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 posted in Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps on Sep 2, 16 11:06 AM
I too had to play in the windowed mode with my windows 10 computer. Luckily it was just the trial and I didn't buy it. It looked like it could have been a great game, but it was just too hard to see everything with the screen so small.
 posted in Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps on Jul 4, 16 3:15 PM
pnk96722.[/quote wrote:

And, please note that it took a customer to put 2 and 2 together regarding it being a windows 10 problem. Along with my discovery that it works fine in windowed mode on windows 10.

Aren't the employees at BFG being paid to do what your customers are doing?

I thought this was a way around it but I tried it again and couldn't even get it into the windowed mode. The moment my cursor touched that spot--back again to the taskbar. Came back again and I was stuck in the credits. After trying to get out of the credits, I finally had to alt+control+delete to get it to stop running. Thank goodness it was only the trial.
 posted in Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps on Jul 4, 16 8:19 AM
Seems like mostly a windows 10 problem. You'd think they would have addressed this after the same problem with the collectors edition. Windows 10 Lenovo High Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce 960M and still the minute the cursor goes near the edge of any part of the screen (like to go back or get to inventory) it minimizes to the taskbar. Please fix this. Looked like a good game but gave up after 10 minutes of frustration. By now these developers should have gotten up to speed with windows 10.
 posted in Dreampath: Curse of the Swamps Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 16 5:19 PM
Never got past 10 minutes into the trial. Brand new windows 10 computer (purchased a gaming computer so it should accommodate everything) and minimizes to the taskbar every time my cursor nears the edge of the screen. Very disappointed--looked like it had lots of potential.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on May 26, 16 9:09 AM
It doesn't look like they are never going to fix this problem with the Strategy guide--I guess they forgot us. I've only downloaded the demo. Since there is no guide, is there any reason whatsoever to get the CE edition?
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on May 25, 16 11:23 AM
No Strategy guide either. Just a black screen. I'm running windows 10. I see other people can use their guides. What is the difference here?
 posted in Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death on May 21, 16 7:00 PM
kenwood47 wrote:I have a Windows 10 and i'm on a pretty new computer. I download the game, then try to play it and nothing happens until the screen appears again that makes it look like I've closed it down. Doesn't even bring the game up. Never happened to me before with one of your games

Exactly the same problem. Brand new windows 10 computer. Nvidia top of the line 900 series graphics driver.
 posted in Stranded in Time on Mar 23, 16 7:50 PM
Can't get out of the caves. I keep trying to find a door but keeps bringing me back to the same place and I can't progress. The hint is telling me I'm supposed to go back to where the dining table is but I just can't find a way back there. REALLY need a walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Country Tales on Sep 30, 15 5:31 PM
Crashed on me on the Beta test and reported it and nothing changed after the release. Black screen of death and had to manually reboot.
 posted in Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast on Jun 1, 15 10:32 AM
Usual black screen crash system nonsense I'm so sick of. It really bugs me that you can play the full hour demo without a hitch, get this false sense of security, and then 5 minutes into the purchased game it crashes and you can't play it anymore. I've yet to see this particular problem ever resolved to my satisfaction.
Windows 7
NVIDIA Geforce experience
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 18, 15 1:54 PM
Thank you so much--this helps a lot.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Mar 18, 15 8:05 AM
Having not played the first one, I'm completely lost. Either that, or everyone is smarter than me. I don't know how to work the barter system at shop. I have a fishing pole but don't know how to catch fish. Where can I find help? I tried to google it but not coming up with much.
 posted in Elven Legend on Feb 14, 15 2:52 PM
Windows 7 black screen after level two on trial. I removed custom cursor before starting the game so that didn't help.
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Aug 9, 14 5:22 PM
I can't even get started. I get a message that I must update my latest adobe flash player. Well, I did that at least twice and it still says I don't have the latest update. Whew!
 posted in Another Case Solved on Jul 24, 14 7:17 PM
I'm not sure this is a bug. I played and am still also playing this on my ipad (I'm a lot further on that and already did the update) and I remember it took a long time before I got the bonus money. I didn't think it would ever show up and then one day it did. I just don't remember what tool or piece of furniture I purchased in order to enable it.
 posted in Another Case Solved on Jul 24, 14 10:54 AM
Is there a specific tool or furniture that you need to get something other than 0 in the case summary?
 posted in Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune on Jun 14, 14 3:52 PM
I tried playing this on another site with the premium edition and it crashed for me too. Must be something my machine doesn't like about this game. All my drivers and video cards have been updated. I did a registry cleaner and tried changing compatibility and administrative rights and still doesn't work.
 posted in Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown on Jun 11, 14 8:45 AM
This is happening to me a lot lately with this black screen and I don't know why. I've been playing these games for a few years now on the same windows 7 computer with rarely an issue and now it seems, it's every other game or so. I've gone through support several times and done all the recommended fixes for crashes and nothing ever works. I keep wondering if all this is damaging my computer.
 posted in Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown on Jun 9, 14 7:44 AM
This is the 4th game in a month and a half I've tried with the crashing black screen. I've updated my Nvidia graphics, I've changed my computer settings, I've updated everything and cleaned out my "junk" and yet I continue to have these problems and support cannot find anything wrong when I send Dr. Felix reports. I've been a member for a long time and never had all these problems. What gives? I don't understand why some games work perfectly well and others don't. This is the first ERS game I've had any problems with.
 posted in Another Case Solved on May 27, 14 5:48 PM
I've been playing this for quite a while on my ipad. I am totally addicted to it, but I have to mention it gets really REALLY difficult after a while. I don't know how this will work on my PC, but on my ipad you can restart the cases and not lose anything. Hope it's the same way on here because it gets harder and harder to get the three stars on the major cases. You have to accumulate as many tools and aids that you can to complete the cases and much strategy is involved.
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