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 posted in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon on Jan 28, 15 6:22 PM
why is this game only available on Amazon app, and not available on goggle play?
 posted in Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water on Oct 12, 14 9:13 PM
I am in level 5 and I shot the rope latter down but can't grab the mermaid. The screen splits. I read that a lot of people on the Goole play store comments are having the same problem. I can not move toward. I turned off my phone and restated it and still stuck. Pls. Help I want to finish this game. I checked the guide and walkthrough and I am doing everything I am support to do. However I can't grab the mermaid. Pls. Help. Thank you Cynthia Johnson
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