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 posted in Geisha: The Secret Garden on Mar 4, 17 3:52 PM
I can't understand what the voice is saying, can anyone tell me?? I really enjoy this game, very relaxing, and you can make lovely gardens. Just wonder about the voice.
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 on Feb 17, 17 3:20 PM
Didn't fix the big problem for me, that's for sure. Still black screen, music, paid for game that doesn't work! Too bad, I think a lot of people were excited when an upgrade appeared. Windows XP......
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 on Nov 22, 16 2:26 PM
same problem as many, windows xp, black screen, music, flickering cursor, did all usual fixes and up to date on drivers. So tired of being directed to the old game crashing etc. advice. This is a game problem, not my computer I think. Too bad, will contact support if no fix, Big Fish has always been great about giving a new credit if a game doesn't work.
 posted in Save Halloween: City of Witches on Nov 3, 15 6:18 PM
A fun game, topical, and great graphics, appropriate music and good motion for a match 3 (very few HOG scenes. However there is not really a relaxed option. As with some other games, in certain scenes for every move you make, a spider or ghost reproduces and clouds the options. If you can't make a move near them to eliminate these pests, they just keep on coming. I do not personally consider this relaxing. Too bad they don't offer a "turn off spiders and ghosts" option along with the so called "relaxed". Get with the RELAXED, developers!!!
 posted in Runefall on Feb 21, 15 1:01 PM
Hi I am on windows xp, all I get is a wide screen big fish logo, nothing else. All my other games run great, so I do not want to mess with screen resolution etc. Any other suggestions? I have reinstalled twice, sounds like a good game, but I am unwilling to fix what the developer should have envisaged....Thanks!
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