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 posted in Battle Ranch on Sep 6, 14 6:20 PM
I bought this game for my wife to play (at a ridiculously low price I might add) when the developers of PvZ decided to go 3D and touch screen and online only - (presumably because of the lure of the dollar)!

So far she has been playing it for hour on hour, getting mighty frustrated but also getting a lot of enjoyment and definite "bang for my buck" - and that's an understatement.

She plays it on an ultrabook and it is the PERFECT (and only) replacement for PvZ. This is a good game developers but in my view it hasn't been marketed properly because it really, really should have taken off better than it has and filled the vacuum left by PvZ.

The graphics are really nice (but you do need a decent card if playing on a notebook/ultrabook), the game play is great and it is NOT a walkover, it takes practice and skill and thought.

I recommend this game very highly. So does my wife, when she's not throwing the ultrabook against the wall!! (just kidding). Perseverance is the name of the game, stick with it - it's really a very good game.

Developers - keep it up and develop an improved V2.0 and I for one will be buying it, even at an increased price. Also, re-think your marketing strategy - a lot of people still play this type of game on PC/notebooks so there is quite a niche, it just needs to be marketed more aggressively.
 posted in Battle Ranch on Sep 6, 14 6:10 PM
Hi. Is there a walkthrough or some hints for this level please? The entire level is causing me a headache
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