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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 25, 18 7:45 AM
Having signed up with pondfriends as the primary apparent available alternative if Big Fish does not somehow change course on this... I see possible problems with it as a substitute but for starters the name "pondfriends" sounds like a gathering of kindergarten children to my ear.
Please spare yourself as a company the embarrassment of having reduced your customers, the players, to this.
Somehow give us hope.
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 9:30 AM
Of course my subject head is addressed to the company...
one becomes aware that the players participation is by grant and not by right
before I got into hopa games I did mafia wars (remember anyone?) I was active and member of a clan (player group with an illusion of autonomy) , after a while zynga found ways to rein in the clans and also finally just closed the game when the cash balance went south. their right. our little secondary world however shattered.

here too the rights are all in the hands of the company
they pay the bills.
for me this is not a secondary world really but the forums are a big part
of my playing of games here...
I dont see any real substitute in prospect. there is something at pondfriends but it is not for me really...

I doubt this will be a wise business decsion
it is certainly a blow to the players
please reconsider!
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 30, 18 9:45 AM
Yes to Mystine on the instantaneous skip and hint
on the Blessed Easter! to all!
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 30, 18 9:00 AM
I have finished the game and it had more turns and more interest than I expected at points along the way. It seems to me it is something that has a lot of creativity and interest... and points unavoidably maybe where one loses or almost loses the suspension of disbelief that the concept asks for. The scenes seem visually less appealing and interesting than they might, sort of slapdash. but all in all yes this is something worth playing and Madhead is to again be thanked for reaching towards the new for us players.
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 10:09 AM
I had this problem of crashes around time of giving egg and the thing I finally did was inch forward each time stopping one action short of previous crash and then finding next time I could at least get past that and save it and go on. very annoying . needs a fix. but got past the section I think.
thanks. well we will look forward to it
At the end of the completed game credits, and then available in the "extras" in the movie section, is a brief scene where in a darkened street a girl lights a match... and it says then Dark Parabled "Your Journey Continues"...
who ? what? can some knowledgeable fan of the series give some insight ?
This is a game full of wonder and light if you are among those who have loved and missed the rich ornamental world of the first seven Blue Tea games before the period of captivity to another developer with another sensibility. Blue Tea, an expression likely from the developers Hong Kong, for the rare and exquisite is a style like Rococo period art and music which is not everyone's cup of tea, but if it is yours, well once tasted never forgotten.
Questions remain maybe.
Does it matter that there is no jump feature to the map? that the morphing objects dont have the old Blue Tea trick of only becoming active at a later point passed in the game? is there still some baleful influence of the makers in the time of captivity who act as producers? Is the story as fine as that of our favorites among the earlier games? Does it drift a little from the faerie world opening in Krakow towards the world of current HOPA plot cliches? these questions can be discussed by those who love the games and are grateful for a new cup of Blue Tea.
I dont have answers or even clear thought on some. I can say that the supposed old fashioned elements of the game dont trouble me and also that I care little about the morphing trick. the plot is not my favorite of the series but...
Think of it as an operetta after the final curtain of which all of the players appear whatever their fate or role in the story was and all are radiant and full of light as they make their bows... and how could we limit or withhold our applause? BRAVO!
The Blue Tea games were my favorite of all these HOPA games.
They made seven through Rapunzel before handing off to Eipix.
In this game it seems they are back.
The first thing I checked on purchasing the game,taking that
chance, was the credits and it seems that the game design is
indeed by Blue Tea.

Eipix ,and for that matter Big Fish, then appear as producers.

The appearance of the game is Blue Tea.
I think it is safe to say that this is a Blue Tea game.

I am posting this because I think a good many fans of Blue Tea are
still around and I do not know that everyone thinks to look at the credits
to see where a game is coming from.

 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 13, 18 8:00 AM
I have played into the second chapter, which is not very far but have found it hard going. Ask myself why? and I think it is because I do not care whether Helen or Cyrus or Godfrey or his daughter have the spark and have lost interest in Tale World. Helen in particular in the poster of the game looks to me like she has had a facelift which is giving way and that makes me a little sad but not enough to care much.
 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 10:46 AM
Here is my review on sale site, to which I would add this that I am afraid that the games Mad Head does which are the most sophisticated, which seems to me (in its plot and characters) to include this one,may not sell any better than the simpler interchangeable and even trashy ones. I wish there was a way to sell quality so that it was the most profitable... anyway this:

On a stormy day here in the lower Hudson this game has been a gift!
Mad Head games has again done something I think absolutely new. In Adam Wolfe they opened a new path entirely between hardcore gaming and casual gaming. In the first Cadenza games they made a place and a music more real than one have thought developers far from New Orleans could have done. Here in the first Wanderlust games they do rather many things pretty well, creation of a colorful world of the inner earth with graphics combining strangeness and allure at times...but also something I have not seen the equal or hardly the like of...the creation of a set of five characters(a sixth appears in the bonus game) none of whom has deeply dishonorable motivation of any kind or the tiresome stupidity of wanting to (rule/destroy/transform etc) the world. Of course it is not Dostoevsky or Proust or something and of course the plot dances along the edge of the incredible but... THE CHARACTERS ARE ALL INTERESTING. Yes there is evil out there but it is not a personal evil...
The plot is in this deep sense new.
Now I dont know what will follow under the name of "Wanderelust" or using these characters, I have despaired of Cadenza and there has been no followup on Adam Wolfe. but nonetheless it is a landmark game. Play it. Cherish it!:
I think I am close to over these games... I have played
rather many the last several years but fewer lately and with
less impulse to write reviews... The whole review function and
the way it works is another thing that I am a little burned out
on maybe but sticking to the game and just asking one immediate

why the deuce doesnt the agent have any serious armed protection when
setting out to transport the artifact from the auction? after all she
was authorized to bid absolutely unlimited amounts --(the credit card
must have been God's). Yet It seems she
comes out the door and immediately is concussed and the
box is gone. there was a parking lot security man totally useless in
the event and a camera. and a lady at the auction desk who says
"my word what happened? I assure you we will do everything in our
power to help." her help is limited to watching complacently while you open
a medical supply cabinet with a lock pick.
the police are not informed, the auctioneer and those attending the auction have disappeared... the arrival of the mugger contains a number of lapses of logic but it is tiresome to point out and I suppose within the usual limits of these games development. usual but not necessary is my little point. a child notices details that fit and dont fit and the childlike that remains in the back of any player's mind is surely more pleased by games that are carefully thought out and in as far as possible logical.
not a spoiler I daresay since it is right at the start.

am I alone in being struck by absurdity here?

of course poetic license is possible. the blue tea games my first
favorites long since wasted , led me to imagine a world where things
worked that way with fragments of fantastic items needing to be put
together etc well those games had the authority of beauty on
their side and the beautiful can demand much.

but here it would not be difficult to at least have things set up in a plausible way...

that is all I have played and I expect I will play a bit more and maybe even enjoy the game and find something positive to say but... this at the start.
There are two games I know which are made by Italian developers and have a wonderful sense of Italy which for me already makes them five star productions: Occultus Mediterranean Cabal and Black Viper: Sophia's Fate. These also have stories which were fascinating for me.
I mention them because while A.M./Sunward is not an Italian group, from the names in credits I take them to be Hungarian, the graphics and the sense of place are good enough to remind me of them ...and of a favorite restaurant here where the walls boast paintings of the Amalfi coast and the bar offers limocello and vodka martinis.

If you too love Italy, or at least this sort of Italy at a distance, it may be enough to put this game over as it almost is ,as it may in the end be, for me... but...

so far the story somehow doesnt draw me in fully. keeping Vulcan's hammer out of the hands of minions of Il Duce certainly is a worthy objective however... (yawn) I dont all seems to lay itself out more and more as I get into it like one of those kind of stories called cookie cutter which big fish seems to encourage. and with characters (in this case both divine and human characters) without depth. so we'll see but the color and sense of place may go far for some and this note to point them up.
 posted in Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came on Jan 17, 18 12:18 PM
if I remember correctily, you have to leave that alone for a while and there will be a time when you will find the leaf and come back.
 posted in Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came on Jan 16, 18 4:28 PM
I have played more than half the game and done something which probably I shouldnt have--looked at the conclusion on a youtube walkthrough. But I think I will still play it through to get more of an experience of it.
I think I can say some things with confidence.
1)playing the demo is not enough.
2)*it would be better if we had a strategy guide and the option of shortening wait time on hints and skips which seem to be only 30 seconds. there is a platinum edition which perhaps has these things? I wish bigfish had given us that.
3) the English is quirky. This will annoy some. It will seem more amusing than annoying to others and I am of this group, it doesnt bother me. if anything it makes the game seem fresher than the smoother ones.
4)the plot is .. goodhearted could we say?
that is not nothing. many stories in games seem without any heart at all.
I find i like the characters!

In fact I like the game. you may too. I havent liked very many games lately. hey! give it a chance! .
Later: finished game with increasing pleasure as I went along. posted a review at the sale site.
 posted in Cadenza: The Eternal Dance Collector's Edition on Jan 12, 18 10:23 AM
I will start my little response to the game by asking just what is the "Eternal Dance"? To me the concept is of wonder of the universe, the dance of centers, each point a center of all in the, if you will , Created cosmos. It does not take much play to find that in fact this dance is something effect diabolical (perhaps drawing on the legend of Paganini selling his soul to the devil to gain his skill with the violin) though at the end we visit the place of the eternal dance and it seems there is no dance floor that would accomodate more than ,say, a dozen dancers and the plot closes it self down very abruptly indeed. The imagination of the authors of this senseless story has failed and beaten a hasty retreat at the end.
The first Cadenza games remain among my favorite.
and Adam Wolfe from this developer is my all time favorite game.

I think if you have not played other games form Madhead in the last couple of years you will find the game refreshing in style if a head-scratcher in its storyline. If you have played their games you will enjoy moments but feel a sadness at a failure to so far consolidate let alone go forward from the territory opened.
It seems impossible to play other than full screen
Nowadays it seems games almost all allow a windows format
it this a glitch? is it something that can be corrected?
I have other things going on in my life and really will not play a game
full screen.
 posted in Fright Chasers: Dark Exposure Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 17 7:54 AM
I played this because it is made by my favorite developer, who in
the Adam Wolfe stories, building on other inventive games, reached
a level of creativity which was a joy to me and I think to a good many others...

Now there seems burnout by the developer and certainly also by rather many players. I do not know the economics of these games but I think in the long run burnout is not good business either.

cutting through all else here is one plot idea that could have been in this game(a bit of a spoiler possibly so this is not for those who would be troubled by that...)

Let us say that if someone seeks to be reunited to a beloved person who has died (and positing an afterlife of course , which for that matter I do but in any case for the story) that instead a voracious evil will be released on this world. That is an idea and it is indeed the idea of a good many stories.

let us turn it around a little and see what can be done with it.

First why does the whole world need to be threatened by this evil?

but beyond that why would not different people receive different results, perhaps depending on the purity or purification of motive or perhaps for reasons beyond knowing... one might achieve a reversal even of the loss which then seems to have been but a dream (note as in plot device of 'sacrifice' dir andrey tarkovsky)...another might realize an interpenetration of the worlds in an ongoing sense of presence... another might become bitter and isolated in a sense burnout in life comparable to ours or mine with these games...but another might continue with a fixation on the beloved,patient,implacable, and in a way admirable and yet another open out etc... in each case there are cliches to flee of course.

and in one story more than one quest may run ,with contrasting results...although if we are genial , a possible future left for each character. and the threads dovetailing.

of course the plot needs to be tarted up with fantasy events and images though I hope for a while no runes or the like but the point is that it is not impossible to start with a situation of loss and make something other than another dark reality seeking to conquer the world etc what one might call the Cthulu influence thinking of the writing of H P Lovecraft in which the story so often involves doors opening to the dark world of old Cthulu.

that is just one possible story but it seems to have overrun the hopa world like crab grass.

 posted in Vermillion Watch: Order Zero Collector's Edition on Sep 6, 17 2:30 PM
This review is a late one and just about all there is to say has been said by reviewers. I will therefore focus on one problem, as it seems to me. The Vermillion Watch games come to a point where our hero visits Rufus and puts down the "evidence" he has acquired and Rufus tells him that this represents three places he must go. Then the player chooses any one of these for a chapter and then another and then the third, before going on to the final chapter.

BUT if the result of one chapter does not have any effect on that of the next and the next (since they can be played in any sequence) then the necessary illusion is broken that one is doing things that have consequence for how the game goes.

One might as well skip all three and go directly to the end it would seem.

Granted that this is an illusion ,almost all HOPA games are unicursal, have only one possible development. still for me at least this illusion is a vital one in game making.

Beyond that as an old Oz fan sort of nice to see Dorothy looking fine in black and shooting at people, but the plot as a whole is it seems to me tiresome.

However it is this one concept problem which I would beg the developers to reconsider.
 posted in Zarya - 1 on Aug 28, 17 4:14 PM
This is along the lines of the old choose your own adventure,
The problem for me is that in those old books one could both
find the best ending(s) and also explore the whole structure of
the story very quickly. Here it is very slow indeed as one endures
the banter and comments of the characters before making a choice
and then if the choice leads to a bad end one must go back to as
it were a restore point and go through all of that again(being allowed
to speed it up a little by clicking like a madman in this case)

Does the slowness add to the haunted house atmospherics? Possibly and more for some players maybe but for me the whole storyline as I imagine it(from playing the demo and then checking a walkthrough giving the course to a good end and reading notes on the game on steam where it appeared a while back). does not attract me very much and certainly not at slow pace.
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