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 posted in Governor of Poker 2 on Jul 16, 14 7:22 AM
This is a really entertaining game and I like the theme of it and the UI. Unfortunately it cheats something awful and that kind of spoils it for people who enjoy their Poker (like me...)

After noticing some simply outrageous results, I did a statistical analysis of the hands over a period of several weeks. Within a single session, probabilities of many thousands to 1 occurred numerous times (two full houses and 4 of a kind occurring in the same hand, a straight flush and 4 of a kind in the same hand, and so on.)

I can understand the designers wanting to get exciting and dramatic results into the game, but it simply makes it "unreal".

Somebody seeking to improve their Poker will not do so with this game because the hands are nothing like the "real world".

Why not have a configuration option of "fun" (as it is now), and "serious" where it mimics real world probabilities and deals fairly?

I noticed there is a problem with the pseudo-random seed used for shuffling and the cards are not shuffled in a true random fashion. (You find the same cards from the last hand, being "re-cycled" into the next hand, more often than would happen by true random chance.

Overall, an entertaining implementation, but not for serious players.
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