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Did they make this game earlier under a different name? I positively played this before and it was definitely not a beta. As soon as I saw the doberman I knew. Maybe a case of Deja vu?
I wanted so much to like this game, but I quit playing after the first 15 minutes. I just didn't think I could take 8 hours of sparklies, flashing lights, and one endless **** scene after another.( I was hoping to find a flyswatter to use on the fairy ) Maybe it was because I had just finished Raincliff and was spoiled by the sophisticated game play. I might try again with the SE, but with other games to play like Dark Dimensions, it seems unlikely.
 posted in Dark Ritual on Apr 26, 11 5:09 AM
I finished this game and feel like I've survived a bad date. Glad it's over. It looked like it had some potential aside from the junk piles, but the eventually I found myself rooting for the villain.( I wanted him to do something..anything make the characters more interesting or at least send them out to play in traffic.) The puzzles were far too easy and the objects you need to further the game were either right under your nose or in such obscure places that logic would never have found them. However, the hint system is all too happy to tell you exactly where they are and hold your hand to get there whether you want it to or not. The developer could have taken a little more time and turned this idea into something stellar, but the whole premise of the story took a back seat to pushing it out and selling it to the masses. Maybe the developers should have a few of us hard core HOgamers to set them straight before they decide it's finished. Has anyone started a thread about what we think would make a perfect game? They should start with MCF Dire Grove and work their way from there.
I read the credits puzzle, wrote everything down, and went back to see Allison's area code and it had wiped everything clean and started me over at the very It'll be a quicker trip through this time. I missed one of the morph items, but I won't make that mistake again !! Didn't ya just love this game??!!
Thank you picman! I was going to wait, but since you gave your blessing... woohoo already at 50%....
picman said that they sent out cards in the mail for the game but didn't realize they would arrive in 1 day. That is where the url comes from, it's on the cards.
jbentley, I feel your pain over here, I'm on Ohio time too. Us poor east coasters have to get up before the chickens to download. I'm already in my jammies, got my chores done, and took the day off tomorrow just so I could play. I already set the alarm to get the kids up for school in the morning ( not so I would wake up, but so I wouldn't lose track of time while I'm playing and forget to get them out the door.) I'm fortunate to have a really fast connection so if RTR is any indication, my d/l time should only be a few minutes. TechieFish willing, I'll be playing by 3:30am. I promise not to post any spoilers, but I may start threads on the various sections so we can talk about what we've just played. Good Luck fellow Fishies, and I'm excited to hear from you in a day or two! Woohoo!!!

Oh and Picman, thanks for the ride. Your clues have made it a ton of fun and you and the other hard working fishies deserve a big smooch on the kisser.
For the new Dire forum, maybe we should make a new thread for each section of the game stating that there are spoilers,and we'll be able to talk about how we were right or how far off we were without disturbing anyone wanting to be surprised. That way we won't see discussions on things that are further ahead either. Just a thought...
My Felix was somewhere in the greenhouse too( I think.) Lower left corner, but trying to remember which room it was.
I have a semi-off topic question for all you die hard game fishies. I've always wondered how often everyone else replays their games. I'm sure you all have large collections as do I, but I rarely replay a game and if I do it has to be a really good one like the MCF series. With the HOG's I have a tendency to remember where everything is, and have to wait a year or two to play again. I wish the leader boards on the MCF's were real because I would have some incentive to replay against others for the shortest time.

I'm just curious as to how often you all go rummaging around in your collections, and what are the gems you play all the time.
The Ring is a horror movie from 2002. A synopsis of the plot can be found at the Internet Movie Data Base or IMDB. it tells the whole story and has pictures of the cast.
I think I speak for most of us when I say how thrilled I am that Dire is going to be a long game. I just finished replaying the first Ravenhearst, and it took me all of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Granted I had played several times previously and was purposely buzzing through to collect the full diary, but it just shows how far the whole genre has progressed. Bring on the 12 hour marathon! I'm stocked up on Red Bull and my children have been warned to fend for themselves,
jbentley, a hen party is the female equivalent of a bachelor party. I didn't understand it either until my husband's family threw one for me before our wedding. (They are originally from Blackpool, but have since relocated to the Isle of Wight ) Very interesting traditions for a girl from the I loved it.
As for the white rabbit and the clock running backwards, did I just imagine it or was the mirror the morphing object?They might be clues to the morph, through the looking glass... I could be completely wrong tho..
Aside from being able to use your collected game club credits, I don't see what the big hoopla is all about. Playstation and X box offer this kind of thing all the time, as do car makers, and movie studios and toy manufacturers..etc. My son just paid over $100.00 for a video game that he could have bought for 59.00. However, the version he purchased had a collectors book and some coolio night vision goggles with it. The game was exactly the same, but the extra content was what he spent the additional cash for. Not everyone wanted it, so the option to buy the basic version was still there.

If you don't care about wallpapers, concept art, or mini-games, then this version probably isn't your best deal. You can still get the game for 6.99 and it will be exactly the same game as the 19.99 version. I happen to enjoy the extras, so I was happy to have the option.

Edit:Wow, while I was typing this, y'all said exactly the same thing. I guess great minds do think
I like to think that the early release of the CE is a big fat "Thanks" to all of us members who are here month in and month out. They could have waited and released it all in Dec, but like Picman said, they have to have their IT staff fully prepared for the onslaught. This edition is for us die hard MCF fans, and the extras are what appeals to us. If it costs a little more to do an early production and pay their IT staff, I'm all for it. The casual game fan won't have any problem waiting till later because it's just another cool game to demo, unlike all of us in this forum who are hanging on every syllable we can squint out with a magnifying

Thanks Big Fish for being so cool and doing something special for your biggest fans. Your kindness is Much Appreciated !
Playing Ravenhearst now, I'll look near the shed. I swore I'd seen it somewhere too.
That's right, Duh! I'm replaying Ravenherst now and was going through the diary again. That's why it stuck in my head. Thanks!
Dogmama, I thought the hotel might have originally been the boarding house that Emma stayed at when she came to Blackpool. Charles was a frequent visitor and may have known about the legends ( or caused some of them while perfecting his art) or tried to tap into the ancient power. If it was a place of power I'm sure he would have come back there when Rose was with him ( and I believe he killed Rose's husband because he knew too much about the secret parts of the house )

(Sheesh, I'm glad I'm not into conspiracy theories, the possibilities could drive you nuts. Now where is my foil hat to keep "them" from hearing my thoughts...)
I'm with you jbentley! I'm going through clue withdraw and there are screen shots floating out in the pond somewhere ! I don't want to bother Picman on facebook, he is working hard to squash the bugs for us, so any link to an alternative viewing site would be appreciated.

Thank you! ( I'm so excited, woohoo )

Edit: Wow you folks are really quick with the replies this morning ! I'll pm Emmyjane Thanks!
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