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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 5, 15 12:24 AM
1_odd_1 wrote:sorry folks, this is BFG all the way. this has been a reoccurring issue with them for years. back in the day of Big Sea games, they did the same thing. kept taking our money for the yearly membership and then just shut us down. so sorry. love your money but not you so much. i was hoping since paul whats his face was no longer involved things would be different. but alas, nope. just as bad. i shut down my membership when they closed big sea. i haven't given so much as one thin dime since. i was only playing the FTP. i actually thought about renewing my membership after all these years with paul finally gone. but i see things have not improved by the new ownership.

again this is a reoccurring issue. this will not be the last time they do something like this. be wise, save your money for important things. games are not important. save your money , expect it to happen again and you won't be disappointed when it does. and it will most certainly happen again with a different game. count on it.

well off to the sites that really do offer free games. good luck to all.

p.s. to any mod who may wish to lock this or to remove my post, i've copied it and will be happy to post it again, and again, and again, ad infinite m if necessary until you lay off the lock button.

Thank you for the info............after the way BF/CD have treated us here with AK, there is no way they will ever get a penny from me. And there are lots of suck,,, out there that will give them their money. Never take the word of any company again in any industry..........this is the going theme in America, that the money and dump the customer and wait somewhere else for the next fool to give their money, again and again and again. A person's word used to mean something back in a time when a handshake sealed the more............MONEY is the name of the game. And just wait..........this will become a gambling site for with a few HO thrown in to make it look good..........see the writing on the wall.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 3, 15 9:24 PM
ChestnutHeights wrote:I'm posting this ONLY for the players who were saddened by the lack of an ending.

I want to make clear, that I too do not like the way the closure of the BZ- FTP games were handled. I believe we were led on by the developer for a long time that both their games (AK & ART) had a continued future. And this was obviously not true. And I believe that deception has been going on for some time now.

The developer posted the below on their forum page..

I post it here to HELP the PLAYERS to find that closure not to try to redeem the developer's image, which I think is now tainted.

Hi there! I'll try to answer some of your questions, but these are not finalized nor approved. We had planned a series of quests to fight the basilisk, driving him higher into the Dark Tower, and finally defeating him at the top, where Shelsea the mermaid will be rescued. However, the cloaked figure's identity remains to be unknown. As for the egg: it's a new pet helper - a rare pocket dragon.

Like you mentioned, this game as well as all of our HOPAs are the intellectual properties of Big Fish Games. There are several factors beyond Boomzap's control, thus we are unable to accommodate your requests and answer your other questions, especially regarding unannounced titles. As much as we would like to help, game support is now being handled by the BFG Customer Service team and it would be best to direct your queries to them. My sincerest apologies.

Thank you so very much. This just goes to prove what most of us gamers here have said and thought all along, BD/CD are completely responsible for dumping this game and treating us like, we the ones that play with our own hard earned money like c......p. Yes they have dug themselves into a deep hole with many of us here and I know some will not be back, but do they care,,,,,,,,,,,,no, for there are plenty of other people out there that will download this game and spend their own hard earned money and be made s....ers like the rest of us. Am I peeved you better believe I am.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 3, 15 6:04 PM
Mulvaaken wrote:I confess I am disappointed that this game will not be completed. As a developer, I can only say that the developers of this game must be feeling a tremendous amount of frustration regarding this decision.

As a customer, I will *never* purchase or even play for free ANY games developed by BoomZap Entertainment, on *any* platform, as they have just demonstrated to me that as a company they are entirely unreliable and untrustworthy - I'm really not the least bit interested in the basis for their 'business decision'.

Any entity is only as good as its word - if your word is worthless, so are you.

'Nuff said.

In the past when a man or company gave their word it meant honor and commitment to do the job that was contracted today's world, the word of a man or company means NOTHING, there is no HONOR with BF/CD at all. Times change and not for the better, corporate companies now want your dollar, and they give nothing in return. Wondering if they can take all the money in the world to the grave with them.............think not!
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Jun 1, 15 9:19 PM
I for one and I know of many others out there and here that would love to know the Honest and Real Reasons that went into dumping this game..........I want specifics and so do all my friends that have spent thousands of hours and real dollars on this game even in the last 2 weeks before it was dumped? No games, just be honest and not the company words for most of us here are educated professionals that can see through the words that a company uses to say one thing and mean another.

 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 31, 15 7:27 PM
Faewolf do we know the same wont happen to Midnight Castle? How can we trust this site at all anymore when it comes to these types of games?

Quite frankly, I doubt I'll ever play another one of your Free to Play games again. I'm not about to spend my hard earned money and time on games like these anymore when they'll just be abandoned with no resolution what so ever to the game story.

So very disappointed...

I can agree with you there, I will NEVER spend my hard earned money on any game of BF again.......they have burnt their bridge with me. All my friends and I are so disgusted with what they did to AK, totally unprofessional and ruthless. If you look at the company CD, they are a gambling company and yes they own BF, a parent company can own many other companies and the parent company such as CD tells all other companies what to do, BF might be a separate within CD but you better believe they, CD, looked at what BF had and then decided once they were in, what was going to be canned and what was going to be kept. Being in the field of law and contracts, this happens all the time in America and this is now the wave of the future, if something does not make money NOW then it is finished, done for and thrown in the garbage just what happened to AK, and the heck with the customers that pay money for a product. Seen it again and again and will happen again, mark my word. Given time this BF will become a gambling site with just a few HO or whatever thrown will take time and I bet in a year's time BF will not be recognized at all for what it used to be. Since I have played BF, I have seen their customer service go down the tubes, BF used to be recognized in the gaming industry as having the very best customer service in the business, now it's the worst.......just the beginning folks.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 28, 15 9:50 PM
mammaw_1 wrote:In my opinion they should have done a "closure" update. Last update they gave us a basilisk to conquer and an Amulet of Haste that cost 800 jewels then boom! They leave us hanging.

Not fair, BF!

As for playing any more FTP games... Forget it. I have no intention of getting left hanging in the middle of a game because BF or the powers that be decide to dump it.

I really agree with you, BF/BZ and Churchill Downs have left a very bad taste in my mouth for ever playing their games again.
This is totally unprofessional and unwarranted on their part. There are hundreds if not thousands of us that have spent hundreds of hours, and hundreds of real dollars (me and friends) on this game they leave us with nothing...there is are so many things that need to be opened, finished, and accomplished and they dump the game knowing this. They can reel in others to spend their hard earned money and they will feel the back lash someday regarding friends went on social media and really complained about the integrity of these companies. Someday it will all come crushing down on them and as one person here said, Karma is a big BBBBBBBBBBBBBB.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 26, 15 12:14 AM
jforever wrote:
What does everyone think? I found this on Boomzap and wanted to share, which I don’t think BoomzapFan99 would mind.

{quote} RE: Awakening Kingdom and Updates
(Yesterday 11:31 AM)BoomzapFan99 Wrote: How many of you believe that Boomzap should give its HOPA series and its FTP games to other developers like Eipix, Elephant Games, etc if Boomzap revels that they also are no longer making HOPAs? {end quote}.

I think that is a brilliant idea for this way then we could get an ending to the game. This is the most beautiful game I have ever played and it has spoiled me now for I compare it to all other games and nothing comes close. Here's hoping that someone out there hears us and takes over this game. Cost money to play, already did that and willing to do that again.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Aug 23, 14 12:15 AM
A 70 in Chicago and playing this game since it came out, at times beyond frustrating....yet still palying.
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