box.

Maybe she has ghostly forgetfulness or wasn't paying attention the first time.. but it did work when I went back and did it all again.

Hope this helps anyone who also shouts at their computer.
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