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 posted in Haunted Train: Frozen in Time Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 18 4:32 PM
Just tried to light the candle with the monecule and it will not light. Moved it all over the
table and no luck. It worked until now. Can't move on until this is done. Suggestions?
I have a Windows 8 laptop. ADDED; I just uninstalled this game and re-installed it; also changed the player. I just tried the game and had no luck with the monecule and candle. Please respond so I can continue. Thanks
just bought this game but like the other players, the game is slow and jerky. how to fix this. should I delete and retry to download. Please help.


I also agree with the other players that the piano is impossible. The colors don't help and I don't know where to start on the keyboard. At this point, most of the game is left to play and I was really enjoying it. I have all the other Dark Parable games and love them. Someone please help with the piano or redo it to make it easier. Thanks

 posted in Witches' Legacy: Awakening Darkness Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 16 10:38 AM
I, too, had problems with my game freezing at the point the girl was locked in the chair. I changed my profile and had no further problems. I finished the game and the bonus game without any freezing problems.
I am having the same freezing problem as everyone else. The game freezes at the same point with the girl in the chair. I have played this game several times with no problem until this last time. Please can someone at Big Fish at least review the game and fix the problem for all of us. I feel this problem is yours to fix, not us. We all enjoy your games, but this problem is frustrating for everyone. Thanks for reading.
I also had trouble getting the berries at the prison gate. I deleted game and reinstalled it with a new profile. It works great now. To raise the gate you have to keep trying your strength (keep pushing) until the gate gets to the top. One try isn't going to do it.
in most games, the hint button will tell the player which direction to go in. However, in this game, the player has to depend on the guide. Without the hint directing, the game is long and hard to follow. Otherwise, good game.
 posted in Reflections of Life: Tree of Dreams on Dec 12, 15 4:19 PM
Love this game, however, once I exit, even when the game is not completed, there is no option to continue the game when you log into the game again. Most games will have the option of continuing the game. It's inconvenient and frustrating to have to start over each time you exit.
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths on Oct 19, 14 5:30 PM
help! cannot locate the 17th shell on the bonus game 1 for the undersea scene. i can locate all the stars, crabs, vases, but not the shells. can anyone help me otherwise i am stuck on this level. thanks

 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths on Oct 19, 14 4:50 PM
any way to skip over magic cards or bonus games? I purchased Version 1.02 and having trouble with the first bonus game. Neptune is sitting in the middle of the screen and we are suppose to find vases, stars, shells and turtles. I cannot find all of the shells (17). I can locate 16: left of the screen 5 shells, bottom 1 shell, middle of screen( on Neptune) 3 and right of the screen 7. I like the games, but this one is frustrating at this point. I cannot "skip" so guess I am stuck unless one of you comes to my rescue! I am retired and these games keep me busy. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

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