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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 30, 18 2:55 PM
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 18 6:01 PM
This is the first forum I have had anything to do with. I found it May 2014 when I was looking for friends on my game. Being technologically challenged I did not post - just read the forum. What I saw (even then) were friendly players willing to help other players. I, too, remember Lady Sabelle, Valdy, LizzieK and so many more who were very informative, imaginative & techno knowledgable.

So I took the plunge & PMed tigress 1 when I had a question - not game to post in case I hit the wrong button on the computer at that stage. She was very supportive & encouraged me to step outside my shell and participate in the forum. Like SusieBaker, soon you couldn't shut me up. I try to pay back her kindness & the support of other players by helping others including being part of the Consortium.

I used to send my little stories to tigress 1. She helped me start my own thread Pets Gone Wild. Thanks to the encouragement of players I have found an outlet for my "creative" side. A special thank you to my co-authors Linet & TT, they made writing an adventure. I am taking our stories with me as we move.

The forum has been a huge part of my family especially while I was caring for my sick husband. It has helped me through health & family crises; through the death of my husband; through the roller coaster of my life. Even players who were not game friends offered a helping hand or prayers in my time of need. It meant so much to me.

I have made some wonderful friends through the forum. It saddens me that I will lose some of them when the forum changes. But change is part of life so we will adapt. To those that I lose contact with - may your future be enjoyable and your endeavours successful.

THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of the great community we had on this forum. Thank you to BFG for providing the forum. Thank you to the moderators for "policing" it and for providing advice/ help when I sort it.

Take care everyone.

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As the BFG forum is moving to "read only" format, I have taken the liberty of saving the stories on this thread. I will then re-create the thread on the Delphi forum. It may take a few days but it will be up & running soon.

Hope you continue to enjoy the stories. On behalf of Linet & myself I wish everyone all the best.

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The Consortium thread is being continued in the Delphi forum. There are 2 threads.

SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - all you need to know.
This thread contains general information about the Consortium and is the place for anyone wanting to donate to the Consortium or volunteer to assist the Consortium to post.

This thread is the place where players can ask the Consortium for assistance with seasonal items. All players are welcome to request help.

To Readers of the PET GONE WILD thread. I have saved the stories & will be re-creating the thread on the Delphi forum. I will keep the name. Hope to see you there.
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I have moved to the Delphi forum. My forum name is aussieDot1. Please friend me if you are moving there as well. I have also registered on the Pond Friends site but have not had the opportunity to further investigate it - my forum name there is aussieDot.

I have just deleted all my messages and will NOT be answering any further PMs in this forum. If you wish to keep in contact, see the Delphi forum or send me your email address in a PM before the forum changes over. I will note it & then delete message & contact via email.

To all my friends and members of this wonderful community THANK YOU for your support & friendship over the years. Through health issues, family crises and the death of my beloved spouse a year ago, you have been there. I appreciate the concern, the care given and the love shared. YOU HAVE BEEN MARVELLOUS.

For all the help received & gifts given in my games, THANK YOU.

Do look after yourselves. May we continue to enjoy and at times bemoan the game of MC.

All the best, Dot
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So sorry to hear your news. I, too, will miss you You have been a good friend. Thank you for the support you have given & for the gifts you have sent.

I wish you & the Gent all the best for the future. Do take care.

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We would have liked to change the name of this thread. From Christmas Consortium Report to

CONSORTIUM - helping players with Seasonal items from ALL SEASONS. Formerly Christmas Consortium Report.

I have discussed a name change with the members over a period of time. It was felt that the old name did not reflect all that we now do.

BUT the original poster is no longer around so we can not change it.

Again THANK YOU to all who have supported us over the years. You are truly awesome!!

Have fun in the castle.

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Hi riddler,

Glad you are back. In case you have not caught up on the forum news. As of April 30 we will not be able to PM our friends/ other players or post in any thread nor will we be able to start a new thread. The forum will be in 'read only' format. All current posts/ threads will remain. It has to do with the software that runs the forums & affects ALL forums. The BFG decision does not affect your game - you can still play & gift.

A good many players have opted to move to a new forum. The 2 most popular are Delphi & Pond Friends. See other threads on how to get there.

I have registered on both forums - aussieDot1 on Delphi & aussieDot on Pond Friends. But as you can imagine, it is a steep learning curve trying to navigate my way around the new sites. Hoping to catch up with my friends when things settle down.

Have fun in the castle.

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As BFG are moving the forum into a "read only" format, we will not be able to post any requests, questions or answers here any longer. Therefore we need to move.

The Consortium is moving across to the Delphi forum. I am also registered on the Pond Friends forum so I will keep an eye out for calls for assistance from there. If you wish assistance with Seasonal item/s (any season - Winter, Spring, Fall) or wish to donate your extra seasonal items, then please go to the Delphi forum. If you don't wish to move to another forum & you think you may require assistance in the future or wish to donate items in the future, then please PM me (before April 29 2018) with your email address.

We will duplicate the members list in the Delphi forum but all other posts will remain in this thread.

THANK YOU to my fellow members, our friends & supporters and all other players who have assisted us in the past or the present. You have been a pleasure to work with and I hope to see you all on the Delphi forum. Look for aussieDot1.

I wish everyone all the best in the future.

(Consortium Co-ordinator)

On Delphi Forum there are 2 threads.

SEASONAL EVENTS CONSORTIUM - all you need to know.

This thread contains general information about the Consortium & what it does. This thread is also the place to post offers of donations to members or volunteering to assist the Consortium.


This thread is the place where players can ask for assistance with the seasonal items. please post here with your request & your game platform - PC; iOS; android.
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Hi Shylo

So sorry to hear of your health problems. I will be thinking of you & hoping for a good outcome for you. Please look after yourself.

I will keep your game on my games. Glad to hear that you have my id numbers just in case something happens. You have been a good friend & I would welcome you back.

I have registered for both Delphi Forum (aussieDot1) & Pond Friends (aussieDot). However I am still learning how to move around Delphi but I will get there. Then I will tackle Pond Friends forum. Such steep learning curves especially for those of us who were very comfortable in our BFG rut.

I thank you for all the support you have given me. Now your health comes before a game so take care my friend. My thoughts & prayers are with you.

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Hi players!

BF is disabling posting in the forum so we will be unable to post asking for friends. I thought I would put my current information here for those players who want new friends.

My game is Dot2. My id number is 12971636.

I am a long time player of this game. I plan to be here for a long time to come. I am always happy to help players. You will find my posts under the forum name of aussie_Dot.

Happy gaming!

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Hi SassiD

I have sent you a friend request. The code did not seem invalid when I typed it in. So hope you get the request. Always happy to send keys.

Hi IfOnlyYou,

BF are disabling the forum so you won't be able to post asking anyone to be new friends. But you will still be able to read any posts already on the forum. So the change will affect getting new neighbours but not maintaining the friends we have.

Getting friends through your game: The change will not affect your game in anyway. You will still be able to ask for the random friends (though many of the codes are from inactive players) or you can guess player id numbers, insert & see what happens.

If you want to contact any of your friends, the ingame messaging system will not be affected by BF action.

I have room for new friends if you would like to send an invite to Dot2 id number 12971636.


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Day 10 has begun. LAST DAY OF THE EVENT!!!

Day 10: Friday April 20.

There are 2 quests - the first one is easy but the second one is costly if it is your first time doing this Event.

Q.16. Visit the Candy Shop.

On the reward bar at the Candy Shop, Shreveport, Louisiana, there are no collectibles. I did the HOS once to satisfy the quest.

Then collected the reward. The butterfly icon remained so I proceeded to the next quest.

- Buy 1 Raspberry Sherbet.
(costs 8 gold)
- Buy 1 Vanilla Milkshake. (costs 12 gold)
- Buy 1 Ice Cream Cheesecake. (costs 24 gold)

In my game, this quest was ticked as completed due to having done a Spring Event.
For those players doing the Spring Event for the first time, go to the Store & purchase the required food items. I have included the costs beside each item. Total cost is 44 gold.

I collected the reward & the icon disappeared. My quest progress read 17/ 17 quests completed. I had finished the Spring Event.

REMEMBER to turn in your 4 collections before 12 midnight if you want to claim your 36 bars of gold. Extra completed collections can be turned in after the Event if you want to work until the last minute.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to report on this Event. Due to the decision by BFG to close the forum to any further posting, this will be the last time I report on any Event in this forum. I have enjoyed doing it & I hope it has been of some assistance to players.

Take care. Have fun playing your game.

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Hi moxymaxy.
Sorry to hear that the glitch is 'alive & causing havoc'. Hopefully you have caught up on the quests. Thank you for the update.

Hi silver-hawk
You are amazing. 200 collections!!! I will miss reporting on the Events. Thank you for the good comments.
Between Events I play the star machine in the Penny Arcade. I get lots of pizzas & Lasagne which I save up for the Events. Both refill the energy bar. However the Pirate's Day Event (September) & Halloween Event (October) are played out in the countries that you fly to so I work on getting as much fuel as possible beforehand & then use some of my gold to buy fuel if I need to.

Good luck & happy playing to everyone.
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I am with you Katijay! I have joined both Delphi and Pond Friends but am still at the just registered stage. It looks daunting - learning how to navigate the new sites. I was so comfortable in my BF forum rut. Now I have put my thinking cap on. Oh well .. Drinking juice at the moment - need a clear head for the thinking cap to work BUT I would like to propose a toast to all the players brave enough to try something new.
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Day 9 has begun. There is only 2 days including today left in this Event.

Day 9: Thursday April 19

There are 2 quests. Both quests are really easy if you have the resources - 19 paintbrushes/palettes (in total) needed.

Q.14. Fix the printer.

The quest sent me to Vincent's Studio where I had to play mini game 1b (2nd game from the left on the top row). It costs 1 paintbrush/palette. Yesterday (in my heads up) I posted that you would need 18 paintbrushes/palettes to do the mini game. This is incorrect.
On the reward bar is the collectible - Jade. When I did the mini game, the collectible dropped. I don't know if the collectible drops every time you play the mini game as I only played it once.

I collected the reward but the butterfly icon remained so I did the next quest.

Q.15. Give Vincent 18 paint brushes.

Once I paid Vincent, my questing was over for the day. I collected the reward & the icon disappeared.

REMEMBER there is only today & tomorrow left in the Spring Event. Finish up completing your collections as time is running out.


HEADS UP for Day 10: Tomorrow there are 2 quests - one to visit the Candy Shop & the second one to buy some food from the store. The food will cost a total of 44 gold. Turn in a few collections to help pay for the food.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Apr 17, 18 9:30 AM
What an eventful day Day 7 turned out to be with BFG's bombshell about closing posting & PMs on the forums. However this Event has only 3 more days including today so it will not affect the posts for this Event.

Day 8 is the busiest day of this Event so far. There are 3 quests - one with multiple tasks.

Day 8: Wednesday April 18.

- Find the Easter Egg #1.
- Find the Easter Egg #2.
- Find the Easter Egg #3.

Easter Egg #1 is red with a white flower pattern. The quest sends you to the Boat Builders, Hessel, Michigan. It is the only collectible on the reward bar. I am at guru level here & I was in Fast Shopper mode. The collectible dropped when I did the HOS.
NOTE: In the past some players have had issues with the Boat Builders. Please read the appropriate post on page 1 of this thread.

Easter Egg #2 is a Robin Blue colour. It can be found on Captain Matthew's Yacht. Again it is the only collectible on the reward bar. I am at guru level & I commenced in Picture mode. The collectible dropped.

Easter Egg #3 has a geometric design. It can be found in the Botanica Al Fresco Restaurant, Maine. The Cherry Bloosom Bonsai is also on the reward bar. I am at guru level here & started in Picture mode. I did the HOS 2 times & each time both collectibles dropped.

I will return later today & do the HOS in each location several times to get the collectibles. For now visiting once or twice is sufficient to be able to post the results.

I collected the reward. The butterfly icon remained so I clicked on it.

Q.12. Visit the Toy Shop.

At the Toy Shop, St Paul, Minnesota, there are no collectibles on the reward bar. I did the HOS once. I am at guru level & I was in Fast Shopper mode.

Q.13. Fix the broken turtle crank toy.

The Toy Repair Shop is in Dinhammer Alley. We need to play mini game 1b. Resources needed is 1 hammer. The Bird Plushie dropped.

Hope you have completed/ almost completed the number of collections you want - time is running out to take advantage of the gold bonanza that this Event gives.

See you tomorrow.


HEADS UP for Day 9: You play a mini game at Vincent's Studio - costs 18 paintbrushes/ palettes. There is a tip on page 1 of this thread where you only need use 1 resource. Check it out. You will also need to gift 18 paintbrushes/pale
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An update on my android games.

My Dot_2 game a839057 is on a tablet & is now functioning as it should. This will be my only android game when my DOTTY game closes.

My DOTTY game is on a phone that is dying so I will be closing that game. Currently I was keeping it for Events but that will have to go. Currently I have 12 friends with a wish list up & 4 without. I would like a few more friends so that I can gift out the inventory.

I have:
lots of airship items
white stamps 637
blue stamps 499
green stamps 331
red/ unique stamps 95
Lemur 4
Odd 4
Griffin 4
Pig 4
Parrot 4
Crafted items:
Wild Necklace 4
Demonic Whip 3
Fine Buckle 3
Emerald Tablet 3
Mortuary Wreath 2
Seasonal items:
Blue/ green/ red/ violet Christmas cards

There are other items too numerous to mention. Hoping players will help me to gift out this inventory. With the forum closing, I may not get too many chances to make this offer so if you would like some items
- put it on your wish list (if you are my current friend)
- send an invite (knowing that I will delete you when the game closes.


Note: The above list will be kept edited while the forum is still open
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Day 7 & I finally have enough internet connection to complete today's quest. It dropped out 4 times before I could click on the butterfly icon.

Day 7: Tuesday April 17.

One quest with 2 tasks today.

- Find food for the Venus Flytrap plant.
- Feed the fly to the Venus Flytrap plant.

Both these tasks are ticked as completed due to my having done the Spring Event a couple of times in the last few years.

But if you are new to the Event, then the fly (Venus Flytrap plant food) can be found at the Candy Shop, Shreveport, Louisiana. There are no collectibles on the reward bar. You only need do the HOS once to get the fly.

Then take the fly to the Flower Shop, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Place the fly on the Venus Flytrap which on the step almost in the centre of the screen. The mini scene should now be open.

I collected the reward & the butterfly icon disappeared. Questing was over. An ACHIEVEMENT BANNER appeared for "Complete 10 Spring special quests". I received some Guacamole Dip.

As my quest tasks were non-existent, I did the Flower Shop HOS several times building up the number of "plushies" for my collections. Need to go to the Toy Repair Shop now to complete the collections. I do hope your collections & your gold are increasing with the light workload that the quests require.

See you tomorrow.


HEADS UP for Day 8: Tomorrow there are 3 quests. First we go on an Easter Egg hunt. Then we have to get some toys by visiting the Toy Shop & the Toy Repair Shop.
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Hi Oddly. Hi silver_hawk
Thanks for the concern & yes, I will look after myself - that is why I gave everyone the heads up that I would be late.

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