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 posted in Deadly Sin on May 12, 10 3:37 AM
I thought I would put some thoughts down about the equipment and restoratives in the game. I wish it was clearer which weapons would work best in different scenarios. I am also frustrated about the need to retain so many weapons without having any idea why! I can't sell them because found weapons aren't worth anything (it would be helpful if a future incarnation of this game assigned values to all the weapons found, so that lower level weapons could be sold for gold). Having lots of (seemingly useless) weapons just makes things confusing!

It would also be helpful (to me) to understand how the weapons really work. I go through some levels and pick up weapons which would seem to be more powerful. Yet when they are equipped, they deal a lot less damage. A case in point is iridium arrows vs copper arrows. When I optimise weapons (as opposed to equipping them myself), I am always switched from iridium arrows to copper arrows. Why does this happen? My assumption in optimising weapons is you will always be equipped with the weapons that deal the most damage but that is not the case at all!

In a future incarnation of this game, I would love to be able to obtain restoratives that provide more of a top up and which are priced reasonably. 350 gold for wine that provides only 20 mana is a LOT. I would want a 50 mana top up for that amount of gold! I would like to be able to top up mana during battles - we cannot currently do that. I would also want the elixir to top up 100% hp (instead of 200). A pricier restorative that tops up everyone to 100% would also be useful!

And then armor. An iridium ingot worth 100,000 gold is a LOT for one piece of armor, especially when the game is not overly generous with the gold! It wouldn't be so bad if you could sell discarded armor to make more money but you cannot do that either! It's kind of frustrating!

Aside from these gripes, I LOVE this game!
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 12, 10 3:08 AM
Gieyo wrote:Hi Bellagoth!

Thanks for the encouragementand for the advice.
I had another go and was anihilated (before reading your message). The full account is on another thread (in case you want to have a laugh). Before I go back to a couple of stages back (too many, as I saved on the wrong slot ), I might give it a go again follwoing your advice.

Will let you know how it goes
Don't forget to bloodlust your most powerful physical attackers as this makes a big difference to the amount of damage they will inflict. I bloodlusted Dori, Glade and Lorelei (believe it or not) and then used Winchester to channel mana to Dori, Lorelei and Belinda after that. Lorelei does unbelievable damage with barrage when bloodlusted and equipped with iridium arrows and bow. If there are any healers/saints with your opponent, bump them off first so they cannot heal the physical attacker. I used Belinda to heal and to revive and to give out elixirs where needed. Just a thought...!
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If you really want to see Dori, Lorelei, and Glade deal some serious damage, make sure they are bloodlusted when they attack! I have seen Glade deal over 4000 damage with premeditated followed by opportunity strike; Lorelei has dealt more than 2000 damage with barrage and Irridium bow/arrows. And Dori is just an out and out nutter! She has wiped out enemies with one blow and bears up to physical strikes well too. I have to admit to playing Dori with a shield and a one-handed sword and I have her in Dreadnought armor. I might try her with a two-handed sword and see if she does more damage.
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 5, 10 2:40 AM
I am not sure if you did do anything wrong Bellagoth. If you saw a cutscene after dropping the bomb (it should show and explosion outside, near the arena) then you cleared the level. If not, you may have raised your alert too much or run out of time. It is difficult to say what might have happened without seeing a screen shot.

I am currently trying to do the first maze at Angra Mainyu. I have already failed and need to load an earlier save to do it again. I want those chests but most of them seem to be in lit areas. You also have to traverse a few lit areas to hit buttons. All a bit of a pain, really...
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 5, 10 2:06 AM

I agree with Bellagoth! You must have some serious battle nous to have come this far on such limited resources. I couldn't even get past Wolfgang 1.0 first time round! I had to go back to an earlier save and play again to earn enough gold to get good weapons and the like! Don't forget, you can sell any gemstones you manage to find/steal and some of them are worth a heck of a lot of money. Ditto with some of the armor and weapons (but check they are worth something before unloading them!). If you do not spend all your gold, try to buy gems whenever you can. You cannot get mugged if you have no cash!

I didn't do nearly enough plundering first time round. I also panicked in the desert and turned off some of my monster nodes too early because the fights were tough when I first got there and I was using up all my restoratives. Because of all the fights (and because of my confusion in the desert) I missed a lot of the chests. I didn't realise that there were chests in different places on each page until I left the desert. I got them all second time round and some of them contain quite a bit of gold. When I played again, I focused on fighting until I was only getting 3 or 4 points in a zone, upping my skills. Then I turned off the nodes. I made sure I went in with loads of apples, potions and water too and restocked at the first opportunity.

One thing I would recommend (if you are playing again) is updating your skills trees strategically. I thought I had to buy every level of everything in order to move to the next skill so first time round I didn't have some of the more powerful skills that are needed to deal with Wolfgang. Second time round, I realised that I could buy 1 of 3 of something (for example) to gain access to next tier skills. So second time round, I planned my investments carefully and every investment was carefully considered...

The second thing I would recommend is fighting your way across the desert without opening the chests. Fight and fight and turn off the monster nodes only when you are barely getting anything. Then go back and get the chests before facing the Necromancer. That way, the thugs cannot mug you for all your gold!

The other thing you (or anyone else who is interested!) need to know is if you give King Duros the right responses when you talk to him, he will give you a LOT of gold and a good accessory to help in battle.

Best of luck! Cennario is a tough fight but it can be won with a combination of luck and tenacity..
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 4, 10 2:55 AM
Gieyo wrote:Mine goes from windowed to fullscreen depending on the day
Mine too, even when fullscreen is enabled. I wish fullscreen mode was more reliable. No idea why it isn't in this incarnation of the game!
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I had a problem in the mausoleum, just before fighting the first boss. There was supposed to be a cut scene leading to the first boss fight just before leaving the mausoleum but instead, the screen went black. I saw the words but then the game froze. I had to close it using the taskbar. Thankfully I had saved just before the boss encounter and after reloading the save game, I had no more problems.

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Gieyo wrote:My Glade seems to have forgotten his street urchin days: He bacame a good lock-picker, he is very good with Opportunity Strike, but he is not very good stealing in attacks. He keeps running into guys who carry nothin on them or gets mugged in large quantities by the bad guys.
I'll have to talk to him very seriously.
Try to get enough points to upgrade to the goldfinger skill. The party will lose less gold overall when mugged and will get more gold after fights. Also, when in towns, after buying equipment and potions, etc, buy gemstones with the rest of your cash. That way you will lose a lot less when you are mugged.
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 4, 10 2:24 AM
It is a tough fight but Dori gives a hint when she says she needs a shield. So give her a powerful one-handed weapon and a shield. Give amulets to prevent blindness and silence. Also an endurance amulet will also help.

When you start battling, get Winchester to give Dori bloodlust. Glade should steal as his first move (he gets a diamond!). Lorelei should do barrage with the Heartstopper. The best damage was done by Dori initially (she did 900+ damage for the first half dozen hits or so). Then Belinda did stoneskin on Dori.

Second time round get Winchester and Belinda to do the same moves on Glade. With Glade, I just hit until he had enough mana to do opportunity strike. If he has bloodlust, he does around 100 points damage each time, just hitting. Get Lorelei to heal or barrage for 200+ points. Get Winchester to bloodlust or heal or channel mana to Dori and Belinda. And then do it all over again.

Even though I was well armed, I still died in one blow in some instances (sometimes three characters went at once!). I bought them back to life just so Cenario had to use up blows killing weaker characters (and also so that those weaker characters could administer branches of life/Elixirs before checking out again!).

As someone else suggested, update your skills trees before going back into battle and check your equipment. I changed mine three times before I managed to get Cenario licked. For those who haven't done battle yet, do not speak to Cenario in his rooms when you have turned off the monster nodes. Once you speak to him, you cannot leave to restock upgrade weapons before the big fight. So go into his rooms and grab the stuff from the chests then leave. Ditto with the chests in the room before you see him. Put on the armor and then fight your way back to restock. Equip your new weapons, sell anything that is not useful, upgrade your armor and weapons as much as you can while leaving enough gold to buy as many branches and elixirs as you can. Then go back, fight some more, turn off the nodes, upgrade your trees again, SAVE in TWO slots, then into the big fight!
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 3, 10 10:41 AM
Thanks for all the tips guys! I managed to get him licked but man, that was a tough fight! In the end, I gave Dori a one-handed weapon and an obsidian shield. I gave most of them amulets to counter silence/blind. I topped up their skills as much as possible too. As it was, I had to keep bringing them back to life and giving them elixers (I used more than 50 during this battle and more than 50 branches of life too!) but Dori and Glade did me proud (even though they kept being bumped off in the last third of the battle!). Dori's Reckless strike with stoneskin and bloodlust enabled finished him off. I think we were fighting for about half an hour in the end!

I think I am going to focus on levelling up and getting the best skills from the skills tree and the best armor I can lay my hands on before I encounter the next boss!
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 3, 10 4:58 AM
Every time you kill an enemy, you will get a certain number of experience points, you may get some gold (you don't always!) and you get a certain number of average skills points. Average skill points are the skill points awarded to each party member.

To find out how many skills points a character has, press A on your keyboard. Then select a character and when you get into their skills tree, press A again to see how many skill points that character has and how many skills they have. The number of skills they have invested in is important because you can only buy certain skills provided you have previously invested in a minimum number of skills.

The numbers at the bottom of the page (5, 10, 18, etc) are the number of skills you must have invested in before you can buy the skills above the numbers. Once you have invested in the required number of skills, you have to have enough skill points to buy a new, higher skill.

Some skills are linked and in order to buy a higher skill, you mush have other skills preceding the higher skill before you can buy. So, for example, in the case of Glade, before you can buy the lock picking skill, you need to have bought the steal skill (I might be wrong about this particular link but the principle of linked skills applies).

You do not need to buy every level of every skill before moving forward so for skills that you can invest in several times, you only need to invest once before buying the next level (provided you have invested in enough skills overall - remember those numbers at the bottom of the screen). But for some (like Dori's power strike or Belinda's healing, for example), I recommend that you invest in all levels. The more you invest, the stronger/more effective the skills are.

For key skills, it is worth investing strategically and saving skill points. I did this to get Dori's reckless strike and Glade's gold bar skill (I can't remember what it is called but it is the one where the rewards are higher and less gold is lost through mugging). I am currently saving so that Winchester can give 50 mana to an ally.

And that's it, in a nutshell.
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I dealt with the Necromancer fairly easily but then I had upgraded my skills tree quite a bit by the time I encountered him. In my fights, Dori was eventually killed but I was able to revive her second time round - first time round I could not revive her. Regardless, Glade does a good job of killing him off because he seems pretty much impervious to Necromancer attacks (or, at least, not as badly affected).

I recommend killing the Necromancer as quickly as you can and then dealing with his henchmen. If you focus on his henchmen, he will just keep reviving them. Use Winchester to top up Dori and Belinda's mana. Use Belinda to heal and administer miracle herbs. Use Lorelei to fight or to cure Dori and Glade. Get Glade to use Opportunity and Rupturing Strikes. Get Dori to use Power Strike. All attacks should be directed towards the Necromancer.

If Glade uses Opportunity Strike, he will be the highest threat. Dori will have the second highest threat regardless, unless you use her to defend, which is a waste of her fighting skills. Winchester can defend if he doesn't have enough mana to channel to the others.

Then it is just a case of slogging on, until you win!
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You can find a walkthrough with everything in it by Googling the name of the game and "walkthrough"...
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I found that the most helpful thing to remember about the desert is that the direction in which the sand flows is the direction in which to travel to find the exits. So if you get confused, just note the direction the sand is shifting in and go in that direction.

The other thing worth remembering is the layout of each screen is identical and you can find weapons, money, etc in different places, so it is worth exploring everything...
 posted in Deadly Sin on May 3, 10 3:25 AM

Thanks for this. I found that Dori was affected by silence for some reason. I too pretty much had Sir Cenario licked and then he started to use Annihilate and it was all over pretty quickly after that! Thankfully I saved just before starting that battle. Does anyone know what the best configuration of armor/weapons is for each of the fighters?
 posted in Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures on Apr 7, 10 3:26 AM
I love these games and wish BFG did more of them! I had pretty much bought all the previous incarnations of this game direct from the makers so I was pleased to see this one on BFG. I hope to see many more Sokoban/Boulderdash type games in future. I have a pretty old computer (4 years and counting!) running XP Home and it plays just fine. I only have 1.8GHz and 512 RAM and there are no problems with the video, sticky cursors or all the other horrors others report. I suspect the issues may be about the need to update software (i.e. Direct X, Flash Player) than anything else. Also, a reboot might not hurt.

Gameplay does get more challenging the more you progress but I got through all the levels without difficulty. I am now working on the complex puzzles and am half-way through. Some have taken several attempts but this game is solveable without a walkthrough (for those who are really concerned!).

It's been a few weeks since I played this but if memory serves, I think it takes at least three ball bearings to trip the latch. The lock will open when you have found all the ball bearings...
stormy_1962 wrote:It comes after you've played the expert version and then you through the sign that says extra/ I hope that helps.
Thanks for this. Do you get the extra game in the normal version? I thought that was only in the Collector's Edition...
You should only need to click on the book once to open it. If you are doing this and it hasn't opened, try closing the game, then relaunching it. If that doesn't work, it sounds like a technical issue. In which case, get in touch with the technical support team by clicking on the green envelope (on the right) and report the problem. They should be able to get the issue resolved fairly quickly.
I finished the game but I did not see a bonus game! Does it come up after the credits (which I skipped after about a minute!)? How do I access it? Thanks
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