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 posted in Dark Dimensions: Homecoming on Apr 25, 15 1:26 PM
Well I've read this walk through and a few others and neither my wife or I can get the tile off the awning!!!
We've been with big fish for years and this is the first time we've gone through a game only to find we can't progress! Sure we've had games that freeze up or just don't work but this is REALLY irritating. Has anyone succeeded with this?
I really don't want to reload and start again!
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song on Aug 11, 14 12:09 PM
You're a star many thanks - It was driving us crazy!!
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song on Aug 11, 14 12:02 PM

In cemetery I went to the statue holding the second clock face and assembled the violin it seems IN THE WRONG ORDER. Trying to put the strings last now I cant put the strings on so cant get the clock face!
 posted in Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians on Jul 8, 14 1:30 AM
Me too on a Mac, quit game came back and some tasks I;d done were no longer done and I'm stuck! Anyone hear from BF?
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