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can anyone tell me when was the release date of the collector's edition for Hidden Expedition: The Pearl of Discord?

P.S. I thought when the game title included the word 'discord', i thought i could lead to the apple of discord, which was held by Ares (Greek Goddess of Chaos) or some other artifact connected to Set (Egyptian God of Chaos) or some other chaotic deity.
Wolf1340 wrote:
Ravenhearst3 wrote:Listener No words are left unheard.

Under the rainbow Add a few more colors to your life.
In ‘Boardroom’, click on the other color buttons then the “+” button before shutting the water off and opening the secret compartment

Hi Ravensheart. I've tried several time to change the colors and push the "+" button, but it doesn't work. Do we have to choose a special color?

No, i just fiddled with the color buttons and did the "+" and "-" buttons till i got it. There's no specific color.
Listener No words are left unheard.
Listen to all quotes said by Marco Polo and Filippa Zambetti on the title screen

Arcade wizard Joystick are fun.
In ‘Research Lab’, after the item has been x-rayed use the joystick to turn it around before getting the pearl

Under the rainbow Add a few more colors to your life.
In ‘Boardroom’, click on the other color buttons then the “+” button before shutting the water off and opening the secret compartment

Highroller Reach the high-score of (5 / 10 / 15) in the mask game.
Play the “ball and cup” game while the game loads until the score is 5 / 10 / 15

Never grow up Who doesn’t want a rubber duck?
In ‘Lavatory’, click on the yellow rubber duck in the toilet head before draining it

Free bird No chains will hold you down.
Click anywhere before you un-cuff yourself after solving the 5th H.O. scene

Eco-friendly Who needs gasoline when you can run on fumes?
In ‘Secret Pier’, pull the ripcord before filling the boat’s tank with gasoline

P.S. Can anyone please tell me of where to go and what to do in order to do the: Virtuoso, Hard handed, Pet friendly achievements!?!?
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Could anyone explain to me Richard Galloway's goal? Was it to cause massive rapid aging across Dreadmond to summon Ankou? For what purpose? What does he mean when saying, "... when it is a curse for death to come to everyone but you..." in the final cutscene? Was he trying to summon the goddess of death and imprison her so no one on Earth can die? I don't know.

Also, how can it be that Richard Galloway, being the architect of my life, forged me into what I am? How could he be connected to any of the past games? Is he somewhat responsible for me to go through those events that will eventually lead me to him?

In the bonus game, we see ourselves playing Richard Galloway in search of Arden for more information on Ankou. Once he arrived and met Arden lying in his deathbed, what was the reason for Arden's backstabbing double cross? Who or what was the voice coming from inside Richards head? Overall what was the plot for the bonus game? Because in the beginning Richard Galloway was seeking Arden for information on Ankou and he killed someone with his quill at the end? Who was that he killed and why?

Plus, what became of Gerald Sykes after he was forgiven? How was he connected to Richard Galloway?

After being stabbed to death from Richard Galloway and piecing back together the memories, Ankou appeared before me and gave me one of her quills. Does this mean she has given me a second chance in order to stop Richard Galloway? Does having the quill give me extended life like how Richard Galloway took one of her quills before and lived for over a century? And when he broke his, Ankou somehow took him away into the underworld, supposedly? Does that mean if my quill brakes Ankou will come for me as well?
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Dec 27, 16 8:41 PM
1. Put the circle with a '+' between two same numbers. Then they will merge into one.

2. The result is a number that's {+1} higher than the numbers you merged.

3. Try to make a continuos merge, but be careful the result might mess you up. Every little merge counts. Try to make the result of a previous merge slide into a sequence where you can make a continuous merge that'll rank up points.

4. Remember the numbers will slowly work their way up at random till you get the highest number you made from many merges.

5. Be careful where you place each numbers for you might not be lucky to make anything out of that. Also the board holds a limited amount of numbered circles and when it gets full, all the circles recede and the score will reverse back to zero. You see as long as you make merges between two numbers alike while the there is room on the board, the points will go up.
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Maybe the assistant (he or she) could be related to Dr. Robert Lanswiller at the Manchester Lunatic Asylum. Who was hinted within several games in the Ravenhearst story arc.

Also, I believe Harold isn't a ghost because ghosts would be intangible to physical items. I imagine that he is a mortal man who received extended longevity through the mechanical heart within his chest, whereas a normal heart weakens as one gets older. For Jacob Huxley built the mechanism to make one live longer, than he would need a power source to keep it working. Even if that only ranges with the extent of Huxley's boarding house; making them to remain there till Jacob could build a device that would make them travel further without having to remain in one spot. They were remaining at the same age-like appearance they were at the time. In short, both Harold and Meredith aren't ghosts, despite what Ben Wright thinks. When you look at the images with green spectral mist on them, it could be the decaying energy from Meredith's soul.
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TOKEN MASTER - Reached over 100,000 points and got this achievement
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Jacob was murdered from Mr. Harold by pushing him out of the top of the clock tower because since he brought Meredith back to life, she wasn't the same.

Maybe the reason he was so weird is similar to Alister Dalimar. A man driven to uncover the secret to immortality. Through Alister, it was magic. And through Jacob, it was medical science. Slightly different but similar in concept.

As for the fate of Fiona and Duncan (children of both Jacob and Meredith) remains unknown to me as well. If they weren't kill by Jacob to send Meredith into a depression that'll lead to her death, then maybe they weren't brought back to Meredith to let her know they are still alive because of Jacob's death at the hands of Harold (father to Meredith). So it seems like they were still alive somewhere during the time and were forgotten after Jacob's demise. Because only Jacob knew where the kids were and was unable to retrieve them.
Charles Dalimar's mother's name is Abigail. Abigail is the daughter Grace O' Malley (a.k.a. the nurse and 13th member in Captain Phineas Crown's crew) and Phineas Crown in '13th Skull'. Could Abigail, the daughter of both Grace and Phineas, who was once attracted to Alister Dalimar be the same mother to Charles Dalimar?
When you complete the (H. O. scene / puzzle) you receive the Ball of Fate. Is this to be Madame Fate's crystal ball. If that is so, how did that get there in the first place. And also, when you accidentally free Alister Dalimar from Madame Fate's crystal ball in 'Fate's Carnival' you would acknowledge that the crystal ball broke into pieces. Which might explain Alister trying to reforged the crystal ball in 'Key to Ravenhearst' but then later got interrupted. So if the crystal ball was broken in 'Fate's Carnival', and later seen once more in 'Key to Ravenhearst', how can it be seen again fully undamaged in 'Dire Grove, Sacred Grove'?

How can Alister be the father of Lily, mother to both Derek and Peter? Because the following games afterwards tell Alister had no other family relations till he got to be with a woman named Abigail and had a son named Charles Dalimar. This is the only known blood relation they revealed. So did Alister pose as the supposed grandfather of Derek and Peter? How can it be explained in any way?
When you complete the final puzzle in the bonus chapter in 'Fate's Carnival', you hear Madame Fate speak her last prophecy as her soul is released. "Now I am free. My soul enters the realm of peace. But I know that 7 candles in a still house, and a dead man with frozen eyes lets the shadow from the past rise again... and for one of us, the place will be a grave." This implies that the hunter's shack found in the bonus chapter is the house that has 7 candles. And that the dead man with frozen eyes is probably Alister Dalimar. And that the temple he was conducting his dark ritual within became another grave for him.
susiqnky wrote:what is the order of the mcf games?

Prime Suspects
Madame Fate
<Agent X> Glu Mobile
<MillionHeir> Nintendo DS
Return to Ravenhearst
Dire Grove
13th Skull
<The Malgrave Incident> Wii
Escape from Ravenhearst
Shadow Lake
<Spirits of Blackpool> iPad
Fate's Carnival
Dire Grove, Sacred Grove
Key to Ravenhearst
Ravenhearst Unlocked
Broken Hour
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Maybe he or she could be related to Dr. Robert Lanswiller at the Manchester Lunatic Asylum.
Sweet Victory - Click on Huang being held by Sam after you distracted him in the "Throne Room". Don't click on anything else or go anywhere cause when you return, Huang and Sam won't be there anymore.
Since the ending of 'Escape from Ravenhearst', Rose, Gwendolyn, Charlotte, and Emma were restored to living human beings with physical bodies. During the events of 'Key to Ravenhearst' and 'Ravenhearst Unlocked' Gwendolyn and Charlotte were part of the Dalimar family line and served under Alister Dalimar. What happened to them that made them turn evil?

If both Gwendolyn and Charlotte were actually the daughters of Charles Dalimar and Rose Sommerset, then why did some information back in 'Return to Ravenhearst' say that Gwendolyn and Charlotte were the supposed daughters of Reginald Sommerset, Rose's husband?

And if Alister stated that he killed Cedric Ravenhearst's descendant "Emma" at the Well of Souls, what became of Rose Sommerset since the events of 'Escape from Ravenhearst'? And what did Emma do also after the events of 'Escape from Ravenhearst' before her untimely demise?

Since Charlotte was locked in the supply closet at the lunatic asylum, what happened to her afterwards? For she was still alive when her sister, Gwen, was murdered by Alister.

In the bonus game, it explains how the previous Master Detective got sealed in the bailiff's office. If Alister Dalimar was to use the Dark Orchid to originally absorb the power from the Well of Souls, what started his search for Madame Fate's crystal ball? And how was he able to survive death during his quest?

Plus, there is a note found in Cedric's chambers from Argoth the Wise about a prophecy detailing the fate of the town of Ravenhearst. And when the Master Detective overhears Cedric's cry, he states that Alister was to blame for the sinking of the town of Ravenhearst. Why did Alister sink the town of Ravenhearst in the first place? For what reason?

Was Alister Dalimar a Mistwalker in 'Dire Grove, Sacred Grove' before or after the events of his time in the town of Ravenhearst?

Plus if Alister states that in the year of 1614, he found out that the Key was Madame Fate's crystal ball, then how was Madame Fate able to live that long up to the present?

In the end of "Ravenhearst Unlocked' when Ellen Hornebolt's soul fused with Tanatos and saved the current Master Detective, is she still within the bird or not?

In 'Ravenhearst' Emma's 6th diary entry stated that a man was found dead during the manor's construction. Was this man Rose Sommerset's husband, Reginald Sommerset? And the supposed father to both Gwendolyn and Charlotte?
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# ALISTEL - View the unsent text message on George's phone

BALLOONS AREN'T THAT SCARY - When entering Wright's (van-cave), click on the ghost balloon

POINTLESS ACHIEVEMENT - Do a 1000x clicks anywhere on anything at anytime

GRUMPY GUESTS - Click on the guests doors before opening / entering Rachael's room

TOKEN MASTER - Play the mini-game in the 'Extras' menu, earn 100 tokens
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??? Okay, thanks marie1931. Bt still I looked on the Big Fish website and scrolled through the iPad games and found no sign of "Mystery Case Files: Spirits of Blackpool". I looked within the "Hidden Object" file and scan alphabetically, but NO! So, PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT THE GAME IN QUESTION [Mystery Case Files: Spirits of Blackpool] IS ONLY PLAYABLE ON THE APPLE iOS {aka Apple iPhone} AND YOU CAN ONLY PURCHASE SAID GAME IN CANADA'S APP STORE SINCE THAT IS WHERE THEY FIRST RELEASED IT. I know it can be playable on the Apple iPad, of which I have and gone to use to look for said game [Mystery Case Files: Spirits of Blackpool], however, no such luck. So, you or anyone, tell me how to find and buy it. Where to look first? and can it be played on either the Apple iOS {aka iPhone} or the iPad? If so, how can I pay for it? Cause if it can be ONLY PLAYED ON THE APPLE iOS AND PURCHASED FROM THE CANADIAN APP STORE, then I will be sadden to know I cannot play the game [Mystery Case Files: Spirits of Blackpool] myself because I have every other MCF game except this one. If you tried your hardest, then I really appreciate your efforts.
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What does F2P stand for? Is it similar to Apple's iPad?
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Since MCF's new game "Broken Hour" is still in the works, I noticed that one character in the game has some connection to Ghost Patrol. Does that mean did the Ghost Patrol crew survive the supposed car crash hinted after the credits of "Shadow Lake". Or does it mean the crew in "Shadow Lake" we're not the only members of the organization? I don't know?
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Mystery Case Files: Spirits of Blackpool was released on October 24, 2013 and is the first title in the entire series to be published for iOS. They say it was released on the Canadian App Store and is playable for the Apple iPad. I live in America and have an Apple iPad. It has been three years and i still can't find it in the Apple Store. So what gives? Is it only available in Canada for their version of the Apple iPad? I don't know what to do. Can someone PLEASE tell me where and how can I purchase this? I am just another true Mystery Case Files fan. SO can anyone PLEASE give me a clear answer?
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