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I have the same trouble. I have sent a message to big fish about this, but I was told to visit forums and Microsoft before I did this. Can't find an answer. I can't sign in, or else the game does not display correctly, and I can only see part of it.
I have only had my Windows 10 Linx 820 tablet a short time.
I also have trouble with the games on my 10" Windows 8.1 laptop. The curser won't work, on these, even with a usb mouse.
I have an old 14" windows 8.1 laptop, which plays the games OK, but I would like a more portable player.
If I remember correctly, my old google tablet, which the Linx replaced, was only able to get some games. They were not the same as the PC games, and I didn't like them, but they may have changed now.
The Big Fish website does not mention Windows tablets as far as I can see, so there may not be an App for these.
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