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 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jan 6, 15 8:57 PM
Sorry to piggyback onto your thread, closetjunkie, but it seemed the simplest way to post essentially the same message.

I've spent down all my gold and silver to send gifts from E mimsylu lane, and I am abandoning it. Please don't waste your gifts on this manor. I appreciate all the generous neighbors I have had.

My baby manor Yeller Belly Swamp is not far behind. I'm still trying to gift everyone one more time before I go. It was fun for quite a long time. Thanks to all my generous neighbors--I will take away many fond memories of new friends met, especially those who were such a help getting my 2nd manor established, and those who have been so welcoming and helpful here in the forum. Happy gaming to those of you still hanging in there. :~}

Maybe we should have a companion thread to the Invite New Neighbors thread called So Sorry--We've Left.

E mimsyluNoGftsGONE BYE (Lvl 99)
Yeller Belly SwampLEAVING. (Lvl 69)
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Dec 27, 14 10:49 AM
Sadly, I will be joining the exodus, as well. Many of the neighbors I started with are gone. Playing the game was always more fun than decorating for me, although I did try to achieve some order and symmetry with the items on my grounds. Even if a new chapter is added, it will provide only a few days, or at best weeks, of challenges before we find ourselves facing the same situation we are in now--months of waiting for new content.

I go in every day to gift neighbors, and periodically send premium gifts to all my neighbors. Sometimes I don't even bother to use the 50 energy that's accumulated overnight. My level 99 manor is actually at level 102, and I'm sure many of you are much higher than that.

As for all the current glitches, goofs, and gum-ups, it's become so much the norm that irritation and aggravation have been replaced by ho-hum. I definitely don't care enough to spend my time drafting yet another missive to CS, even if I know they will eventually respond.

I, too, will be trying to give away all my silver and gold as gifts. Thank you to everyone that was so generous to me when I started my baby manor Yeller Belly Swamp (which is now at level 69). It made the game fun again for a while. Now I have No Gifts up on both manors because I don't need the silver, and don't play enough to warrant anyone gifting me the energy when it could go to a lower level player. I still have many neighbors that send me gifts anyway.

I began playing when the game was first available, and resisted joining the forum for a long time, although I always checked it for advice and hints. I still don't post here very much, but have always enjoyed the community I found here. It is that community that makes it hard to leave the game, and one of the reasons I have stayed this long. And even this forum is a shadow of its former self. I applaud those who still continue to offer advice, support, and diversions to new and old alike.

May you all find new challenges, accomplishments, friendships, and many joys and blessings in the coming year.


E mimsylu lane (99)
Yeller Belly Swamp (69)

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Dec 20, 14 9:32 AM
Yesterday when I went into my baby manor, there was not a pop-up for the free energy, although the reindeer was on sale. While I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to buy it (in the tool menu), my game crashed--a fairly normal occurrence these days. When I opened the game back up, the banner for energy and the reindeer sale was there; however, I received 500 energy instead of 50. I also wondered whether I had misread the banner. Needless to say, I used up all the energy as quickly as I could before someone discovered the mistake and fixed it.

On my level 99 mansion, there was no free energy and I was maxed out on the reindeer sale. Not complaining, mind you, since I barely play on that mansion. I usually only go there to give gifts. I have given up on reporting problems to CS. The hassle of composing, sending, and resending is usually not worth it. I do admit to having large amounts of silver and gold in both manors, but the joy of the game is gone. Eventually I will try to deplete my savings by sending massive amounts of premium gifts to all my neighbors. I hope to be a better source of gifts than BF.

E mimsylu lane
Yeller Belly Swamp

ETA: Today I got the banner in my level 67 manor, but did not get the silver added. I exited and re-entered (but did not close the game) and still nothing. I'm pretty sure I also had one crash, but since I had already seen the banner, it did not reappear. I wonder if you actually have to touch the correct ornament? I just closed out the screen since I think that is what I've done in the past. Tomorrow I'll try touching the ornament and see if that works. No banner and no silver in my level 99 manor, even after crashing and re-entering.

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Dec 15, 14 9:31 PM
Me, three. tinydancer summed up my experience and current play mode quite accurately.

Now I amuse myself by using my 13 free gifts and rotating through all my neighbors until everyone has received energy from me (I think the next round I may give silver). In my baby manor (level 67) I then send everyone who has played in the last 5 days a nudi branch. Then I start over. In my level 99 manor which has over 400 neighbors, I send out the nudi branches every 7-10 days. I have No Gifts posted on both manors, but still receive gifts anyway. I no longer try to return gifts since I know everyone will get 1 energy gift and 1 nudi in each cycle. I accept most neighbor requests and gift them a nudi as well.

I find that even on my baby manor it's easier to just let the the 10 seconds play out on 17.4 than play a HOS scene in chapter 12 where I currently am stuck while I try to earn enough juju to open the next scene. A very slow slog.

If there is nothing new by the end of the year, I'll probably be moving along as well. I've had very generous neighbors, have enjoyed reading the forums, and hate to abandon them, but there is little enjoyment in the game as it currently stands.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 24, 14 6:42 PM

I am also trying spatchcocking this year with two 15 lb birds. I'm going to do one on Wednesday to get a feel for the timing (thanks for the real-life cooking times) and to hold in reserve for leftovers. The second one will be done on Thursday. Tonight I'm making turkey stock for my make-ahead gravy. I hope 3-4 quarts of gravy will be enough. I stopped making dressing long ago, but rice and gravy, mmmmm. I know, I'm weird. My daughter's new fiancé will be bringing mashed potatoes, though.

Oh dear, how to make this relevant to the game? I was so busy today doing prep work that I totally spaced out the free happy hour. Probably too early tomorrow to play. Wednesday still has a lot of things to do, and by 9 PM Thursday I'll either be playing games with the family or asleep in my chair. Ah, well, it was a nice gesture, DM.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 1, 14 3:43 PM
I'm not completely certain, but I believe the manor's name has been changed to Play for Fun.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 23, 14 2:17 PM
I think it means that, in general, gold items have a higher juju than silver items.

It's probably just a marketing tactic to get you to spend gold which you cannot readily replenish, which then lures you into buying gold with real money. Sneaky, sneaky.

That said, the marsh mold is always my ornament of choice when it's on sale. It's pretty, glows attractively at night, and gives you the most juju for the gold spent. There are some trees that give more juju, but they are 3x3, and the marsh mold is only 2x2.

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 21, 14 12:10 PM
A big thank you to you, too, moose. Your stategy allowed me to keep playing during happy hour and pick up my rewards when it was over. Almost managed to level up twice during happy hour. :-)
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 20, 14 5:09 PM
eli173 wrote:Those who say that you do get the rewards for leveling up, but later, are most probably correct. Although there is no uniformity and once or twice I got the fanfare and the rewards immediately for no apparent reason, for the most part the rewards are registered only when I exit to main menu and return. Refreshing by going to the casino, neighbors etc doesn't work for me. When you try this, remember to have zero energy so that you get the full 50.

Thanks, eli. Today with the Happy Hour I leveled up on my baby manor with no energy remaining. I went directly to the main menu and tried to re-enter, but it was very slow, so I just shut it down and reopened. All of my rewards were added.

Later I played my Level 99 manor and did the same thing. Although the XP counter has stopped at 665,000, I received the energy, gold, and silver for leveling up. I'll have to check on the formula for the amount of XP needed to go to level 101.

Thanks for posting this helpful hint for the quickest and most efficient way to collect the leveling up rewards. It saved me huge amounts of aggravation and frustration.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 18, 14 10:30 AM
eli173 wrote:When you try this, remember to have zero energy so that you get the full 50.

And if you forget to go to the main menu, and the rewards don't show up immediately, and your energy increases, you're just out of luck, I guess. I've been pretty careful about keeping my energy down when I'm about to level up, but if we have to remember to stop playing, exit to main menu and return in order to get our energy boost--what a pain.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 17, 14 11:16 PM
I went back and looked at my gold and silver totals from 2 days ago after I went to level 43. After I leveled up by playing a scene, I collected my silver and juju from attractions and walkers; played at least 3 scenes; and collected swag from my rainbow chest 4 times, and oh, look!--I found that my gold total increased by 18 and my silver by 10,000. That matches the reward for leveling up. I assume I got the energy as well.

I was trying to figure out how often the chests were paying out, so I had written down some times also. The increase in gold and silver for the level up occurred at least 20 minutes after I had actually leveled up. There was no indication or banner that the rewards had been given; I just noticed that the totals were off from what I had gotten from the HOS and the chests.

I tried to figure out if the missing double juju for my crows had been added later, but I didn't see any increases that would match the missing amount. Sigh. One more report to send to CS.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 17, 14 10:09 AM
As I mentioned on another thread, I bought 3 crows, which matured in 1day and were still within the timeframe of the sale, that did not give double juju. 2 items that were bought and matured the same day did give double juju. One item that was bought before the sale began but which matured during the sale time also gave double juju. Go figure.

No juju or XP was received at the time of purchase.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 17, 14 9:58 AM
I didn't get anything when I leveled up to 43 a couple of days ago. Last night I leveled up to 44. Also nothing. When I came back to the manor after sending gifts and visiting neighbors, my gold, silver and energy totals had increased. It took me a while to figure out how much of the increase was just due to visiting neighbors. It appears I got my 50 energy and 10,000 silver. Initially my gold increased by 54 (I had sent out some gold premium gifts at the same time, so had to figure the subtraction as well). After playing a few scenes, my gold total dropped, but it still appeared the net increase for the level up was 18 gold.

There was no collect rewards banner. There have been a couple of other times since the update that the timing for getting credit for things has just been off. I started keeping track of my totals after the update since everything has been so wonky. If you don't keep track, it would be pretty easy to miss the rewards for leveling up if they occurred after a time lag and without any kind of announcement. I'm still pretty sure I didn't get anything for level 43.

I'm on an iPad, no Facebook.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 15, 14 11:11 PM
And since the update this morning, I am crashing much more frequently. My level 99 manor was particularly cantankerous and didn't even receive gold or silver.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 15, 14 11:07 PM
I finally opened my level 99 manor. No gold, no silver, no rainbow chest (although I did buy 1 plot of land today to see if I get a chest--in 2 weeks!).

I had also opened all the premium scenes, and I couldn't collect the gold for the train station either, even after playing a couple of times. That's also the only quest I have left after i did the tutorial freebies.

Bummer for all of us with level 99 manors who have to open new manors just to play.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 15, 14 8:41 PM
Are you sure the sale is actually gone? My sale sign disappeared, but the silver items still show the double juju amounts.

Although when the items I bought yesterday were ready today, I didn't actually get the double juju; however it was still showing on the item I bought under the tool menu.

I'll be sending in a CS report.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 15, 14 8:35 PM
I've encountered two problems I haven't seen mentioned yet.

When I leveled up to level 43 today I got no payout of any kind. My one rainbow chest is spewing out money and gold like crazy (no greenhouses though), so it's not really so bad in terms of missing out on the money, but I wasn't sure if that was intentional or not.

The 3 crows I bought yesterday matured this afternoon, but I didn't get the double juju promised even though it still shows double juju if you go to buy them. I have a creepy memento that won't be ready for another 4 days, and am trying to decide whether to put in a ticket now, or in 5 days when I don't get the other double juju. Sigh.

With all the craziness going on, I started writing down my totals before I knew something was supposed to be added, so I know I didn't get what I was supposed to get. Good times, good times.

ETA: the aura attraction which I bought before the sale started and which matured tonight did give me double juju.

My level 99 manor which didn't have a rainbow chest received no gold or silver.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 15, 14 8:24 PM
I had bought the train station before, and had a quest for that as well as a quest to do the graveyard premium scene, which I had not previously opened. I didn't get the 2 gold for the train station until after I opened the graveyard scene. It took some extra time, but it subtracted the gold for the graveyard and added the gold for the train station at pretty much the same time.

Earlier I had a quest for an 850,000 score in the same chapter I had been doing blitz quests. When I finished the blitzes (without hitting the high score--sigh), I had enough energy for one more play, so switched to scrambled which always gives me a high score. In the past the quest would have shown it was completed as long as I fulfilled the requirements. It didn't this time, but the reward showed up later. I can't remember if I hit another quest button or did something else, but there was a definite time lag before getting my money.

At any rate, there seems to be some difficulty in the timing of the payout, although not necessarily the actual payout itself.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 7, 14 1:56 PM
I went to my Lvl 99 manor and it showed Day 3 for me, but the coffin only said "val." Silver did not increase, but XP possibly went up.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Oct 7, 14 11:18 AM
Especially when collecting silver more likely than not triggers the dreaded edit machine. Again and again.
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