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 posted in Hidden Object: Home Makeover on Aug 2, 16 4:54 PM
Home Makeover froze at level 134 - match 3 game
I had to reboot to exit
Tried the level twice more and each time the game would not load from that level

I am running Windows 10 on PC
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on May 6, 16 11:00 AM
I'm stuck there too - but I've played the game several times & never had this problem before so don't know why this is happening now. I cannot get a match 3 set that will allow me to move any of the butterflies. If you've gotten through, please advise.
GLITCH at end of game

near the end of the game, we need to travel between the Lower Projection Room and the Father's Bedroom, then to the Theater so the mind-bending/destroying film can be played to the illegitimate daughter to destroy her mind.

for several minutes I was trapped between the LPR and the secret door to the theater; a HOS that should have been played after connecting the jukebox did not appear at the proper time. I rode up & down in the elevator several times until the "glitch" disappeared and the game allowed me to play the HOS, get the oil can and continue to the end.
This was a very interesting game (other than the tech problem I'm having at the end of the game). However, this game appears to be set in 1930-1940 Hollywood and by 1933 or so the film industry in the US (mainly Hollywood) instituted a strict morals code.

In the first place, Morton Wolf would have had to pay a very high price for destroying his mistress' mind and for not acknowledging his "love child".

Secondly, once the daughter came forward, Morton's two other children would not have set out to destroy her. The "code" would have caused the screenwriters to write a much more positive result: she would have been welcomed, Morton would have then had to pay for his indiscretions and there would have been "happy ever after" ending.

That ending may not have been as exciting but it would have been "moral".
After I finished the game last night, the Bonus opened and I played part of it. This morning, that section will not open. The only choice I'm given is to re-start the game from the beginning.

I've sent an email re: Technical Issue/Support but if anyone has any suggestions, please reply. Thanks.
I'm not a gamer, just play (mostly HO) for my own enjoyment/entertainment.

I selected 3 of the Final Cut games b/c I was attracted to the time-setting (30s=40s, Art Deco style). As an amateur player, I'm enjoying the game: complicated enough for my level of experience but not impossible, really good graphics/backgrounds, interesting storyline.

Is the forum locked on this game b/c there are so many posts?

Eipix is the company listed as the designers.
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Jul 9, 15 1:03 PM
Thanks for your answer. I kinda figured that was the case since I couldn't move beyond the fence despite trying a couple of different things. Glad to know for sure.
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Jul 1, 15 9:24 PM
I read several game reviews (once I had already started playing) & someone wrote that if you run out of space you can get more space. Does this mean you can start building beyond the fence? If so, how is this done?
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Jul 1, 15 9:20 PM
I've only had the game for a short while & have reached 300+ game level. So far, it seems that you can just keep playing & earning coins etc then you can re-organize, re-design, tweek the garden. The other option of course is to start a new game under a new name (or delete the current name).
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Jul 1, 15 5:40 PM
thx vm 4 yr answer
 posted in Queen's Garden 2 on Jun 30, 15 12:53 PM
I've collected thousands of jewels. When & How do I use them?
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