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The strategy guide says it is in the jail cell on the table next to be mouse trap (got the one in the mouse hole) however I found it on the animal figuring game on the gate. Not sure if the strategy guide is wrong or if it's a bug fix but there you go, hope it helps someone else. I only found it because I got desperate and just started clicking hint and that was where it lead me.
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Aug 29, 14 8:16 PM
Hi there, I was stuck on this level forever but I finally figured it out. Every time you make a match of 4 or more the amulet in the lower left corner (I play on a kindle fire, your location may be different, the amulet looks like the Atlantis amulet you see between rounds) of you screen gets more power, once its full you tap it and it destroys a large number of items, this is how I was able to clear those 4 squares inthe upper corners, might be able to bomb as well, I didn't try that. Although it isn't obvious, those squares are played like any others in the game although you can't get them by just matching. Hope that helps
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