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 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Sep 3, 14 2:10 AM
Have any of you had a problem with the palace build bonus games not being able to beat it? Im stuck on the puzzle side its on the first row Going down the 4th one down from the top I have tried everything I get 7 moves and i can get the pink key to drop but no matter what I try I cant get the yellow key to drop there is no coin or the last yellow piece needed to match together with the 2 yellows on the very bottom left side. There is only 4 pink an they don't give a coin if matched an if I match the 4 pink it will drop down a dark blue piece an on the other side on bottom the 5 red give me a coin when matched but its no where near the 2 yellow on the bottom left corner to be able to match together an once the red are matched it drops a pink key and a dark blue piece down which I match with the other dark blue pieces an coin at the bottom which once matched turns some silver blocks green with the arrows that shoot across to break a gold piece to drop the light blue pieces down so that they can be matched an drop the laurel off the board. I don't know what to do I've spent hours trying to figure this out an nothing . I'm wondering if this puzzle is messed up an there's no beating it. If I can get this last laurel an can build the last piece on my palace I will have beat the game . Can any of you help me beat this puzzle or if you have came across the same problem not being able to beat this puzzle.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Sep 3, 14 1:44 AM
I don't know if anyone else has this problem besides the game crashing every 15mins despite that I beat the game except in the bonus palace build level I have beat all of them except 1. Its on the puzzle side first row going down the 4th one down or going horizontal it be the first one on the fourth row of 3. I have spent hours trying to figure this puzzle out You get 7 moves but no matter what I do the gold key can NOT fall down there no coin that can be made so that I can match the 2 yellow pieces at the bottom so that the key can drop but if you match the 5 red together they make a coin but on the wrong side an there is no hero's that can help destroy anything . I can get the pink key to drop but not yellow and I need this last puzzel so I can complet the last build on my palace an beat the entire game. Has anyone else having this problem? Or dose anyone know how to beat it or is this puzzle messed up an there is no way to fix it . Im mad enuff spending money on this game an it cashes every 15 mins an im constantly sending reports but no update to fix this problem on my Samsung galaxy 4 . Please help if anyone can
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