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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 11, 16 4:16 PM
What is going one with the Spring room scene? I have been playing in each of my friends rooms now all the sudden 90% of my friends are gone and I cant get to their rooms to play. I am loosing not only precious time but also valuable items by not being able to play the rooms. Please fix this now.

I am playing the PC version. All updates installed.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 15 8:24 PM
JohnTonkin wrote:Seems like they have partly shut off the Christmas stuff. When I played today, the elf was gone, and was replaced by the alchemist (non-seasonal). Snowflakes still show up, but after finishing the red card I was working on, only coins, crystals and jewels. Also get gifts when doing scenes, but as above, game locks when try to leave gifts. Was able to get crystals from butterfles, though and if I quit room without the lock up from leaving a gift, I could keep the crystals. It would have been nice to send a warning that the Christmas stuff was going away. They seem to send lots of announcements about the tournaments (which I haven't seen any of lately).

I wonder why I still have the Elf? I needed 2 more red round decorations to finish up that challenge.

Wonder if I sold all the other stuff if it would reset or not.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 15 7:12 PM
Like the poster before me when I tried to leave a gift under the tree the game froze on the Please Wait ..... screen and I had to totally shut it down to get it to work.

Also all the Christmas stuff is gone yet the Elf wants Christmas stuff to get the cards and pet medallions. Not fare since I need more medallions to get pets.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 18, 15 5:22 PM
ID 294837 BxrGrl

Need more friends to give Christmas Gifts to & in desperate need of Snow Flakes. Can trade Pendents for them.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 7, 15 11:20 AM
I think there needs to be a message sent via the Mail Man to let everyone know that they need to open up the room so they can give and receive gifts. I only found it by accident and I missing giving gifts for I dont know how long.

Please take this into consideration Please please please.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 17, 15 4:37 PM
Very frustrated. The game shut down on its own and not only did I loose money and gems but I lost gifts that I needed to go forward in the game.

I can not take the time to restart the game every 5 minutes to make sure it is saved and I dont loose stuff.

I want my stuff back and I wont be buying any more gems with my real money until this issue is fixed.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 24, 15 8:57 PM
I am trying to move the knight 30 times but even though I make sure to go in daily and move it. The highest I am getting to is 18 then it resets to 16. Even though I have not missed moving it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 5, 14 2:05 PM
For the last week the "sparkles" are missing from the Social icon when a gift is there waiting for me. I have talked to another person with the same issue.

I would like the sparkles back because it makes it easier. I often forget to check for gifts without it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 17, 14 12:12 AM
Needing more friends to give gifts to and get gifts from.

friend code 294837
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