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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 26, 18 2:57 PM
I am playing in windowed mode. It has an x to exit out of the game, but other than the menu exit button at the top it is full screen.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 26, 18 11:20 AM
This should be easy to do. Thank you.

 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 26, 18 10:41 AM
I see no way to do it. Thank you.


Windows Vista
4 gigs ram

Edited to add: Never mind. I looked in tech issues thread and it seems there isn't a way which is stupid.

I messed around with the full screen settings and now it will let me close the game on full screen.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 18 4:15 PM
Not sure, but right now you can get the Ce for $7.99 with the coupon code Play.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 10, 18 6:50 PM
I don't play MC, but I agree the spam is bad. I am sure the moderators do everything they can to get rid of it as fast as they can.
 posted in My Pretty Kitty on Mar 7, 18 4:48 PM
I took the game off of relaxed mode, because my problem was I wasn't finishing the level with enough points. Thanks to the person who said you get points for every unused move or I would have never finished it. You are truly a game saver, because I was just about to ask for a refund.
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Mar 6, 18 12:50 PM
What I meant by the same game as it is exactly the same and Cursed House 5 may be similar to others but it is not exactly the same. Another example Fruit Lockers Reborn is the same as Fruit Lockers 2 Reborn. The only difference is the name. The levels are identical.

I bought it. I am happy to say I own all your games.

No, I bought Fruit Lockers 2 Reborn on another site and then found out it is the same as Fruit Lockers Reborn. What a dirty little trick. I told the site and got a refund.
 posted in Cursed House 5 on Mar 6, 18 9:57 AM
Cursed House 5 is a new game right? It's not an old Cursed House with the same name. I'll give you an example. Bloom is the same as A Bouquet For Everyone, the Valentine one and the original Bloom. There are no differences in those games. It's Bloom with a different name. Everything in the game is the same. Goals and everything else.

 posted in Delicious: Emily's Miracle of Life Collector's Edition on Mar 5, 18 11:49 AM
I think it is good. However I hate all these games following Delicious's story.
What's the standard edition code? Thank you.

 posted in Christmas Story on Dec 22, 17 4:32 PM
That helped a great deal. I wasn't putting the candies together. I was just matching them. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

 posted in Christmas Story on Dec 22, 17 9:11 AM
Even though I make the hearts bonus it isn't counting them. Anyone else having this problem? I am playing on relax mode. Windows Vista.
 posted in Christmas Story on Dec 21, 17 7:24 PM
I didn't buy the other games by this developer, because there was no relax mode. I bought this one because there is.
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe on Dec 20, 17 10:42 AM
What was extra in the Ce? Anything? Thank you,'

 posted in Jewel Match Solitaire on Dec 14, 17 11:50 AM
Thank you Synthpop. The Ce was really worth it.
 posted in Jewel Match Solitaire on Dec 13, 17 5:40 PM
I have the Ce, but I don't see a difference. Thank you.

Edited to add: I am talking about this solitaire game.
Edited again: Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like the Ce has 120 more levels as well as 3 more castles to build. Anything else?

Overall I think the Ce was worth it.

 posted in 5 Star Rio Resort on Dec 7, 17 8:21 AM
level 51 is good for powerups too.;
 posted in Katy and Bob: Safari Cafe Collector's Edition on Dec 3, 17 8:07 AM
I was wondering too. It's not Ce worthy, but I did buy it in a buy one get one sale. If you are going to get it I recommend doing that.
 posted in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire on Nov 29, 17 2:10 PM
There has to be a way. Anyone know how to do it? I want to replay a level I didn't get three stars on. Thank you.


Edit: Found out how I think. It finally let me replay the level.
 posted in 5 Star Rio Resort on Nov 22, 17 2:34 PM
I liked the relaxed mode. I was playing with Funpass, but it is a good game I am going to buy it when there is a sale. There probably will be tomorrow.

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