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 posted in Glow Fish on Sep 1, 14 1:02 AM
How do I get 4 stars on this level? I can beat darter, but I don't have enough time to kill all the enemies to get 4 stars...
 posted in Glow Fish on Aug 31, 14 11:35 PM
1. Find all the coins. Use Darter to help you.
2. There may be more hidden enemies still out there. Use Scout to help you (when you've unlocked him)
3. When you're about to enter the whirlpool to finish the level, make sure there aren't any light blue glowing bits on the edge of the screen. If there are, it means you still have some friends left wandering around
4. Check the map to see if you've missed out any secret areas.
 posted in Glow Fish on Aug 31, 14 11:31 PM
I can never get 4 stars on this stage.. It always says that i'm missing 1 coin... I've tried using darter for this but that coin still can't be found... When I'm about to enter the whirlpool with darter, there's no parts of the screen glowing yellow, yet I still get 3 stars. I've killed all the enemies, found all the secret areas, rescued all the friends, but it always says i'm 1 coin short... is there something i'm missing to get that coin?
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