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Hey there!

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Basically all you have to do is drown the Ratoids first and then release the mice, and get the two Anima Shards.

Hope that will help!

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Sherry__Rose wrote:And, yes, it would be very kind of you to post those tutorials we're missing here. Thanks for offering.

Sherry in Oregon

Hey Sherry,

Here's the list of tips presented in the "orange box":

- "Dismiss tutorial screens by pressing the Right Mouse Button above them or disable all of them in the Options menu."

- "Speed up the game by pressing "E" key or the fast-forward button placed in the lower right corner of the screen."

- "The Undo option is unlimited - use it if you make a mistake. Use it by pressing "Backspace" or pressing the button placed in the ower left corner of the screen."

- "You can advance to the next level if you led at least 1 mouse to the cheese. Just press the "next button" when it appears on the right side of the screen."

- "Check out the Rewards menu in you spare time. You can check your Trophies status and your gameplay Stats. You can also watch all the unlocked videos!"

- "To receive a Perfect score, lead all the mice to the cheese and collect all the Anima Shards placed on the level."

Have fun!
Crunching Koalas
 posted in MouseCraft on Oct 7, 14 11:12 AM
LarkBea wrote:Black screen, even in windows mode. Tool icons show up but nothing on the screen. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Please set the Low Quality mode - this setting is located in the top-right corner of the launcher window.

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Hey there!

My name is Tom and I'm one of the creators of MouseCraft.

Firstly, thanks for playing MouseCraft and I'm sorry that some of you got technical issues playing the game.

If you are getting display issues (for example: black screens) the one thing that you can do is to set the Quality of the game to Low. The game will then not use some heavy graphic effects and will hopefully be playable for everyone.

You can set the Quality level in the right-top corner of the window that appears just after launching the game.

Also, I'm here if you needed me!

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Hey there! Tom - one of the creators of the game here!

Thanks for the positive feedback about MouseCraft! We worked on the game for about two years and it's awesome to see that someone likes our work .

Two tiny and humble requests from us:

1. Please don't spoil the ending to other players .
2. If you really liked the game, please give it a review or just give the game a score. We love reading your reviews and the postive ones truly warm our hearts!

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Hey there!

I'm one of the creators of the game and I just wanted to explain the meaning of orange boxes.

So the instructions that are displayed in these boxes are the same informations that are displayed in the main tutorial boxes in the game (the little TV monitors flying all over the levels).

You really don't have to read them to perform well in the game!


PS. I can post them here if you would like me to!
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